Eternal Courage

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Well…this is the end of my story. I’m quite glad…and somewhat surprised you stuck around for this long. How did you like it? I’ll have to admit I still can’t over it everything that happened. Now the title says epilogue which is where I’m supposed to be telling you what happened to everyone. Yeah…well this is from my point of view so details could be sparse.

Now after the academy me and all my friends went our separate ways back to our friends and family. We brought home Mochi to our house, and introduced her to Mother. Mother accepted her straight away and more or less cuddled the life out of her. We were at first worried about Mochi’s future…about age and growth but we had nothing to worry about. She’ll grow and mature just as everyone else will.

As you’ve no doubt heard Aries is now a teacher so she’s already done but Lexi is now a combat instructor. Lexi in a weird way got her perfect job, beating up people senseless…and get paid for doing it. Me and Lexi still fight regularly and between you and me…she’s starting to hurt.

Marina and Ivy are still studying at the academy. Ivy likes to check on me every now and then and Marina is always with us. She says it’s because there’s no-one else to hang out with. And Jason is still the target of every girl in the academy.

And that leaves now all my friends…well the short version is they are regular house-guests. Mia and Aureline are now part of a team tracking down criminals however they always come to the my house just to talk and have fun. And Aureline as normal saves me from the duelling three some. Which if you’ve read my story you should know of.

Sophie is a very regular guest. Sophie and I always spar together…she always still beats me. Typical I save the world and I’m still getting beaten by Sophie typical but we always have fun and just get along. As for Jessamine, she’s a regular visitor too…but…she mostly only here to really cause trouble. She’s Anastasia rival in everything. Cooking, fighting even running. Whenever she comes over she always tries to make me uncomfortable. Aries however keeps a very close eye on her and Aureline is often there to save me. Jessamine however is a lot of fun and is always lively.

Now to the most important person…Anastasia. Do you know we each kept our promise? Anastasia took me to her house where she made me this lovely apple pie. It was sublime, plus her father and mother are very supportive of our relationship. They were pleasantly surprised it was me but accepted me as part of the family.

As for me I took Anastasia on that date. We went around the local town and just enjoyed a day out. We looked at shops, where I held most of the baggage. Went to see a movie, ate ice-cream together and just enjoyed the day. Throughout the whole day we did feel people were watching us. So I carried Anastasia in my arms and just ran at full speed.

Anastasia very much enjoyed the ride while our followers, namely Jessamine and Aries, were left in dust. Then in the end, as the night sky came out…we laid together in a field under a blanket of stars. We joined hands and watched the world high above her. Then as we reached for a kiss…a rain of fire interrupted us. Anastasia however made a thick shelter of vines and continued with the moment…with the muffled cries of anger outside.

Well that’s the story of my journey through Green B.U.S academy. And now I have my sights set on aiming higher. I hope you join me on my world to become champion aura fighter of the world. Oh hang on…I’ve got a phonecall…aha…aha…aha. Well I’d best be off, I’ve got a meeting to catch up with. See yer…

(Footsteps grow quieter…but then louder) oh I’ve got one thing left to say…thanks for your company. And Treasure the bonds you have with your friends. Now I’ve really got to go…otherwise I won’t alive long enough for the next story. So goodbye…and hope to see you again

Sequel: Preview

As the story ends, two different journeys are soon to be set in motion

In a meeting room a young man was talking to someone "the event will soon be upon us"

"yes" said a distorted voice "with the path already set in stone all you need to do is make sure it all goes as planned"

"don't worry...I'll make absolutely sure...that is all goes to plan. Still...I can't help wonder why I have to carry this out. i mean surely the goal can still be accomplished"

“It’s just a cautionary measure that's all. And no-one will suspect it's you until it's way too late" the young grinned and then laughed.

In a completely different location...a mature teenage girl and boy were packing some things in backpacks. The boy zipped it up "well Sis...are you sure about this?"

"yes I am Brother" replied the sister "we have a job to do and have to carry it out at all costs"

“You are aware this is a one way trip. we can never return home" said the brother

"if it means it accomplishes our mission...I'm satisfied. Do you think we'll really find him?"

"beats me...we don't even have a picture or description. We're relying solely on instinct"

"if what our mother says is true we'll know him when we see him" the girl zipped up her pack "well...we'd better get going" the brother as they open a door into a bright light.

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