Eternal Courage

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Chapter 33: A Parents Faith

The Green B.U.S academy students has been through many challenges. Between the new students, the large fights, a criminal organization and even their own future…things have been hectic. But now something bigger has appeared, a calamity which is casting a large shadow over the land. This “event” not only threatens to destroy their futures…but the entire world.

Alice in a last, and somewhat insane, desperate bid has unleashed her final gambit. Pushed into a corner by Saku, she has released all the energy contained within her body. Above her a “planet” of energy had formed…which would wipe away the world clean. Entitled the Karma Cleanser it now slowly descends on the land

Saku was standing ready, preparing all of his power into a final gambit. Saku held a large sphere of blue and red in-front of him. Saku then fired a large beam at the Karma Cleanser with every shred of power he had. The beam, although dwarfed by the Karma Cleanser, flies closer until it collided.

Saku beam hit the Karma Cleanser and the struggle began. Saku was pouring all his power into his attack and crying in effort, the Karma Cleanser was unleashing a fierce wind all around and all along the ground. Sophie, covering her eyes looked up “Go for it Saku! Give it everything you’ve got” Aureline was looking at the ground

“the shadow of the Karma Cleanser is slowly retreating” said Aureline “if Saku can keep this up”

“I don’t know if he can keep it up” said Lexi grimly “all the power we gave Saku has gone. And he’s also tired”

“plus he using every reserve of energy he has at once” said Mia

“all we can hope for” said Aries worriedly “is that he can push back far enough to divert it’s course” Anastasia had her hands on her chest

“Saku…please hang in there”

Saku continued pushing the sphere ever-so-slowly “just a bit more…just a bit more” Saku however then staggered slightly as his beam began shrinking and the Karma cleanser was progressing “Ahhh…ahhh…dammit!” Saku refocused enlarging his beam and pushing back the sphere “uhh…uhh come on” Saku’s beam began fluxing “Dam…it’s too…strong” Mia saw him struggling

“Saku is just too tired”

“yeah…he is” said Jessamine grimly “pretty soon he’ll just drop”

“What do we do then?” asked Anastasia desperately

“I don’t know Anastasia” said Aries “I just don’t know”

Saku could feel his strength slowly leave him as his beam kept fluctuating “no…no…I can’t…hold it” Saku’s beam then just simply dissipated to which he fell to his knees. Beads of sweat dropped off his face, his pants following, However with nothing pushing it, the karma-cleanser began dropping on the land.

Saku looked up and saw the “planet” falling “I don’t have…any power left” Saku stood on his feet breathing heavily “but…I still have my own body” the sphere was now almost upon. Saku then felt a strong force go through his body “Ahhh…ahhh….ahhh…that knocked the wind right out of me!” the sphere was just about upon him as he regained his breath “well…come on!” Saku stood his ground…and thrust his hands forward. The “planet” touched his hands…and the struggle began.

Saku grimaced and stood strong as he felt the sphere push against him. Saku turned to see the girls all began jerking and shaking slowly dropping to their knees. Then one by one they all fall to the ground…unable to hardly move. Sophie could only move her head “I…can’t…move”

“It as if…my entire body” said Mia slowly “has turned to lead”

“What’s…happening?” said Jessamine in pain. Saku saw all the girls almost still. It was as if their bodies were being pinned down. Saku then had a thought

“ it must…the same force…which I felt. It must be pushing down on them all”

Saku then noticed Mochi and Anastasia were still on their knees. Mochi looked to be really struggling “my body…feels so heavy. It…hurts”

“I can feel something…so heavy…all over my…body” said Anastasia shaking in place. Saku then thought

“It seems…weaker on them. Is it…an eye of the storm…thing? Then….” Saku took a deep breath “Mochi…Ana…stasia!” said Saku feeling his feet being pushed into the land “come…closer…quickly”

“Okay…Big…Brother” Mochi slowly crawled towards Saku almost buckling under the weight

“I’m coming…too” as did Anastasia crawling towards him

As Saku continued resisting, Anastasia and Mochi slowly found their bodes become lighter as they got closer. As they got to Saku they both could stand “my body” said Mochi jumping “feels light now”

“as does mine” said Anastasia looking at her body

“then…it’s a…eye of the storm…thing” said Saku still pushing “This Karma Cleanser…must exerting a strong force…pinning everyone” Saku dropped to one knee

“Big Brother!” said Mochi sounding scared running to Saku

“Don’t worry about…me” said Saku getting back up “I won’t give in…because if this sphere…should touch the land…then…” Saku didn’t need to finish this sentence

Saku continued trying to push but then felt himself being pushed backward “Ahhh…aghhhh. I…can’t” Saku then felt someone pushing on his back “Mochi”

“I’m helping too” said Mochi adamantly pushing on him “I won’t…let this ball land” Saku then felt a second pair of hands

“I’ll help too” said Anastasia pushing on him “we won’t let you do this alone” Saku looked shocked “plus we have only just started as a couple. We haven’t even gone out a date yet” Saku then looked embarrassed but smiled

“This is not the best time to make me awkward” Saku felt his arms give way but he straightened them back out “but I don’t want too croak yet either”

“just shut up and push then!” said Anastasia loudly.

The three of them together pushed against the planet sized sphere…but hope was starting to fade. Saku begin to feel his body giving in. His legs kept shaking and buckling, his arms strained and he could feel himself falling backwards. Mochi and Anastasia were starting to give out too under the overwhelming power of the Karma Cleanser. Alice was still awake and saw the sphere

“finally…this land…will be freed…from its darkness”

Saku then fell to his knees, his body was now giving up. Anastasia and Mochi were fairing just as badly also on the knees. Saku cursed himself “is this really as far as I go? To have come this far…and stop. There was so much I wanted to do…and this is how ends. Dam…Dam! DAMMMM!!!” as Saku called out…he Anastasia and Mochi felt a strange sensation all around. As they opened his eyes they were surrounded by a world of white.

Saku couldn’t quite believe his eyes “where…what…is this place?”

“I…don’t know” said Anastasia “there’s nothing here” they found their bodies were light and healthy

“hey I don’t feel tired anymore” said Mochi looking at her body “Did we die?” Saku placed a hand on his chest and felt his heart

“no…I don’t think so. I mean I don’t exactly see any pearl gates” just then…a voice called out

“That’s because you’re not really dead stupid” Saku instantly recognised this voice

“no…way” Mochi and Anastasia looked puzzled “it can’t be…can’t it”

“You don’t believe your ears do you?” just then footsteps echoed. Everyone turned and saw a man come into view.

This man bore no malice or evil as he simply walked closer. He seem to be wearing a dark green jacket and tan pants. He only had short and plain brown hair. Saku’s eyes remained transfixed neither looking away or blinking as the man stopped in-front of him “so your ears don’t work…how about the eyes?” Saku stepped gingerly forward. Saku rubbed his eyes and looked again which made the man sigh “nope…you don’t believe your eyes either. Well one thing left to try” the man then reached over Saku’s head and then mildly hit it

“owww” said Saku rubbing his head…but then he stopped “That…was real…then” the man then chuckled

“I thought would work” the man then rubbed Saku’s head “do you believe what you see and hear now?”

Mochi looked at Saku curiously to see tears emerging and falling “Big Brother…what’s wrong?” the man then turned to Mochi

“Oh…you’re the newest addition. How nice to meet you little one” then man then turned to Anastasia “and you’re lovely little lady who captured Saku’s heart. I hope my son hasn’t been too much of a pain” Anastasia then looked shocked

“wait…you said…your son? So you’re…”

“yes” said Saku “This is…my father”

“wait…this is…Thee Stritos?” said Anastasia not believing itself. Saku’s Dad then stepped back

“yep…in the flesh. The name’s Arthur Stritos…nice to meet you both”

Saku wiped his eyes “Dad…it’s…so good to see you. But…if you’re here…then what is…here?” Arthur rubbed his head

“good question. It’s not heaven that’s for sure. Now then…are you going to introduce me to these two?” Saku put a hand on Mochi

“This is Mochi Stritos, the newest addition to the family” Mochi looked rather shy before Arthur as he knelt down

“hey there Mochi. You’re a cute little thing aren’t you. It’s so good to see you. You know my wife is really to going to love you” Mochi began coming out from behind Saku “I’ve seen you fight…you definitely have a lot of guts. You’re really talented”

Saku put a hand on Mochi’s shoulder “of course she does Dad” said Saku “she’s a part of the Stritos family”

“she certainly is. So little one…are you happy with your family?” Mochi nodded

“yes sir. Big Brother…and my Big Sisters have been really good to me. But if they call you Dad can I call you…Dad too?” asked Mochi innocently. Arthur then chuckled

“That’s entirely up to you” Arthur then held up his hand to Mochi “come on…give me one” Mochi smiled and high-fived Arthur “there you go” he then rubbed Mochi’s head making her giggle “you’re going to a be good girl”

Arthur then stepped up and looked at Anastasia “now for you” Arthur then looked at Saku “well come on, introduce me to her”

“Oh…sorry” said Saku “This is Anastasia, my girlfriend Dad” Anastasia bowed

“it so nice to meet you sir. I’m Anastasia of the Michaels family” Anastasia stood up straight making her chest bounce

“and now I’m official impressed” said Arthur nodding “Saku I’ve got to say you definitely has a lovely looking girlfriend. You’ve not only picked a pretty girl but a nicely shaped one too.” Saku looked taken aback “I hope my son hasn’t done anything indecent. You know what boys are like”

“Dad!” Anastasia shook her head

“no sir. Saku is actually pretty upstanding. He also doesn’t overreact. He’s one of the only guys I’ve met who didn’t drool”

Arthur then laughed “well being raised in a family of all girls must have prepared him. So he must have gained some resistance after all” Anastasia then leaned forward

“but I know a way or two that makes him uncomfortable” Arthur then looked mighty impressed

“Oh and a smart yet cunning one to boot. Saku you’ve landed yourself a winner…”

“I know Dad” said Saku with pride “I know” Anastasia looked red.

Arthur then stepped to Saku looking a bit sad “Since I won’t get another opportunity. Saku…can you ever forgive me? For placing the seal on your body? It started off with good intentions…but it still caused you so much pain”

“What you mean sir?” asked Anastasia “why did you do it?”

“At the age of four, during the mansion his power was close to mine. And his young body was just too young to hold it all in”

“so…Big brother would’ve got badly hurt?” asked Mochi

“that’s what the intention was” said Arthur “all I did was delay his power to a point when he could endure it. Still you must have experienced such overwhelming pain. I only hope you can forgive me” Saku then spoke

“I do forgive you Dad”

Arthur looked surprised as Saku spoke“in-fact I need to thank you. It’s because of that seal…I made such irreplaceable friends” Saku then looked between Mochi and Anastasia “and much more. So…yes I forgive you” Arthur looked happy…and very relieved

“You’ve matured very well Saku” a single tear fell off Arthur’s face “I’m so proud. Now I can finally rest with no worries” Saku looked happy “now then, you still have people to save”

“but…I’m all out of power Dad”

“That’s where you’re wrong” Arthur then pointed to Saku’s heart “B.U.S is tied to us on an emotional level. Search within yourself…and I’m sure you’ll find something strong left” Arthur then sighed “well…I think we’d better get back…to where we belong”

Arthur’s body began to fade “I’ve done what I wanted to do and it’s time for me to go” Arthur then produced a single piece of paper “here…a gift for your sisters” Saku took the paper but saw it was blank “don’t worry…it’ll make sense to them”

“Okay” said Saku carefully bending and pocketing the picture “do you really have to go Dad?”

“my place isn’t here…or yours. This is just a meeting place” a pure blinding white began engulfing them all “This is the end”

Arthur began disappearing as the white intensified “Now Saku look after yourself. Protect your lovely little lady and make her happy” Anastasia took Saku’s hand “because trust me, you make your love unhappy…and they’ll hurt you”

“That’s because you were trying to peep on her in the shower” said Saku retorting

“Maybe so” chuckled Arthur “Please look after my son Anastasia. I feel very comfortable leaving him in capable hands”

“don’t worry Sir”

“and as for you Mochi Stritos. Make the family proud” Saku rubbed Mochi on the head

“yes…Dad” suddenly a strong force began pushing everyone away.

Arthur gave a gentle wave “well…this is goodbye folks. Give my daughters and wife my regards” Saku then let go of Anastasia and rushed forward

“Dad! Wait” Saku struggled against the strengthening force “come on. Almost there” Arthur held out his hand to which Saku high-fived “there we go” Saku then let the force carry him away “see yer Dad…” with this the blinding light engulfed the place

“see you later…my son”

Within a moment Saku was brought back to reality. Saku’s eyes flashed open and he saw the Karma Cleanser in-front of him. His body ached and felt like iron as his arms and legs shook and buckled. Saku however felt the warmth of two pairs of hands on his back. “Saku…we’re here with you” said Anastasia pushing on him

“yeah Big Brother” said Mochi pushing on him as well

“Mochi…Anastasia” Saku then looked behind him “Sophie, Marina, Aureline, Mia, Lexi, Aries…Jessamine” Saku then turned back “Mom…Dad. I’m not giving in…not when I have so much to fight for”

“Anastasia…Mochi could you step back a little? I don’t want you to get caught in what I’m about to do”

Anastasia and Mochi stepped back a little as Saku managed to stand. Saku then spoke “hey…Anastasia…after this. We’re going to be spending a lot of time together, right?” Anastasia saw him struggling and smiled

“well…yeah of course. I need to tell my parents that I met my guy afterall. Then I want to go see a movie together, go shopping and make you hold all the bags…and just be happy”

“then…do you think after this is over? We could…go out on that date…you spoke about?” Saku was red in the face “I promise to take you…somewhere good” Anastasia looked happy and red “I mean…I don’t know many places…so”

“I’ll be looking forward to it. And in return…I’ll make you a home cooked meal”

Saku turned to her surprised “You can cook?” Anastasia looked really shy

“well…hmm…yes. I’ve been…practicing in secret…at the academy. So if you make it through this I’ll fix you something special” Saku looked happy then determined

“yeah then it’s a deal” Saku then turned back around and began pushing harder “Although we’ll have keep this between ourselves”

“yeah because Jessamine won’t like it” said Mochi giggling “Big Brother…could we play together after this is over?”

“of course we can” Saku began to feel a new power rising through his body “So…a new sibling and a date? That’s given me all the motivation I need”

Saku’s body began tensing, his legs stood strong and his arms didn’t shake “Alice…I know you can hear me. And I have to agree with you. The world…can be an unforgiving place…take me from me. But what you’re doing is selfish. You can’t just force people to change…that makes you as bad as them”

Saku stopped being pushed backward “now…I have something to fight for” an aura began to appeared around him red and blue as he put his hands together “and something…I’m really looking forward to” he said looking at Anastasia “So I’m giving it…” his aura surged all around him “everything I’VE GOT!!!” then a beam begin shooting from his hands.

The beam began pressing into the Karma cleanser and slowly started pushing it back. Saku’s aura grew yet bigger as did his beam pushing the Karma Cleanser back at an accelerated speed. The force which pinned everyone done, lifted as the sphere continued being pushed into the sky. Then to everyone’s relief the sphere pierced the cloud line, rising into the heavens before disappearing from sight.

For a moment nothing…and silence as Saku stopped firing and the cloud resealed. Then suddenly the cloud line, all at once, dispersed showing an evening sky completely set alight by many different colours. Everyone looked up at the firework display of light…which brightly lit up the night sky…before vanishing into nothingness.

Sophie looked up at the night sky “the light…the karma cleanser…it’s gone. The Karma cleanser…it’s really good” Sophie then bent down “Saku did it!!” suddenly cheers pierced the whole campus. All the girls cheered as did all the students and teachers from the academy. Anastasia was cheering too

“Saku…Saku you did it” Saku was still in pose stood

“I…did it…I really did it” Saku’s arms then fell “I guess…that means…I won” Saku then fell to the ground…completely exhausted.

Saku laid still on the hard ground but then he felt his head put on something warm. “ummm…ahhh…” he saw someone familiar above “Ana…stasia” Anastasia was happy as Saku rested on her lap

“shh…you just rest now. You did good” just then his friends and sisters gathered round him. Lexi folded her arms

“jeez you look shattered…I’ve seen roadkill look better than you”

“Don’t worry” said Aries “he’ll be fine with nice sleep”

“hey…Lexi…Aries” said Saku tiredly “I…saw Dad…and he said…he was proud of me…and all of you. And he’ll be looking forward to seeing you again

Sophie looked a bit confused by his comment “are you sure the exhaustion isn’t ruining your sense?”

“No we really saw him” said Mochi to Sophie “We really saw…our Dad. We have proof” Mochi went to Saku and took out the slip of paper in his pocket “here…” Lexi and Aries looked at it

“It was blank to…me” said Saku “What’s on it?” both Aries and Lexi’s eyes watered looking at it

“he…kept it…all this time” said Aries, Lexi was rubbing her eyes with her sleeve

“I’m going to…kill him for this”

“What…what’s on it?” asked Saku to which Aries revealed the picture…it was a family photo…of them all smiling.

Saku smiled and looked up to Anastaisa “hey…Anastasia…” said Saku weakly “don’t forget…the promise…we made” this made Jessamine rather annoyed

“wait…what promise?” asked Jessamine

“Just as long you as you keep your promise” said Anastasia sweetly which made Jessamine more annoyed

“Wait…what promise!? Mochi you were there…what promise did they make!?” Sophie then quickly whispered something in Mochi’s ear

“Sorry…I’m not allowed to tell you. Sophie said she’ll get any treat I want if I keep quiet”

Jessamine was really annoyed and rubbing her head “Ahhh…not only are you having a lovey-dovey moment with Saku but your sharing secrets. No fair”

“then why don’t you take him?” asked Anastasia “since I feel sorry for you. You take him for a bit” Jessamine quickly reacted and knelt down next to Saku

“I’ll take you up on that offer” Jessamine then carefully propped Saku up, positioned herself to his side and rested him on her chest

“hey, hey!” said Sophie now angry “Anastasia meant putting Saku on your lap!”

