Eternal Courage

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Chapter 29: The Reason We Fight

It was the morning…of the fated match to decide…the academy’s future. The site of a match was just a large field of grass a fair distance from the academy. Saku with his friends, and sisters was walking to meeting point which he had received the earlier in the morning. Saku called back to the morning when he was preparing for the fight. Saku received a knock “come in”

“morning Saku” it was Anastasia “are you all ready?”

“as ready as I’ll ever be. I’ve had a good sleep, I just need a good breakfast”

“then why don’t you come to my room? I can fix you something” she said happily

“That’ll be great” said Saku gratefully “well…shall we…” Saku then received another knock “come in” the door opened to show Laura “Laura…good morning” Laura looked worried “What’s wrong?”

“This is for you” Laura handed Saku a large tablet.

Saku looked at it “It’s not even on” Saku flipped it over to see a note “watch this at 9:15am” Saku checked his clock “It’s literally one minute from now”

“I got it from one the shadow league members” said Laura making them both turn to her “so it’s probably from the leader” then within a few seconds the tablet suddenly turned on showing the leader of the shadow league

“greetings everyone at Green B.U.S…and to all those you can hear my voice” Anastasia looked a bit worried

“so…he’s broadcasting this to the whole academy…and who else?”

The three of them crowed around the tablet, Saku’s friends in pairs and threes watched theirs, as did those in the academy who each had their own tablet. They all listened with intention “now listen up. I am the leader of the shadow league. The historic leader of a soon to be glorious world. I am here to tell you…that you’re fate will soon be decided”

The leader stepped back a little “Right now…I am here at the Green B.U.S academy, which will be my cornerstone of evolution. Here, many students are ripe for the picking, to accelerate my rise to become leader of this wretched world. Now there’s many of you who think…I could so take him” the leader aimed out a hand “well…let me remedy that” the leader shot out a large dark beam at the forest.

The forest then seemed to just evaporate in its wake. Nothing but dirt was left in its wake as the beam ended with a loud explosion. The explosion had created a gale which blew fiercely along the long. The leader then turned back to the camera “as you can clearly see…I’m not fooling around. By midday, these precious students will be donating their powers to my cause. Which then I will enforce my powers upon the world. However…there is one person stopping me”

Everyone else was glued to their screens as the leader closed his eyes “This person, who for some reason, has decided to save these…pathetic students, is someone who you all shunned. Someone who has…received nothing but pain and loneliness…from all of you and others. Has decided to fight me in combat…to decide these students fates”

The leader turned round “Now at 11am the fight will begin at the open field…between me and my opponent. You might want to pledge him some hope…he doesn’t really have that much to begin. And…no escape attempts or rescues. Otherwise…there will be one less academy in the world” the leader had an odd smile “well…I’ll be waiting”

The tablet then just turned off. Saku was just perplexed “I just don’t get it. He knows he’s just being villainous…but he makes himself sound so righteous”

“the way he speaks” said Anastasia thinking “sounds like he also suffered quite a bit from the community”

“all that’s left to do…is ask him” said Saku determined just as his stomach growled “and to get some breakfast” Saku said embarrassingly while rubbing his head which made Anastasia chuckle

“well…come on then. Let’s get you a good breakfast for the day ahead” Anastasia turned to Laura “Laura would you like to join us for breakfast?”

“Oh…yes please” said Laura happily joining the two.

Saku thoughts returned to the present as he walked to the leader. Saku was walking alone while his friends and sisters watched from, just, outside the academy. Anastasia watched with great worry while Jessamine looked a bit annoyed “why are we watching from here?”

“just in case the leader decides to play dirty” said Lexi “You to have to remember…only Anastasia can really fight at her best”

“yeah…she’s right” said Aries rubbing her head “so if he decides to fight us. We won’t be in perfect condition”

“We’re also doing this for his sake too” said Lexi looking at Saku “the last thing he needs…is playing the hero for a cheap shot that the leader may fire”

Sophie looking at Lexi a bit surprised “You sounded…almost devious for a moment there”

“Still…” said Mia “should this fight go…bad we can always lend assistance”

“So we’re out of the way” said Sophie “but able to jump in. I get it”

“fine…I’ll play along” said Jessamine folding her arms “I guess…all we can do is believe in Saku” everyone else watched on in worry as Saku walked ahead.

Saku walked to the leader who was watching the world. The leader felt his arrival “so…you’ve come after all” the leader turned round “You know…I was expecting you to join me. You and I both felt harsh pain because of this world”

“just answer me this” said Saku pointing at him “Your words carry justice…but your actions are just evil. You play with people’s lives, experiment on them, make others suffer…and lastly think you’re this supreme god?”

“hmmm…before I answer. I must see your strength of will” the leader immediately moved and thrust forward a punch. Saku avoided the punch, and grabbed his arm throwing him through the air.

The leader simply flipped through the air and landed. Saku this time ran forward and began punching and kicking the leader. The leader blocked and parried attacks before kicking Saku in the chest. Saku skidded along the ground but stayed on his feet. The leader grinned “At least you’re willing to fight. I’m surprised considering you barely held back my attack before” Saku recalled to the dark energy sphere he had difficulty holding back

“You might be right…but I was worn down at the time”

“Well then…let us see” the leader held up his hand and generated the large sphere of black “now…catch” Saku braced himself as he caught the dark sphere.

Saku felt the force of the sphere almost push him backwards. Saku however was confident “It’s strong alright…” Saku then put one arm down and clenched his hand “but you should see for yourself!” Saku then punched the sphere directly at the leader. The leader however simply swung his arm deflecting the sphere into the distance. Saku was a bit surprised “he deflected that with such ease”

“interesting” said the leader “let us resume” the leader rushing him and began attacking Saku then parried his blows and began trying to strike back. The leader however did the same, parrying then attacking. Then the two struck each other in the face, or mask, deflected each of them backwards.

Saku rubbed his face “That’s a bit unfair isn’t it? You’ve more or less got a helmet” the leader’s mask bore a crack from the blow

“and you’re point is. If it bothers you that much…” in an instant the leader appeared before Saku “do something about it” the leader then struck Saku in the stomach and began following up blow after blow before sending Saku upwards with an uppercut. The leader jumped up over Saku who flew up towards him. The leader then locked his hands together and was about to smash him when Saku thrust his hands into the leader’s torso

“ nice try leader” Saku then let loose a large red beam at point-blank range.

The leader was carried further upwards by the blast as Saku went down to the ground. Saku landed and watched the leader fall limply to the ground. Jessamine looked quite chuffed “That’ll hurt. The guy had no time to even protect himself”

“yeah he got him” said Mochi happily while Lexi looked serious

“This guy is something else indeed”

As they wondered the leader flipped and landed on his feet quite comfortably. Sophie looked quite shocked “he just took a strong attack…and it looked like it barely hurt him” a crack appeared over the back “well minus his mask”

“so far…the leader is just playing” said Aries “he hasn’t even started properly yet”

“Aries…I’m worried” said Aureline “if you and Mia together didn’t stand a chance. How is Saku going to cope by himself?”

“we’ll have to see won’t we” said Anastasia “Because Saku hasn’t begun to fight yet”.

The leader rubbed his chest “You’re more resilient then you look”

“no…believe me that hurt” said Saku rubbing his chin “I’ve just learnt to grin and bear it” the leader chuckled

“it really is a shame we have to fight like this” said the leader “so tell me simply…why do you fight for the very people who ridiculed you?”

“well….because I have something here to protect” said Saku looking back at his friends “and I’m not letting them get hurt”

“So…is that you’re only reason?” asked the leader curiously “then why not have them join us in the fair world?”

“Alright you’re turn” stated Saku annoyed “You tell me simply…what the heck do you mean by a fair world?”

The leader closed his eyes “a world…free from jealousy and ego. A world…where anyone can fight and become aura fighters without being judged or ridiculed by society”

“then…you’re chasing only a dream” said Saku “don’t get me wrong, that’s something most should aspire too, but to think you can cause that by force…is the dream”

“maybe you’re right” said the leader “but neither can you say it will happen on its own. So…I’m just taking the initiative”

“What…by spreading more pain?” Saku pointed back at the academy “Right now, the student’s dreams are in tatters. They all aspired to become aura fighters…just as I did. How can you justify robbing them of that?”

The leader sighed “if only…I had met you before” Saku looked surprised “maybe if we had met when we started…this would be different”

“I…don’t understand” said Saku confused “What do you mean?”

“nothing” said the leader “It’s only a fleeting dream. Well…I think it’s time we stopped playing around don’t you?”

“I guess so” Saku clenched his hands and tensed his body “otherwise we won’t get anywhere” Saku then began to concentrate.

Saku began to summon his power, tensing his whole body. Then a great effort his power burst out. Saku’s aura rose upwards in a pointed dome, slightly spiky around the border. The aura was red around Saku turning blue as it went outwards. The leader eyes widened “This is indeed interesting. What a strong B.U.S power indeed…just like your father”

“wait…you met my dad?” asked Saku to which the leader shook his head

“not in person…but from afar” said the leader perplexing Saku “well regardless…allow me to show you my power” the leader crossed his arms over his chest as if shielding himself.

As the leader summoned his power…Saku reacted “What…what is this power?” the leader clothes began to flap, especially his cape, and he began blowing a strong wind all around him. Then in an instant his aura emerged which seemed to make Saku shiver. The aura was an icy blue and was very pointed and spiky rising upwards. Saku looked really perplexed “where have I felt this before?”

“This is the extent of my power” the leader then readied himself “now…let us resume” the leader disappeared from view again but Saku remained calm.

Then Saku turned round and kicked what appeared to be thin air but it was actually the leader who was kicking him. The two then began exchanging blows, kicking each other’s kicks and punching each other’s fists. The sounds of their clashes echoed to the academy and throughout the trees. The two traded blows and deflected each other backwards. The two then began rapidly firing energy blasts at each other, neither one appearing to give in.

The two then shot a large blast at each other, hitting and exploding with strong power and sound. Then the two began charging towards each other each clenching a hand. Saku was the first thrust a punch forward but the leader swerved and punched Saku in the face sending him hard along the ground.

The leader then shot a beam at Saku who jumped off the ground with his hands and feet avoiding the beam. Saku landed on his feet but once again the leader appeared before him. The leader then punched forward…with the two just frozen. A moment passed as the leader looked still…but then his eyes widened…as Saku’s fist bore into his stomach.

Saku had blocked the leaders punch with his knee. As the leader staggered backwards Saku went on the offensive. Saku landed one blow after the next, not letting up or slowing down. Saku then began pelting the leader with close-range energy blasts. Each one found it's mark and to finish, Saku then made an large energy sphere, of blue and red, go into the leader smashing him into the ground with a mild explosion.

As the smoke of the explosion ended the leader was already getting up off the ground. The leader however appeared to staggered as smoke ebbed off his body. His clothes appeared a little tattered as another crack appeared over his mask. The leader got to his feet as his eyes narrowed “well…this has been most intriguing. But…I’ve had enough of this” the leader then simply aimed a hand out at Saku “Time to end this little show” out of nowhere the leader shot a fast beam.

Saku only had enough time to shield himself from the beam. He did so without much damage but then as he uncovered himself…he felt a sharp blow to his chest. The leader was again in-front of him and now began pounding him senseless. One blow was delivered after the next until with a strong blow to Saku’s face made him stagger backwards. The leader charged in again ready to thrust a punch.

Saku managed to shake off the blow and tried to punch the leader. The leader however swerved round his punch and kneed Saku, before he then grabbed Saku’s head, head-smashing his face. As Saku went backwards from the head-smash the leader grabbed Saku’s arm and threw him high in the air. Then as Saku was coming down the leader thrust his hands forward to which large dark plasma energy sphere began forming, growing to about 7ft in diameter ready to fire.

Saku showed signs of recovery but the leader looked smug “even if you should wake up, you can’t hope to dodge it. It’s been nice knowing you…so long” a beam of fierce might erupted forth from the sphere. It was icy blue in colour with black lightning being carried along it. The girls looked worried “Saku isn’t waking up” said Sophie worriedly

“And…I don’t think Saku can’t block that either” said Mia looking at it

“Big Brother…Big brother wake up!” Anastasia put her hands together

“Saku…we believe in YOU!!!”

Saku appeared to have heard her as he quickly flipped and saw the beam coming. Saku tensed his feet “they believe in me…” Saku then clenched his hands “and I’m not letting them…DOWNNN!!!!” Saku uncrossed his arms intensifying his aura which seemed to act as shield stopping the beam in its track. Saku struggled with it “My family…my friends…and Anastasia…I owe them everything. And nowhere near…and am I letting you win!” Saku then called out in determination to which his aura rippled upwards diverting the beam to the sky.

The beam soared to the sky and in a brief moment exploded and illuminated the land in its bright light. The explosion had also produced a strong wind which blew all round. The leader covered himself from the fierce winds generated “He deflected that with just his energy. How?” then just as the leader looked up, many energy blasts were being rained down on him, all fired by Saku who was in the high. The leader could only continue to shield himself as the beams relentlessly rained down all around him.

