Eternal Courage

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Chapter 5: Sibling Love…and Rivalry

Everyone remained in a transfixed state as Saku presented his sisters Lexi and Aries who had just arrived in their Classroom. They both had the full attention of every guy in the room. Saku had just introduced him, with everyone now murmuring. Lexi was average height with long blonde hair, down her back and front, with green and silver eyes and a moderately curvy figure. She was only wearing a white shirt, and no jumper, to attempt to show off her curves. She seemed to brim with confidence and loved to eat up all the attention.

Aries on the other hand looked a bit more mellow or quieter. