Eternal Courage

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Chapter 3: A Noble’s Innocence

The whole class, well the male section anyway, were all looking at the new student who was stood before them. The girl was average height, roughly the same height as Saku, with long light brown hair and light green eyes. Her brown hair was neatly curled at the ends, down her back and curled at her shoulders. She had a curvy figure with a slim waist and a large endowed chest.

Saku looked at the girl and thought to himself “Anastasia Michaels. She carries herself with a lot of grace. Even stood still she looks really dignified. She must be a noble or something. Saku broke off his thought he then heard the swooning of men all round him

“Well…she’s been here five seconds…and she’s already got a fan club”

“Tell me about” said Sophie sighing “she is quite beautiful though. She has such shiny hair, nice eyes and big breasts” Sophie then looked down and crossed her arms “they look as big as mine” she then turned to Saku who had a pink face “What’s up with you?”

“Look, I might be resistant but I’m not immune you know” he said in a annoyed tone making Sophie let off a light giggle

Anastasia was looking between all the students, especially at all the males, which made her a little bit depressed. “Just as I thought. These men are moaning like sad violins, all judging on my physical appearance” She then saw Saku talking to Sophie “but that one…” Saku caught her gaze and smiled “Feels different to the rest”

“Okay Ms Michaels” said Ms Reapa “can you go sit in one of the empty seats?” several of the boys looked excited as they all stood up

“Here you go have mine” “no have mine” “sit here”

Anastasia began to walking to the right side to where Saku was, who noticed her come up next to him “Can I help you?” asked Saku in a little bewilderment

“May I be okay in requesting you move along to the adjacent seat please?” she said “I wish to sit next to you”

“hmm…yeah that’s ok. Sophie do you mind moving along one?” with a nod Sophie and Saku moved along one seat so Anastasia, much to the sorrow of the men, sat next to him

“I thank you for your kind request” Saku gave a polite nod as Ms Reapa spoke

“Okay, now let the lesson begin” Anastasia looked again at Saku before listening to the lecture

It was a while later when the chime echoed. Ms Reapa addressed the class “well, everyone that’s it for today. There are no more lessons for the remainder of the afternoon but no slacking off. See you tomorrow” with that the students began funnelling out of the room while the boys all gave Anastasia a glancing look and waves

“it seems you’re quite popular here Anastasia” said Sophie

“No, it’s the normal behaviour of the male populace towards us” said Anastasia with a tone of disappointment

“I can’t say I completely agree with you. I know of one person who’s different” Sophie gestured to Saku, whose plain expression perplexed Anastasia.

Saku was becoming nervous as she leaned towards him “What’s wrong? Do I have something on my face?” she shook her head making her curls shake

“No I apologize for my rudeness. It’s just…you look a bit…” she then regained her composure “disregard my last comment. I’d like to formally introduce myself. I am Anastasia Michaels, a B-rank duellist. You may just call me Anastasia. May I ask your names?”

“Oh I’m Sophie Brown, also a B rank fighter. Pleased to meet you”

“Please to make your acquaintance Ms brown” Sophie slightly blushed

“It’s feels weird when a teacher doesn’t say it. Just call me Sophie”

“pleasure to meet you Sophie and you?” she said gesturing to Saku

“Oh, I’m Saku…Stritos”

“You’re the youngest son of the Stritos?”

Saku was surprised on hearing Anastasia’s sudden enthusiasm “I hold a lot of respect for your family” she said with her hands together “It’s an honour to meet a family member. So what rank are you…may I ask?”

“I’m a…Rank D” replied Saku really shocking her “yes I’m a rankless”

“Oh is that true? From what I heard, yesterday you displayed power far beyond a D and even a C”

“jeez…that fight might as well be on the news. Well…no I’m just plain old me” said Saku “well, just call me Saku” he said offering a hand “It’s nice to meet you”

Anastasia seemed to just stare at his hand which made Saku bewildered “What’s the matter Anastasia?”

“Oh…it’s just” she appeared to fidget and Saku swore for a moment her hair changed colour

Did her hair just turn blue? Nahhh. I was just seeing things

“well…I heard that a handshake is when you accept each other as acquaintances. So…you don’t mind?”

“well…there’s nothing wrong with that is there?”

Anastasia looked at his honest face and then to his hand before smiling and grabbing his hand lightly shaking it “there you go” as the two finished shaking hands Sophie spoke

“so Saku, we don’t have any lessons again. Do you want to go train?”

“Train?” asked Anastasia confused

“Oh right well” said Saku slightly embarrassed “I don’t know how to control my aura. So Sophie is teaching me some basic combat skills” As the two were to leave Sophie turned to Anastasia

“What about you Anastasia?”

“Oh, well…I don’t have any activities planned for this afternoon” Anastasia said with a tone of sadness

“if you like, you could come with us” asked Saku much to her surprise

“You…wouldn’t mind my company?” Anastasia said with a slight tone of confusion

“well…it’s not easy being new here. So it’ll be nice to have another friend” said Saku happily bringing a look of astonishment on her face.

Sophie then had a flash of inspiration “hey Anastasia” she said enthusiastically “Maybe you could help me teach Saku about aura control. Me and you are both element fighters after all”

“Yeah can you please?” said Saku honestly putting his hands together “I need all the help I can get” Anastasia looked at him, then to Sophie who nodded, then back to Saku

“If you desire my services then I’d be happy to oblige” said Anastasia crossing her arms

“Sweet thank you” she then gave a small smile and again for a moment Saku noticed her hair, momentarily, change colour

“It happened again! This time it was blonde. I think I am dreaming” Saku dismissedhis thought as Anastasia stood up

“Then let us depart to the training hall” said Anastasia going with the both of them “He feels…so different from everyone else. What is it about him? His actions seem pure, his eyes don’t wonder…especially there” She thought looking at her slightly bouncing chest “and…his smile was so…sincere”

The three had arrived at the rather empty training hall. Anastasia was watching Saku training against Sophie with interest. She watched as Saku attacked Sophie which she blocked but then with a low sweep tripped him up. “Saku, I’ve told you before you have to watch your feet!” Sophie helped him up

“I know, I know” he said to her “Alright now you attack. I need to work on my defence next” Anastasia watched as Saku was parrying and blocking her attacks

“He…really does seem different” Anastasia thought as she watched him get knocked to the ground by Sophie but once more got back up and resumed.

Sophie was now adjusting Saku’s pose before then performing the pose herself. Anastasia continued to observe Saku “He’s lacking in skill that much is certain but…he’s fighting with honour. He’s listening to her and he’s taking it on. But there’s something else” Anastasia watched him for the third time get knocked to the ground. “There’s something more important” Saku got back up and went on the offensive but as Sophie blocked his attack she slipped and fell backwards. Saku checked if she was ok and helped her to her feet before the two laughed which summed up Anastasia’s thought “He’s…happy”

Anastasia watched the two come towards her talking to each other. Sophie had a impressed look “…you’ve still got a lot to learn but you’re progressing quickly” said Sophie encouragingly

“I’m just grateful for the lessons” replied Saku with much appreciation

“You keep going and you’re going to be my sparring partner”

“Until then you’re my mentor” Sophie put her hand to her chin

“Sophie sensei, I like the sound of that” Anastasia was a bit perplexed “Okay we’ll call the training to a close. We’ll take a small break and then me and Anastasia can show you aura control”

“Okay then I’ll get some drinks. Anastasia” she looked a bit surprised “What drink would you like?”

“Oh erm…lemonade please” said Anastasia

“alright I’ll be right back” with that he left the two girls alone.

Sophie watched him go round the corner “he does look really happy” Anastasia noticed the slightly depressed tone she spoke in

“Sophie may I be permitted to ask a question?” said Anastasia curiously “why did you speak that last comment? Has Saku not being happy?”

“Remember, he’s the rankless son of a world renowned family. I can only imagine the insults and criticisms he got from everyone”

“However I am perplexed by his…behaviour. He displays none of the qualities of using men. You kept knocking him down but he would keep getting back up with a smile”

“You haven’t seen anyone like him have you?” Anastasia shook her head “For him, this phrase applies the best. When you haven’t got much, you cherish what you have” at that point Saku was coming back with threes cans in hand “he’s the first friend I’ve ever had”

“Mine too” said Anastasia quietly

Saku walked over to them “alright here you go. The diet cola for Sophie and the lemonade for Anastasia”

“Thank you Saku” Anastasia said politely

“ok so you’re both going to train me in aura control next? You’re both B-Rank fighters right? So you both can use an element”

“yes that’s right” said Sophie “Allow me to show you mine” using her spare arm, she held it forward and began to focus.

As Sophie did a swirling cyclone of wind rose around her making Saku and Anastasia shield themselves “I have the power over wind” she then made the cyclone stop “It’s not much good at defending but I can do this” she drained her can and threw it across the room “now watch carefully” she swiped her arm in a horizontal arc making a crescent blade of wind. Saku watched as the wind went through the can as it feel but upon impact it splitting into two.

Saku was watching in awe as Sophie spoke “aura control is just about finding the source of your power and bringing it out”

“well…I’ll try” said Saku holding his arm out and shooting a small beam “but all I can manage is this”

“well…let me fix that” Sophie walked over to him “now relax you can’t force it out” she pushed his body so he wasn’t in a tense position “now search for the source of your energy…you do have somewhere”

“I’d like to know where”

“If I may” said Anastasia “when you fire your beam do you feel a…warm feeling anywhere?”

Saku nodded “yeah like this tingling feeling in my chest”

“Okay when you’re firing you aren’t channelling it” said Anastasia “You’re just letting it go. You need to focus on the point of origin” Sophie snapped her fingers

“Ah yes that’s how I learnt” said Sophie standing behind him “Okay now Saku” pressing against his back she guided his arms “Okay focus” Saku closed his eyes “Now concentrate on the source of your energy…and let it flow up to your arm” Saku felt the warm presence in his shoulder, run down his arm “Just let it move along…and…release!” Saku fired a beam a bit bigger which made his arm slightly recoil .

Saku was baffled while Sophie looked a bit unsatisfied “hmm…not quite. It was stronger but…I know you can do better” Sophie let go of his arms and went back to Anastasia “Okay now do it like last time” Saku nodded

Now relax, focus on my core…let it flow through, Sophie sensed something

“I can feel it, his energy…it’s building. Okay now…Release” as Saku did a large beam of white erupted from his hand, the force was so strong it knocked him backwards as the beam collided with the wall.

Saku looked up and saw he had made a rather large burn mark on the wall. He was left speechless “…wow” was all he could he say while Sophie was left in awe

“I’ve never seen an attack like that before” Sophie then turned to Saku “Saku that was great” he just remained transfixed and looked at his hand

“I…really did that?”

“Yes you did Saku” said Anastasia walking towards him “You now need to condition your body”


“the reason you blasted backward was because your body is used to that exertion that is all. Still” she looked at his burn mark “That’s the first time I’ve seen raw aura power being released like that”

“And it’s all thanks to you” said Saku surprising Anastasia as he got up “I would never have got that far” then as he got to his feet “without…without” he began to stagger forwards

Anastasia on instinct rushed over and supported him stopping him from falling. Saku looked really exhausted. She was at first surprised by her own actions but shook it off “Saku…are you alright?” Anastasia finally said

“yeah…I just felt…really tired for a moment then” said Saku with little energy “Thanks for the save Anastasia” she nodded as he stood up straight

“That’s one other reason you have to be careful” said Anastasia crossing her arms “using such bursts of power can rapidly wear away your stamina. That’s another part of conditioning your body. Not only do you have to let your body get used to the power but it’ll help basic stamina as well” he nodded “so, just do simple stuff like exercise or small beams. And you’ll slowly condition your body”

“Thanks you Anastasia” said Saku “I’ve never thought I’d be capable of that. You’re now like my second mentor…Ms Anastasia” she slightly blushed and Saku saw her hair change to blonde and back.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I swear her hair keeps changing colours. “Well Anastasia your next now. What’s your power?”

Anastasia stood in-front of everyone with her hands out “Okay…this is my power” as if on command a staff appeared in her grip. Then with fluid and graceful movement, she moved her arm in an arc to which a tree suddenly burst from the ground. With every movement she made she either grew a new tree or extended the branches or vines from a tree.

“She has the power of Earth” said Sophie watching her

“Earth?” said Saku confused “but I’ve seen a earth bio-duellists and…they make rocks not a small forest”

“Every element has two natures. For an Earth user they make plants or boulders of earth. I believe Anastasia could both but it’s probably what she’s been trained to do. Hey Saku stand next to her and just watch her movements” with nod and jump over a vine he stood next to Anastasia.

Saku then sat down and watched her. Anastasia had stopped growing trees and instead was guiding the vines round in shapes and producing the odd flower here and there. Saku was just happy watching “it must be great being an element user”

“Oh you think so?” Anastasia had heard his comment “if you could choose an element…what would you pick?”

“erm…probably water”

“Ah, water sometimes the giver of life, with its graceful movement and never-stopping force”

“so question, what is it you’re doing when you swing your arms?

“This allows me to help control the plants. Here stand next to me” Saku did that “now, just repeat my movements”

Saku felt a bit silly at first but got into the rhythm. Sophie saw the two, not quite in sync, almost conduct the small forest of trees and plants “Anastasia. I wonder, is this your first time being with someone too?” as she watched she noticed something “huh what’s that?” as Saku waved out his arm he, obliviously, had produced a faint tube or waves of light “is he actually? Did he actually…a shape form with his internal energy?”

Sophie then had a thought “Aura or B.U.S is more or less formless energy. In the case of weapon masters, they can channel the energy in a pseudo-weapon, and in my rank, the energy takes the form of an element but…Saku is actually releasing raw energy which…is unheard of”

“Alright you two let’s wrap it up” she said clapping “we don’t want this place to turn into a rainforest”

“yeah alright” said Saku opening his eyes “Anastasia we’re going to end the session now” she appeared not to have heard him “Anastasia?” her eyes were transfixed in place “What’s wrong?” he looked to where she looking and saw an unusual flower.

The flower itself wasn’t odd, but rather colour. The flower was a Tulip and of jet black. Saku went over to it “a black tulip? I thought they only came in red and blue” he then looked back at Anastasia “hey, what’s with this black tulip?” as he said those words Anastasia began shaking. She went to her knees holding herself

“No, No…i…didn’t mean too” Saku was quite worried

“Anastasia hey what’s…?” he gasped as Anastasia’s hair turned bright silver “What the?” and soon as it did, the plants began to erratically grow and distort into ugly vines. The vines were now vastly spreading in random directions, boring into the walls and floor “What’s going on?”

“Saku!” he turned to Sophie who was being encased by the vines “help me!” Saku ran towards and pulled the vines off her

“come on we need to get out of here” with a nod the two ran to the safety of the hallway.

As the two panted, the plants were still vastly spreading and now attracting attention as students were appearing from the second floor. But they soon ran away as the vines grew towards them…only to go to the third floor “Saku…what’s going on?” asked Sophie fearfully

“I think I know but we can talk later. If her powers continue to keep getting…erratic she’ll turn this place in an indoor nature reserve. We’ve got to get to her”

“Then let me clear you a path”

Sophie focused and shot out a small, fierce funnel of wind cutting a section in the plants but more simply grew to take their place “no good, I can only cut a small path for a few seconds”

“Then leave it to me. Cut me a path and then get to safety”

“Wait you can’t!” she said in worry

“Look leave it to me” said Saku confidently “I’m not about to let one of my friends turn into plant food” Sophie smiled at his confidence

“all right. I cut you an entrance and I’ll do what I can from the upper floors” she used more tore open a path “now go and good luck” with a thumb’s up Saku ran through the path before it closed again “Okay, now to see what I can do from above”

Saku emerged in the small forest. There weren’t any flowers just vines, still spreading, all over. Saku began climbing over them, but the ever-changing environment made it difficult. “Anastasia…where are you!?” he heard no answer “dam it, I can’t see her”

“You have to feel her out” he turned upwards to see Marina calling to him from the second floor “she’s currently being buried alive”

“Then…what am I supposed to do?”

“Try to sense her aura or try and the guess the centre” Marina was forced to back off by the vines “just hurry!” Saku was left confused

“but…what do I look for?” due to the rumbling he fell forward touching the vines with his hand “What the?” he felt a warm sensation flow through “This must be her power. Okay so if’s it going this way…go the other way”

Saku eventually got to the middle of the room where he saw the vines making a cone shape. Saku waded to it “well, this as good as any” he began trying to pull apart the vines “no good, too thick” he held out his arm “I’ll have to cut through” he shot a weak beam of white to cut through the vines and there in the middle was Anastasia “Anastasia!” he walked into the cone as it closed behind him.

