Eternal Courage

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Chapter 32: The Will…to Guide the Future

The land was quiet, the air was calm…and the sky was dark. What was once a blue sky…was now coated in a dark blanket of cloud. At this time…a dual paradox had occurred. Alice at the peak of her power…now staggered backwards from fear, and Saku who was close to death…now stands changed and displaying amazing power. Saku is now ready to fight Alice. The result of this new resolve…has taken form. Saku is now wearing a long cloak of silver, made of his own energy. His paths are now white with dark flame prints but his jumper remains unchanged. Around his head is a tied red sash, the only proof of Laura’s existence which moves slightly in the breeze.

Alice looked completely awestruck at Saku who stood before her “What is going on? Is this an…aura-coat? No…an aura-coat is the true form of one’s aura…but this feels different” Alice then clenched her hands “Whatever this is…it won’t stop me from my goal” Alice then charged towards him at blinding speed “You won’t stop me!” Alice then thrust forward a punch…which Saku simply caught.

Alice was in awe at how easily Saku had blocked her. Saku then gripped her hand “don’t you feel any regret?” said Saku plainly “no regret at all”

“let go of me!” said Alice straining to free her hand but Saku increased his grip making Alice go to her knees “owww!”

“You killed an innocent girl…and yet you’re more concerned with your hand” Saku then lifted her off the ground “how low you’ve fallen” Saku then let go and delivered a sharp blow to her face. Alice was blasted like a bullet across the land landing with a smash in the distance.

Saku retracted his arm while a loud yell echoed all around as Alice jumped up high in the air and landed to Saku’s side. Alice appeared unaffected but angry “What you’re doing is pointless? Give in and accept your destiny!” Alice charged forwards once again “just give IN!” Saku then simply put his arm out which produced a gale of wind.

Alice was quickly stopped by this gale of wind of such strength it slowly pushed her backwards “What’s going on?” Alice saw Saku with his arm out “is he…controlling the wind?” Saku then clenched his hand and rose it upwards which in turn made the wind suddenly lift her up. Alice was helpless as she was lifted high in the air “dam…I can’t free myself from this wind” Alice managed to twist herself to face Saku “let go of me!” she then shot a large sphere of rainbow energy.

Alice looked confident as the sphere drew closer to Saku who simply stood still as the sphere exploded. Alice watched the explosion and felt the wind stop “That wasn’t so hard”

“You missed” Alice turned above her to see Saku unharmed “and now have this” Saku pointed out two fingers and began swishing them in diagonal lines. This made blades of winds which cut at Alice, making long tears along her chest. Saku then thrust his arm forward making a hurricane of wind blast Alice smashing her into the floor.

Saku landed back on the ground as Alice got up “That was…Sophie’s power…how is that possible?” Saku didn’t answer “don’t you dare ignore me!” Alice jumped at Saku “answer me!” suddenly a strong upwards torrent of water knocked her backwards. Alice landed back down “What!? Water!”

“Can’t you see how much you’ve truly fallen?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“You go on and on about equality…and yet you don’t seem to mind ruining the lives of innocents”

“shut up!” Alice struck at Saku again but a wall of water would just rise up blocking her hit “This is stupid!” Alice continued trying to strike but the water, as if controlled by Saku’s will, would simply block her attacks.

From the background the girls watched “look it’s Marina’s power” said Aureline surprised “he used Sophie’s wind and now it’s Marina’s water”

“most interesting” said Marina “the water he seems to just be controlling with his mind. Most peculiar”

“Still…I’d like to know what this power is” said Mia looking at Saku’s cloak and pants “I’ve never seen anything like this”

“well regardless. Saku is going to give a beatdown to that power crazed woman” said Jessamine. Alice was still trying to get past Saku’s water defence and was growing impatient

“stop cowering!” Alice then charged a power fist and jumped through the water, followed by a large thud.

The girls watched on “What happened?” said Sophie worriedly “Did Saku get hit?” the water then died down to show to their relief

“Ohhhh” said Jessamine flinching “That’s gotta hurt” Alice was frozen in the air, her face displaying absolute pain as Saku his foot outstretched in Alice’s gut… “especially with that greave added into the bargain” Saku had a silver aura greave on each foot

“it looks like it’s my turn” said Aries “he gained my greaves”

“Big Brother…go for it!” cheered Mochi.

Saku looked at Alice “have you grown so consumed with power...that you’ve grown blind”

“I will…I will accomplished my goal…I will!” Saku annoyed swung his leg in a wide arc smashing Alice in the ground. Alice hit the ground which such force, she bounced off the ground. Saku then approached her as she bounced beginning to repeatedly kick her over and over with his aura greaves, he then spun round hitting Alice with considerably powerful roundhouse kick sending her with a great smash through the air into the ground.

Alice once again got with ease but evidence of injury was upon her body. Blood slightly ran down from her mouth and many scratches across her body. Saku on the other end appeared only a little out of breath. Alice looked beyond annoyed “Dam you boy! Why you and those stupid girls stand in my way?” this touched a nerve

“there’re stupid…are they?” said Saku quietly “those trying to prove you wrong…are the stupid ones?”

“of course they are. Cannot they not see I’m trying to save this world”

“Did anyone ask you to save them Alice?” said Saku calmly “did anyone ask you too? And what part of saving the world…involves playing with life like a child’s play thing”

“I am balancing life!”

Saku simply shook his head “I didn’t want to do this” Saku aura began rising more rapidly “I honestly thought you would see the error of your actions. So let us decide the old fashioned way…with fists” Saku tensed his hands

“if I must prove my will is stronger…so be it!” Alice tensed her body generating an aura of many alternating colours. Saku loudly called out to which his silver aura raged all around him. The force of the aura began rising small debris off the ground and made his sash blow in the wind “now let’s begin!” Alice sprinted across the ground, almost flying and struck out a fist, Saku met hers head-on with his own fist.

The sound of the collision echoed all around and then…they both vanished. Neither of them could be seen…but the echoes of their fists clashing could be heard. The sounds appeared all around with the earth dividing and trees vanishing from the force of their attacks. Then they reappeared with Alice throwing a sphere of energy.

Saku blocked the sphere and deflected it to the sky. Alice grimaced “how is this possible? I have over a hundred fighters in my body”

“Quality not quantity” said Saku holding his hand “and they gave me their power. I didn’t steal it” Saku had produced a sphere of silver energy “now you’re turn” Alice looked at the rather small sphere fired at her

“That’s rather pitiful isn’t it” Saku then began to form hand signs which Aureline recognised

“he’s…using my power now” Aureline then called out “Ninja art…hundred duplication!” suddenly the one silver sphere became hundred all aiming towards Alice.

Alice began frantically deflecting the many spheres but the odd sphere still made contact. Alice annoyed flexed out her body making an aura-shockwave blasting away all the spheres. Alice then thrust her hands forward producing a s rainbow coloured sphere about ten foot in diameter. Alice shot the blast at Saku who rushed towards it “You won’t be able to take this head on” however the sphere was then cut in half “What the?”

Saku emerged through the sphere with a aura-blade extended from his hand. Alice quickly materialised her scythe and struck at Saku, who struck bacl with his aura blade producing sparks from the collision. Sophie looked at it “he’s using Mia’s power. But it looks a little different”

“he’s using the blade as an extension of his arm” said Mia looking at it “like this…he can put more power in it” as she said this Saku’s blade sliced through the scythe “as you can see” Saku then began slicing at Alice.

Saku wasn’t injuring Alice, but she still call out in pain as Saku continually sliced at her. Saku then struck her with an uppercut sending her into the air. He then jumped and flipped forward drop kicking Alice to the ground. Alice cringed as she fell “Just what is happening?” she then flipped backwards and landed comfortably “How does he have all this power?” Alice then looked up at Saku who had his hands raised in the air “now what?”

Mochi looked at it curiously “That looks like my power. Give it to her Big brother!” Saku then shot down a jagged beam of silver

“Oh no you don’t!” called Alice shooting a blast at Saku’s beam…which at the last moment just swerved around “What!?” Alice shot more blast but Saku’s beam just seemed to swerved around them “then I’ll block it!” as Saku’s beam hit her…she felt herself in tremendous pain as the beam continuously shocked her. She was helpless to resist as she was smashed into the ground.

Alice quickly got back up again, looking quite hurt but not happy “dam you…curse you!” Alice jumped back up at Saku “I’ll make you pay!” once again the two began exchanging blows as they fell in mid-air. Rapid kicks and punches almost invisible to the naked eye were being transferred between the two “let me hit you!” Alice in anger lashed out struck a punch to Saku’s face. At first Saku appeared hurt as he fell backwards through the air but then Alice caught Saku’s gaze...and began recoil in fear.

Alice retracted her arm and landed as did Saku who had turned to her…with only a split lip. Alice began slowly retreating “how…how? You should have at least be recoiling in pain”

“as you should have when I struck you in the face” said Saku “we’re not exactly considered human anymore. We have both dealt enough damage to crippled tens of people…and yet all we have are a few scratches”

“no…no…NO!” called Alice in anger “Why?...Why?” Alice as about charge forward at Saku but he appeared before her…striking her hard in the gut.

Alice recoiled backwards from the punch which caused her to cough up blood. Saku then struck her to the left, then to the right and then he struck her through the air. Alice shook it off and shot a blast of energy down, to which with a forged cane Saku made vine of silver grew from the ground blocking the blast.

Saku guided the vine to coil around Alice’s body. Saku then swished is arms down in vertical strokes making the vine slam Alice into the ground many times. Saku then threw Alice away growing a vine ready for Alice to smash into but she flipped through the air and bounced off it. Saku then made one vine after another each one whipping and slamming at Alice. Alice frantically began jumping and avoiding the vines.

Sophie looked on “look at Saku go. Alice can’t even breathe out without a vine over her head”

“It’s strange you know” said Anastasia looking at Saku “look at him despite all the frantic plants” Mia looked at him and saw Saku making almost slow gestures

“he’s making graceful and almost slow movements. It’s odd”

“I’m waiting for him to use my power” said Jessamine “I can’t wait to see what he does” Alice was stood still on the ground looking confident

“these vines may be good…” said Alice still dodging “but even you have to admit they are easy to jump between” Alice then saw all but one vine retract into the ground.

The girls watched curiously as Saku put his hand out “What’s he doing?” said Mochi as Saku put his finger and thumb together “What power is he going to show now?” Saku then snapped his fingers to which the one vine was set alight by bright orange flames

“whoa…” said Jessamine looking at it and then to Saku’s hands “he’s not going he?” Saki then using both hands made the fiery-vine slam at Alice who hastily dodged it but still the flames licking at body.

Alice barely had time to breathe as more fiery-vines appeared all around her. Saku then using both hands began making the fire-vines whip and slash at Alice. Unable to even touch them, Alice would either get whipped or burnt by Saku’s fierce fire-vines. Jessamine looked impressed “now that’s how you use fire. I am definitely going to remember this one. So Alice gets whipped and smashed or barbecued. Now that’s good”

“All he’s got left is now Lexi” said Mochi “get her big brother!” Alice was either getting scorched or whipped by the fiery vines

“ENOUGH!!!” Alice spread out her body creating a giant shockwave of energy. The shockwave completely obliterated the area around her and the vines leaving only a large crater.

Alice stood completely angry…but unsteady. Despite the fact she appeared in no pain, she was staggering a little in place. Alice’s outfit had many tears and burnt off patches which displayed bloody cuts and red raw skin. Saku looked at her “it appears you may be pain resistant…but your body is becoming fragile. I guess your body is human after all”

“and as for you. You’re…cloak is looking a bit smaller” Saku’s silver cloak looked shorter, now to his waist “That cloak must be condensed B.U.S”

“yes…this is the B.U.S that everyone gave me” said Saku looking at it

“How…How is it you’ve gained the power of everyone!?”

Saku simply looked at her “You’re the smart one…you work it out. It’s not hard” Alice clenched her fist

“how dare you mock me!!” Alice once again rushed forward this time thrusting forward a kick. Saku swerved to the side avoiding her, Alice then began lashing out randomly but Saku was now just swerving and parrying her attacks “stop being a coward and fight me” Saku clenched his fist struck at Alice hard. Alice was knocked back by this but quickly bounced off the ground striking Saku in the chest.

Saku shook her attack off and struck her back hard. Alice then just recovered and struck Saku to which he did the same. The two were now exchanging blows with each other, rapidly and with much effort. Every time a blow landed, it echoed and caused a small fragment of land to blow away. Jessamine was gesturing with her hands “That’s it…now a left, give her right…now an uppercut”

“It’s hard to tell who’s winning” said Anastasia “What do you all think?”

“our only indicators” said Mia looking closely “Saku’s cloak appears to wear away a little with every effort…but Alice’s body is slowly weakening”

“I wonder how Saku is actually holding up” said Sophie “It’s hard to tell when he’s moving this fast”

Saku and Alice was still trading blows…but Alice seemed to be losing steam. Alice’s attack began to lack power as Saku shrugged them off and struck back at Alice. As Alice punched at Saku, he went under it and delivered a powerful uppercut to Alice’s chin. Alice was sent through the air landing limply on the floor. Saku was breathing fairly quickly while Alice was getting up off the floor but she was shaking and struggling just to stand “I won’t give in…I won’t give on”

“Alice…as strong as you think you are…your body is falling apart” said Saku “You keep going and you won’t be able to even move”

“I came so close…so close” Alice got to her feet “and you had to stand in my way” Alice shot a beam at Saku who took it without flinching “Why? Why does your power rival mine?” Saku was walking to her taking each blast she fired without injury “Why!?” Saku then grabbed her arm and raised it upwards

“and you call us the stupid ones”

Saku then punched Alice and kicked her through the air. Saku then raised his arm making a vine appear, and coil around Alice’s foot which then slammed Alice into the floor and threw her upwards. Saku then swished his arm in diagonal lines creating crescent blades of wind which sliced at Alice’s back, the result was it sent her higher in the air. Saku then began using his hands to guide a torrent of water which he launched above Alice.

Alice was recovering the air “dam…I have to…make my goal…a reality” Alice found her body was slow to respond “why won’t my body listen to me?” Alice then saw the surge of water rush past her “What the?” she then saw it all coming down on her “Oh no” Alice tried to shield herself but the water hit her like a lead weight sending her quickly to the ground. Alice couldn’t even move against the force of the water which sent her downwards. Saku went underneath as Alice fell…till thrust his leg, covered with a silver greave, upwards hitting Alice hard in the back. Alice audible reacted to this crying in pain from the attack.

Saku then retracted his foot and stretched out his hand to which an aura-blade extended from his palm. Saku then continuously slashed Alice with his sword before then with a back hand shot her with a powerful energy beam. Saku hit her with such force, that Alice just went through the land making a deep and wide indent before stopping with a loud smash

Jessamine had recoiled from Saku’s attack but she quickly looked back “whoa…check out the trajectory path on that one. Not even Alice can get up from that” Alice was trying to get up…with blood dripping from her arms and leg “well…not easily. Jeez…this girl is beyond stubborn…and that’s coming from me”

“Alice isn’t going to last much longer” said Lexi “her body is hardly holding together”

“Big Brothers power is running out as well” said Mochi seeing his pants now back to normal “but…he only looks a little tired” a wind then blowing

“it looks like Saku is preparing his end game” said Aries “let’s see what he does”

Saku breathed in…then out and then raised his arm. Saku then drew flat circles with his hand creating a ring of wind, which quickly turned into a twenty foot tornado as it hit the ground. The tornado careened forward along the path that Alice had made. Alice was only just getting up when the tornado engulfed her lifting her off the floor.

Saku then produced a ball of flame which he sent at the tornado followed by some hand signs “hundred duplication!” the flame turned into a hundred swirling around with the tornado. The Tornado now appeared to be set alight with bright flames as it spun rapidly around Alice. Aries looked amazed

“a fire tornado…not a sight you often see” said Aries

“still…when is he going to use my power?” said Lexi folding her arms “he used everyone else’s but mine” Saku then flex his hands producing gauntlets of silver on his hands

“Oh…it looks like you’re up” said Sophie “but what is he doing?” Saku then jumped high in the air…vanishing into the cloud “he’s gone”

Just then a loud and almost shattering rumble echoed over the land. Then a bolt struck at the tornado. The fire tornado instantly dissipated. Lexi looked to see Saku had struck Alice with his aura-gauntlet “whoa…I almost regret I asked”

“but why do they appear frozen?” asked Anastasia “they are just kind of stranded in the…” suddenly within a second Alice blasted off Saku’s fist hitting the ground with colossal impact.

Anastasia had turned away but then looked back “…air?” finishing the sentence while Lexi whistled

“now that’s saving the best for last” said Lexi quite proudly “he practically struck like lightning”

“Tell me about it” said Aries in awe “he hit Alice so fast…it actually took time for her to fly” Saku landed on the ground, mildly out of breath

“Saku only has a little power left” said Aureline looking at Saku’s cloak “It’s now more of an aura shawl” the cloak now only hung down to his chest “Alice has got to be down from that though” Alice however was stirring and again slowly getting up

“Just what is this girl made of?” said Sophie irritably

“she’s now playing a dangerous game” said Marina “if she pushes herself any harder…her body will simply just fall apart”

Alice was slowly get up but was coughing up blood “This…is impossible. Why…why?” Saku felt a small tinge of pity

“Alice…how can you justify causing pain…as a way to save the world?”

“because…it will erase all pain”

“but you’re missing the point. You’re playing with innocents lives…people who don’t deserve it. And can you justify doing it to them?”

“shut up!” Alice was somehow able to stand “I’ve come too far to turn back now” Alice tensed her arm producing her rainbow aura “I know I’m the strong one…I know I’m the righteous one” Alice then thrust her hands forward producing a large rainbow sphere.

The sphere was about twenty foot in diameter as Alice held it in-front of her “This is every scrap of my power”

“then this is your last gambit” said Saku “You do realise if this doesn’t work. You’ve lost”

“nope…this will work. Because…” Alice then aimed at the girls “I plan on erasing the very thing prevent me from winning” Saku narrowed his eyes

“leave them out of this Alice. This is between you and me” Saku was tensing his legs

“with this…my ascension” Saku was ready to move as Alice pulled her arms back “is now complete!!!” Alice shot the sphere at the girls, shredding the land around it.

Saku quickly rushed to the girls standing in the sphere’s flight path. Alice however then laughed “go ahead and try to deflect it. That Sphere is generating to much momentum” Saku however stood ready “even if you block it’ll explode. And then I win!” Saku however smirked

“so I can’t block it” Saku then flexed his hands producing the silver gauntlets Then…I’ll have to” Saku then clenched his hand “Smash it!” Saku punched the sphere head on with his Aura Gauntlet.

Saku then began wildly hitting the sphere with punch after punch. Lexi looked on “Okay, okay now you’re just showing off Saku” she said sarcastically “still…I will have to remember this one”

“his arms are literally a blur” said Mia watching Saku’s arms

“I’m getting a head-ache from watching him” said Aureline rubbing her head “hey…the sphere is beginning to lose momentum” Saku’s was punching gradually slower

“and now to send it skyward” said Saku performing an uppercut. Saku struggled and pushed but with a strong effort he gradually began lifting the sphere upwards sending it into the sky. The sphere then exploded coating the land in a rainbow of colours

Saku stood in pose for a moment but then fell to one knee breathing heavily. Saku’s silver cloak had completely disappeared from his body “Saku” said Anastasia worriedly “are you alright?”

“Just tired that’s all” said Saku “I’m running on my own steam now. All the power has gone”

“Big brother” said Mochi running up to him “are you really okay?” Saku stood up with fair ease and rubbed Mochi’s head reassuring her

“yeah. I used the last shred of power to deflect that blast. I’m using my own reserves now” Saku then turned to Alice who looked incredibly unstable…and she was on her hands and knees

“the same can’t be said for her” said Anastasia “she can’t even stand anymore” Alice was shaking horribly…despite on all fours.

Aries looked at her “This fight is over. Alice can’t even remain upright”

“Such a pitiful end” said Lexi “she became so consumed with her…heroics. She failed to notice the strain on her body”

“more like she didn’t want to notice” asked Sophie “do you think it’s over?”

“That’s up to her” said Saku stepping towards her.

Saku took a few steps forwards “Alice…this fight is over”

“no…no” said Alice struggling to just stay up “I…came so close…not now”

“Alice” said Saku almost in a tone of pity “You might think you can win…but you can’t even stand. I meanwhile maybe be tired but I can keep going”

“yes…yes your right. My body…is completely useless “

“Then…give up” said Saku calmly “it’ll be pointless to keep going”

“So…it’s pointless keeping it”

Everyone looked bewildered as Alice spoke “Your right…my body is now unresponsive” Alice then leaned back showing the device in her chest “so…since it’s useless to me now. There’s no point faring over my wellbeing” Alice then reached for the device which then made Saku react

“Alice…no don’t” Alice firmly gripped the device “if you do…your body will be beyond complete repair

“if I must sacrifice my own body…then so be it”

“Alice…don’t! You’ll die” Alice then began pulling at the device “Alice…stop!” Alice however in one strong pull ripped the device from her chest. There was no blood…just a black cavity where the device was.

As Alice pulled the device off her chest…she appeared completely still. Alice just appeared limp as she dropped the device. Sophie looked confused “why did she do that?” Sophie then held her arms “What’s…going on?”

“It’s bad” said Marina beginning to stagger “really…really bad” Lexi then shivered

“my body…is shaking”

“mine too” said Anastasia “for some reason…I just want to move”

“everyone” said Mochi looking terrified “my body is screaming at me to run” Saku was also staggering backwards while Alice then lurched backwards.

Alice’s body then began shaking until masses of energy began surging out through the cavity in her chest. The energy just seemed to be pouring out of Alice in a wild assortment of colours and shades. Aureline was watching in amazement “look at all that energy pouring out of her”

“That device must have contained it all” said Sophie

“so…if she’s just releasing energy” said Anastasia holding her arms “why do I feel death is around the corner” Anastasia then noticed Saku transfixed looking at the sky.

“What’s he looking at?” said Mochi looking up…but she regretted this ”Ahh…ahhh” slowly each girl one by one looked up…each one petrified.

What they all saw…could only be described as colossal. A sphere of many colours was above them and of such scale it could be mistaken for the moon. It casted a long shadow over the world. Jessamine fell backwards from shock “That’s…that’s enormous”

“I’ve…never seen such a density of power” said Mia while Marina looked genuinely scared

“It’s over” Marina then fell to the knees “with that much power…she’ll obliterate the earth” all the girls gasped as Saku then reacted

“Alice…don’t. If you use that…they will be nothing left! Nothing at all” Alice slightly leaned forward with a smile

“no…you’re wrong. This, the Karma Cleanser, will wipe away the world of all impurities…and start anew” Alice then slowly raised an arm “with this…the world…” she then dropped her arm “is free” then Alice simply fell backwards lying still on the ground.

The sphere in the sky began to slowly make its descent on the world. Strong winds blew all round knocking backwards. Even Saku was blown of his feet but managed to stop himself in-front of the girls. Saku then got to his feet and clenched his hand “I won’t give in…I still have my own power left” Saku red and blue aura appeared “now to give it everything I’ve got” Saku then put his hands together to his side.

An energy sphere of swirling red and blue formed in his hands pulsing and pushing. Saku then thrust the sphere in-front of him. Saku continued charging the sphere with energy, gradually growing until becoming the size of a beach-ball. Saku’s sphere was now making a audible whirring noise “This is everything I’ve got…Aura STREAMMM!!!” Saku then shot a large beam, although dwarfed by the karma cleanser, in the desperate attempt…to save everyone.

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