Saku didn’t stop as the many blasts continued pelting the leader. As the leader saw the blasts stopping he uncovered himself “where…where is this ferocity coming from?” the leader then noticed Saku had a cane “What the?” but before he had any time to react he was lifted off his feet by, what looked like, a blue vine which lifted up and then slammed the leader into the ground.

Saku, still high in the air, was guiding the vine to slam the leader repeatedly before swinging him around and throwing him in the air towards Saku. Saku then put his hands to his side in the air and began charging an energy sphere. As the leader drew closer a pulsing and swirling energy sphere of red and blue began forming in his hands. As the leader reached him, and Saku was about to fire the leader suddenly recovered “Oh no you don’t” and he struck Saku in the face with a punch.

Saku however, through sheer will, resisted his punch, pushed back and then thrust the pulsing sphere into the leader. Saku then with a great effort let loose a large and fierce aura beam which went into the leader carrying him through the air. The leader tried to break free but the power and speed of the beam prevented him from even moving “such…power. What is the source of this power?” but before he could answer…an explosion sounded as he hit mother Earth.

A dome like explosion covered the impact point of where Saku’s beam, and the leader had made impact. Saku was now falling through the air and looked too tired to land properly. Mia looked a bit worried “Saku is too tired to recover from the fall. And from that height”

“Don’t worry” said Anastasia taking out her cane “I’ll give him a soft landing” Anastasia swished upward and made a gigantic black tulip sprout from the ground. The tulip had five large thick leaves growing from it at either side of it’s stem. Saku landed on one leaf but his momentum made him go through it. Saku then went through the second leaf and third but the fourth seemed to almost catch him but he still fell through it. As he hit the last leaf which finally stopped him from falling, he rolled off the leaf gently landing on the ground.

Saku was breathing heavily as the flower vanished behind him. Saku looked over to Anastasia who had her cane out. Saku gestured a thumbs-up to her which she nodded in response. Lexi then bashed Anastasia’s shoulder “nice catch, girl. If you didn’t catch him…he’d have really hurt himself” Saku began standing up looking quite fatigued

“although he looks like he can keep going though” said Sophie “That beam really took it out of him”

“I find it strange though” said Aureline “how is it he’s holding his own against the leader? When he beat Aries and Mia with ease?” Mia smiled then

“Saku is actually in a better position than us. That’s all” said Mia

“I…don’t understand” said Laura “What do you mean?”

“let’s just say” said Aries “Saku…doesn’t really have a weakness to exploit” as the girls wondered Saku walked to the impact zone”

Saku walked to the impact zone to see the leader on his back looking up at the sky. Saku could see his clothes were now torn in many places and rather raggy while the mask was completely covered in cracks. The leader then laughed “hmm…ahaha…hahahaha” everyone was quite perplexed by his sudden outburst “This is…amazing. This is more than I ever dreamed” the leader began to get up while small fragments of his mask began to fall away “I can’t believe my plan…came to such fruition” Saku was quite confused

“What are you talking about?”

“why…you Saku”

The leader then walked out of the hole as very small gaps appeared in his mask while Saku looked confused “What are you talking about? I don’t remember being a part of your experiment!”

“Saku…there’s something you didn’t haven’t realised yet have you?” Saku then began to think “of the one remaining truth” Saku then felt something familiar

“just…who are you? I felt…this power once before. But I can’t remember when” the person skin could be seen

The leader closed his eyes “You know…fate’s a strange thing. The one person who almost destroyed the shadow league…would be the ideal person to lead it. I’ve been watching you this whole time…seeing you grow and mature. I guided people to you develop. I never expected you would become so strong” as Saku thought his eyes widened

“no…no way” Saku’s eyes widened while he appeared to stagger backward “no way…it can’t be” as the cracks continued to fall Saku looked completely taken by surprise “so…you’re the one responsible for everything? But…Why?”