Anastasia was clutching her body and trembling with a head of silver hair “Anastasia, hey come on” she looked up at him with terrified eyes

“No, No I can’t control it” Saku felt a strange pulse along the ground “please…you have to get out of here”

“Anastasia I’m not leaving you”


“Because your my friend” her eyes looked that of shock “And I’m not going to lose one of my first friends” Saku held out his arm and shot a beam of white but it didn’t make much of a cut “no good…I guess I’ll have to put some more emphasis in it”

Saku began to concentrate “focus the power, let it flow….there…now release!” he let loose a large beam of energy which hit the cone of vines slowly cutting them. The beam was strong as Saku felt himself pushed backwards “dam…it may be strong but…I can’t hold it” just as he felt himself fall he felt something soft press against his back “huh? Anastasia?” Anastasia was pressed against him holding him still

“Just…be careful” she gave only a brief nod as Saku let loose his beam.

The section Saku was hitting was slowly being cut away until it broke through making a path through “there we go” said Saku as he then bent down so Anastasia fell on his back “now hold on” he quickly ran through the gap he had made, which luckily went to a passageway, and made it out of the hall.

Saku panted as he breathed in sharply “Ah, ah…there we’re out” he looked at Anastasia “hey are you alright?” Anastasia looked spaced out “Anastasia” she then fainted “hey…” her hair reverted to light brown “there it goes again” Sophie then emerged round the corner “Sophie”

“Saku I’m glad you’re okay?”

“I thought you were going to the third floor” Sophie then had a red face

“I was…too worried” she noticed the sleeping Anastasia “it looks like she ran out of power”

“Good thing too…because her forest was really…huh?”

As Saku turned round the vines simply dried out and withered into nothingness “It’s disappearing”

“The forest was made with her aura-power” explained Sophie “And Without her feeding it it’ll just simply disappear” Saku then appeared to stagger slightly “hey take it easy” she held his side “let’s go to the infirmary so you and her can get some rest” Saku nodded in appreciation. Sophie then looked at Saku “anyway are you alright with her on your back?”

“Yeah…she isn’t heavy” Sophie sighed

“That’s…what I meant. I mean she is pressing against you…with her body and all”

“I know what you’re referring too by the way and stop it” Sophie gave a small giggle. As the group left Aureline had watched them

“the feeling…of trust and friends…not needed. But…those feelings brought out…great power” she then shook her head “nonsense”

Anastasia was waking up in the bed in the infirmary. She sat and rubbed her head “where…am I?”

“in the infirmary” she turned to see Saku sat on an adjacent bed “You passed out after the whole forest escapade” she looked quite ashamed and her hair changed to blue

“Oh…you saw that did you? And I’m guessing my hair is now blue” Saku gave a nod “You must think I’m pretty…weird”

“Why would I think that?” this surprised Anastasia “I’m just glad you’re ok now” she looked quite surprised “You’re not used to a friend are you?” she shook her head “welcome to the club” she then smiled and began laughing gently but sweetly.

Anastasia finally brightened up with her hair reverting back to plain brown while Saku looked a bit bewildered “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, nothing. You are truly a strange man but…a kind one” Saku smiled at the comment

“it looks like you two are right” Sophie had come in “how are you feeling Anastasia?” asked Sophie “I was really worried when you made that large vine forest”

“I am fine thank you” said Anastasia “and I’m grateful…but I’m sorry for that embarrassing show. I’m afraid my power is beyond my control” her hair changed back to blue

“Like I’m one to talk” said Saku turning her attention to him “I can’t even control mine. Anyway don’t worry about it. We can learn together how to control our powers” with a smile her hair reverted back to light brown

“Anyway I have good news to the both of you. I have a surprise announcement” said Sophie “I’ve learnt they have a bathhouse in this place…and is open to anyone”

“A bathhouse?” said Anastasia “That would be divine for us”

“I’ve haven’t been to one of them before” said Saku “I wouldn’t mind having a go, would you like to join us also Anastasia?”

“I’d like that thank you”

The three of them, with towels and bath-stuff in hand, had arrived outside the bathhouses, one marked boys and one marked girls. Sophie walked to the girls “alright Saku we’ll see you later” said Sophie

“Have a good bath” Saku said and with a nod they both went into the correct bathhouses. Though after hardly a couple of minutes, all three came back out all with groans

“Did you come out for the same reason as us?” asked Sophie

“Everyone trying to sneak a peek?” said Saku “beyond the tall formed reed fence”

“yes” said Anastasia in a appalled tone “all the girls were pressing up against the wall trying to see the boys either above or through the little holes”

“At least your group wasn’t dribbling” the girls looked a bit awkward making Saku facepalm himself “You’ve got to be kidding me? Well now what?”

Sophie then noticed a third one “hey what about that one?” they all walked to it “I didn’t think the bathrooms came in threes? It says…unisex”

“What?” said Anastasia shocked “they have a room where both genders…bathe? That’s Indecent!” she then had a thought “but wait…I saw all the girls in there. So how come that one isn’t used?”

“I know why” said Saku as he approached the sign which read “it says…bathing suits required. Ah so no naked girls or boys” said Saku

“Well shall we?” said Sophie surprising them “as long as we wear bathing suits we’re not technically doing anything wrong”

“Well…okay” said Anastasia “I don’t see the…indecency if we all share it. And…I suppose as long as it’s Saku I don’t mind” she said with a pink face

“wait what do you mean?” Saku then had a slight chill “erm…no it’s okay” he began edging away “I’ll get one later” Anastasia then grabbed an arm

“You expect me to wash thy own back?” Sophie grabbed his other arm

“yeah Saku. Sorry you’re not getting out of this?” he sighed “What’s wrong you never seen a girl in a bathing suit?”

“Clearly…” Saku said with a sigh “you haven’t seen my sister Aries”

The inside of the bathhouse was a large, plain but warm pool of water. Saku was in black swimming shorts, and sat chest deep in the water as he sighed “why did I get dragged into this?” he looked round “and as I thought…it’s empty” he then heard two small splashes to his left

“Saku…we’re ready” said Sophie to which the two stood next to each other. Sophie and Anastasia were wearing sensible blue one piece swimsuits covering all of their torso. Sophie looked quite comfortable as did Anastasia, although a little less “well…how do we go look?”

“yes…do we look good?” said Anastasia. Saku managed a small embarrassed nod “That’s a relief”

They both sat down with small moans of pleasure “Oh that’s really nice” said Sophie enjoying the water “It’s so velvety and warm” Anastasia was rubbing her shoulders and flexing them “What’s the matter?”

“One problem with an endowed figure” said Anastasia “it comes with stiff shoulders”

“Maybe I can help with that” said Saku surprising them “Anastasia turn round” she did that as Saku knelt behind her “Okay…now hold still”

“Wait” she felt his hands on her shoulders “What are you…” she was cut off as Saku massaged her shoulders.

Anastasia let off quiet sounds of pleasure as Saku pressed his fingers on her shoulders. “Oh…oh…that’s…more divine” Sophie was quite intrigued at Anastasia’s face “Oh…that’s most…fine” Saku then moved away with Anastasia looking quite relaxed “I feel so light…and energized. Sophie you have to try this”

“Yeah okay” Sophie sat where Anastasia was “Okay Saku let her rip” as soon as Saku started she was in heaven “Oh, yes…oohh…right there…now top of my back” Saku used his elbow to press the top of her back “yes…ow…oh…” after a minute Saku stepped back and Sophie too began flexing her shoulders “and like after a good sleep…I feel light…and relieved”

“I’m quite impressed” said Anastasia “where did you learn how to do that?”

“I have a family of three sisters” said Saku “So I would message their shoulders as well. Since I was near made to do it really” Anastasia walked in-front of Saku “are you going me a massage?”

Anastasia instead grabbed his head and rested him on her large chest. Sophie was a bit confused, Saku the same though somewhat red “erm Anastasia” said Sophie “What are you doing?”