“but my bosom is so much softer” said Jessamine sneakily “plus look how comfortable he is”

Everyone saw Saku was quietly sleeping. Aries sighed “he does look quite content…you’ve got five minutes. Then we’re taking him back”

“then…I’ll just have to enjoy those five minutes” said Jessamine happily

“five…more…minutes” muttered Saku in his sleep everyone turned to him while Sophie shrugged her arms

“You heard him…he wants a longer turn” this made everyone start laughing.

Marina was walking over to Alice who was aware but still “It’s ironic way for you is this” said Marina “since you overworked your body…you’ll be lucky to fight ever again”

“All…All I wanted…was just to…help…the world”

“look…I’ll agree with you…the world is a rotten place. There’s people like Saku and you the world over being bullied by society for being different. However there are also people who accept you as you are. Did they have to be punished too?” Alice thought about this “well…you are going to be put away…so you’ll have plenty of time to think”

“I guess…I will”

Peace had now returned to the academy. With Alice now defeated, the threat of the shadow league was no more. Within a few hours everyone’s powers returned to them and news had spread of Saku’s courageous fight. The next couple of days, people repairing the damage the shadow league had done…and it took this amount of time for the hero to awaken.

Saku was quite unsteady, his body still recovering from his fight but Anastasia was right by his side. She supported Saku to the main hall…where a barrage of cheers and applause had greeted him. Every student had witnessed his fight and were giving him his applause. Saku who was once the outcast…but now hailed as a hero and powerful aura fighter. For Saku…he relished every moment.

However…this stopped quite shortly…after Saku saw their new headmistress. Everyone had gathered in the hall at the new headmistress, she wore a blue shirt and plain skirt with short brown hair. Saku, Aries and even Lexi were quite afraid of this new headmistress “of all people” said Saku “of all people…it had to…her”

“Saku…who’s she?” asked Sophie next to him

“It’s…my oldest Sister…Cora Stritos”

“Alright everyone shut up and listen!” called Cora intimidating everyone in place “I am your new Head-mistress Ms Stritos. Things are going to be very different from now on. And there’s going to be no more slacking, and the reputation of this academy will be gone by the time I’m through with you” suddenly blue flames appeared all round her “and I don’t take no for an answer” things proved to be very different from now on.

A short while later Saku and Anastasia had been summoned to Cora’s office. Cora had told Saku something which hadn’t registered “could you…repeat that?”

“then I’ll tell you again. You are hereby the representative of this academy for the Bio-duelling world championships. Despite everything that happened you are the only who didn’t lose any of the matches”

“but…don’t you normally have about four reps per place?” asked Anastasia

“You have to understand. The championships run a very strict set of rules. And since you’re the only student of this academy that didn’t lose….only you may enter. However…I am pulling some strings so I might be able to get you a new partner”

“Okay…I understand. So if you brought me here to tell me that…how come you brought Anastasia?”

Cora crossed her arms “well…for the simple reason of meeting the girl which you pledged your love too. It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Michaels. Now to get down to business…have you two done anything indecent towards one another?” Saku felt a deep chill down his spill as did Anastasia

“no, no of course not” said Saku

“no…I heard you two bathing together explain that!”

“it was in the 3rd bath-house where we wear swim-suits” said Anastasia quickly

“Oh yeah…what kind of bathing suits were you wearing?” just then the bell rang

“Oh…yes it’s time for lessons now” said Saku quickly “I thank you for your time but we can’t be late” he took Anastasia’s hand “run for it” he whispered

“thank you for your time Ma’am” and with that the two left. Cora gave out a quiet laugh

“It’s nice to see he’s still the same as always”

Down the hallway Saku and Anastasia were breathing heavily. Anastasia looked shocked “her reputation…is well founded. No wonder you call her your second mother”

“yeah tell me about it. We literally got saved by the bell” Saku then looked happy “me going to world championships. I’ve never thought it would be possible”

“You’ve done well to make this far. Now we had better get to class” Saku gestured out his arm

“may I escort you to the classroom my lady” Anastasia blushed and grabbed his arm

“You may young sir” with that the two continued to the classroom. As they entered Aries was stood as the new teacher.

After telling them off for being late she directed them to their seats. Anastasia and Jessamine continued as normal to fight it out over Saku. Aureline would regularly rescue him from these situations conversing with Mia and Sophie as the two battle in the background. Mochi was a regular student now, sitting with Saku and his friends while Lexi was an assistant who would often come to teach…and fight with Saku. For Saku it was a happy time as he enjoyed the rest of the year with his friends and family. And for once in his life…he was looking forward to the future.

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