“do you want the simple answer?” skin became revealed “for the same reason as you”

Suddenly the back of the mask simply crumbled. As the fragments fell it was followed by a long tail of dark hair which reached the person’s waist “The reason why I did all this…I was feared” the leader’s voice now sounded slightly warped “and I hated the feeling of being alone” from the girls point-of-view Mia eyes narrowed

“That almost looks like…a ladies hair” said Mia looking at it

“but…it’s a guy isn’t it?” said Sophie “I mean…he sounds like a man” Lexi was deep in thought

”What’s the matter blondie?” asked Jessamine

“the one truth we haven’t seen” said Lexi “so…something that’s always been there…but we’ve never noticed” Lexi’s then flinched…and had a serious face

“You know who it is…don’t you?” asked Aries

“yeah…and so does Saku” said Lexi “just watch everyone”

Saku still looked surprised as the leader’s remaining mask began to crumble “You’ve now learnt of the final truth…haven’t you?” Saku could now hear a feminine voice over the male one

“Now…I really don’t understand” the mask simply fell apart exposing the leader’s face “I mean…what did you, of all people, want out of all of this?”

“What I want is simple” said the now female voice “I wanted you…to join my side” Saku then turned angry

“so…you’re the one responsible for all this…Ms Reapa”

Ms Reapa was revealed under the mask which sent shockwaves throughout the audience who watched through their tablets. Ms Reapa then grabbed her clothes and threw them away to reveal she was wearing a dark shirt and bottoms “Ms Reapa…was just a name I came up with. My real name…is Alice. When I started out, I was like you but as soon as people saw my power…they retracted in fear” Alice brought out her aura scythe “they called me the female grim Reapa for my weapon and skills and as a result was ostracized me for it”

Alice then clenched her hands “At first…I just thought I was the only one…but as the years went by…I saw many others experience the same thing, you being one of them. People judged and abandoned just because of their power. So at first I sought to do something about it…by coming here to this…pathetic academy. I assumed…I could do some good here and teach people how to use their powers”

“And, I’m guessing, from your chosen career choice…it didn’t go so well” said Saku ”That and half of the students…are unmotivated”

“You are right. Every year I watched students come and go, who squandered their B.U.S powers, not training or even trying. And yet they are willing to look down on those who are different from them”

Alice put her scythe on the ground “power…for humanity is very precarious thing. If someone has too much, they are feared. And if too little, are ridiculed. We were granted the gift of the B.U.S gene…and all we’ve done is hurt others with it. So that’s when I decided, I would create a balanced world free from ego and jealousy”

“I hate to burst your bubble Alice” said Saku “but everything you’ve so far done, has just made you a sub-standard crook. Not a righteous hero”

Alice looked at Saku “My methods are dark but the end will justify the means”

“What are you talking about?” said Saku annoyed “You terrified everyone here, hurt people without remorse and played with life. Those aura warriors you made…did you ever consider once how they felt?” Alice looked at Saku with narrow eyes

“I don’t expect you to like my methods Saku. But in the end I now know I will have my balanced world…with you by my side”

“You’ve got another thing coming” said Saku preparing himself “give me one reason why I should join you?”

“because…I made you what you are”

Alice looked to the academy “when you first came here, you had no skills or powers. As soon as you meet Sophie, you learn moves in a day that took people months. That’s when I thought if I guided people to you, you’d grow and mature. And I was right. As you made more friends, your powers and abilities grew, You even freed yourself from the seal and ended up having full control over your powers”

Alice then gestured her hand out to the group “and look you have made a balanced society of people, each one getting along with people of completely different power and ability” Alice then looked at Mochi in particular “You even stabilized the aura warrior I made. So don’t you see…you’re all the proof I need. You are the one…who will help create a balanced world” Alice then gestured out a hand “so…join me. The way it’s supposed to be”

From the girls end, Mia had her arms crossed “so…that was Alice’s intention. She wanted to see if Saku could bring people together…and she did. Alice was the one who introduced to Saku. And the one who introduced Saku to Mochi”

“Alice was the one who invited me and Aries here” said Lexi “probably to help Saku release his seal”

“Alice was the one…who told me to see Saku fight” said Aureline

“and me too” said Jessamine “the only one’s she probably didn’t guide were twin-tails and princess”

“but Alice is right” said Anastasia “we each came from different backgrounds each with different fears and abilities. And now…look at us. Getting along like proper friends…with Saku at the centre”

“yeah…I’ll agree with you” said Jessamine folding her hands “I’m not the most trustworthy person…and yet look at me hanging out with everyone. All thanks to Saku”

Aureline then thought “so when Alice saw how quickly Saku grew just from meeting Sophie and Anastasia. She decided then to test her plan. She introduced us to Saku, to not only help him grow but enable him to help us at the same time”

“And as a result” said Aries “he gained new powers…and healed all your fears, pains and allowed you to grow as well” Mochi looked a bit confused

“is…Big brother going to help that lady?” asked Mochi while Laura looked on as Saku pushed away Alice’s hand.

Laura looked satisfied “I had a feeling he do that. I…we all were…you know given life by Alice” said Laura painfully “but…I believe in Saku more than her. Saku hasn’t once pushed his values on others. All he does is give a guiding hand…”

“which is…what Alice wants” said Aries “I think…he knows that she can’t force people…she needed someone to guide people”

“Well regardless” said Lexi “If I had to choose someone to follow, I’d pick Saku. And judging from Alice’s body language…she isn’t ready to give up”

Saku had pushed Alice’s hand away with a tone of anger “You expect me to believe that I’ll just work with you? You can’t just erase jealousy…it’s always there” said Saku quietly holding his heart “And the fact you don’t mind causing the very pain that you apparently despise…just isn’t on” Saku made his aura re-emerge although it looked a bit dimmer

“So…you really choose to protect these…these people?” said Alice not looking angry “You’re throwing everything away…for the sake of these people?”

“why not? These people…gave me something to protect in the first place” Saku then prepared himself “so how about we continue?” Alice had an odd expression

“I really thought you were the one…the one to make a better world”

“You make it sound so easy you know” said Saku “if it was that easy…I’d do it myself”

Alice flinched to his words but then turned serious “so…that’s your answer. Fine…I see how it is” Alice then snapped her fingers “it looks like I wasted my time” several garbed figures emerged from the trees “I think it’s time for…my ascendance” Saku looked round

“What are you doing? These are from the aura warrior project?”

“Yes…these are the rejects. Their B.U.S is so unstable…they would just disappear”

“well leave them out of our fight” said Saku angrily “I made a promise to save them when this fight was over” Laura heard this and felt a sense of pride.

Alice then took out a small square metal device with an indent at the centre “so…you were planning on saving…my subjects were you? Well you shouldn’t bother. You can’t save them, these can’t even talk…or think. They are just mindless slaves” Alice then put the metal device on her chest

“That doesn’t stop me from trying. I mean…I’ve already saved two of them”

“You may well have done” the device then began to glow “but…I plan on using the few…to save the many” a green light shone from light “so…let the ascension begin!”

Before Saku’s eyes the garbed figures began to turn into a sparkling lights, clothes and all. The device then seemed to begin absorbing the lights into Alice’s body. Sophie reacted “What’s Alice doing?”

“She’s…absorbing…their B.U.S” said Mia while Laura looked horrified

“It’s…not just her” said Laura “look” she pointed to the many colour lights coming from the academy all going to Alice “she’s…absorbing all the aura warriors” Laura look really hurt

“wait” said Anastasia looking horrified “she’s…absorbing all the aura warriors!? Does that include you and Mochi?” Mochi then looked scared but Laura shook her head

“no…me and Mochi are fine. The aura warriors…are plainly just unstable beings of B.U.S. That would simply disappear if they cloaks fell off. Me and Mochi however have been stabilised by Saku. So we’re fine.” Laura then gripped her arms “but…that means” she then went to her knees “they all gone” Anastasia quickly comforted Laura while Lexi looked serious

“That’s not…our only problem” this came from Marina who appeared behind them “if Alice is absorbing all their B.U.S energy…we’ve got a large problem”

Saku saw the many, many lights siphon into Alice through the device on her chest. As the last lights disappeared into Alice…her aura suddenly emerged. The aura looked very erratic in shape and would constantly change colours. It went from red, to blue, then green, yellow, black, pink, grey and then repeated the process.

Saku then flinched which made Alice grin “You can feel it can’t you? The power which now flows through me” Alice’s clothes were flapping and her hair was rapidly swaying “This is my first step for ascendance” Alice then aimed her hand out “will this I begin the creation” a rainbow coloured ball of energy formed “of a balanced world!” a beam suddenly shot out but missed Saku zipping by his shoulder.

Saku looked behind him to see a mountain. At first nothing…but then a thunderous explosion echoed all throughout the land, coating the world in a mixture of lights and sound. Saku’s eyes widened “she…she wiped the mountain clean of the map”

“don’t you see Saku?” said Alice “with this power…I can begin making a balance world. So…I will ask you for the final time? Join me…in your proper place” Saku looked quite worried as sweat went down his face

“Her power…is amazing” Saku’s clenched his hands “but I’ve got to try” Saku prepared himself again while Alice looked unimpressed

“so…you’re really going to try? Even after seeing that? I will achieve my goal…with or without you”

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