“Well…” said Anastasia smiling “I heard you give hugs to people when you want to thank them”

“But…you don’t rest their head on your chest” She then let pushed Saku back up realising her mistake

“Oh I’m so sorry” Saku, though red, had a smiling face “What’s wrong…aren’t you embarrassed? You don’t look that…awkward”

“Well…you were saying thank you. I mean…it’d would be rude if I…reacted and turned stupid” he then smiled honestly “plus…it reminds me of my sister at home. She would do the same thing as you”

“All right my turn” said Sophie hugging him properly with Saku’s head on her shoulder “This is how you do it”

“But…isn’t the bosom still pressing against him?” asked Anastasia

“I suppose but…it’s a hug it can’t be helped” she pushed him back to see his still pink but smiling face “and as I thought he isn’t bothered by it”

Sophie was very curious “I am wondering how you’re…not so affected like other men? That is the allure of woman’s body” she then folded her arms lifting up her boobs “or by the softness of one’s body??”

“Yes I am wondering that too” said Anastasia also intrigued “Many men are dribbling wrecks whenever they so much as look at a girl or their bosom’s. And you said I reminded you of your sister? Can you tell us about her?”

“Yeah okay” said Saku “Just give a couple moments to word it”

After a few moments Saku spoke “As I said I have three sisters. I come from, more or less an all-girl family. My oldest sister was the tough one” he then laughed “she didn’t halve give mom a run for her money. She was strict but…had this air of kindness about her. My next one is called Aries. She was the smothering one”

“So the huggy and kissy kind then?” asked Sophie with a grin

“She was practically my second mother. While she’s all sweet, she’s the scariest person in a fight. The youngest of the three is Lexi…the bratty one. She knew she was curvy and beautiful and took full advantage. She thinks of herself as smart…but I know otherwise”

Saku then went a tad awkward “Aries and Lexi in particular…were quite well grown in the boob area. My oldest…somewhat herself. As I grew up around them…I sort of just adjusted to them to the point…I kind of saw it as normal”

“No wonder you don’t react as such” said Aries

“Well…Aries is the most responsible” said Saku “She was the largest of the three and as I said she was Smothering type so was open to plenty of squeezes and hugs” Saku spread out his hands “This is…how wide she was” both girls looked with stunned faces

“Holy cow!” said Sophie “and she was the smothering kind? No wonder you don’t have much of an embarrassment level, with the all times she’ll have hugged up or held you”

“It was nice though, I mean what boy wouldn’t find it nice…I just had to come up for air a few times”

Saku and Sophie were laughing while Anastasia spoke “Saku…I need to thank you again…that is for today. No-one has expressed kindness on your level before”

“same with you” said Saku “before I came here…I didn’t really have a friend…and now” he said smiling “I have two friends” Saku offered a hand to Sophie “let’s shake on our friendship” Sophie smiled and shook his hand. Saku then turned to Anastasia “and you too” Anastasia grabbed his hand gently

“he feels…so warm and kind” Saku noted her hair changing to a dull blonde

“hey Anastasia…why does your hair change colour?”

“Oh…well…for some reason. My hair changes to my mood” explained Anastasia “So blue when I was sad and black when I get angry”

“So what does blonde mean?”

Anastasia recoiled slightly and fidgeted leaving Sophie to have an educated guess “I think that means she’s embarrassed” said Sophie smiling

“Oh…sorry about that” said Saku but she shook her head and smiled sweetly to which Saku noticed something else “huh? Erm Anastasia what does…red mean?” upon hearing this she instantly stood up

“Oh…no it’s nothing, nothing. Anyway I have to get out now” she quickly ran out leaving the two confused

“maybe she was too warm” said Saku but Sophie could only shrug her shoulders.

Anastasia was in the changing room, breathing heavily. She then checked to the base of her curls to see indeed a red colour

“it…really is red? That means…he really could be the one” as she calmed down elsewhere Ms Reapa was checking through a file

“here we are…Saku Stritos. A no hoper who’s been refused by every academy in the world. All saying he has no talent…and yet, the fight against Jordan…and his display today say otherwise. Either someone is keeping something hidden or…everyone is really cruel. It helps that his new friends are actually teaching him but it’s strange…he learning techniques in days that take others months. Even Marina has already taken an interest. So maybe I if draw more people towards him.” she had in her hand a file with the name Mia Anslette “he’ll be capable of so much more”

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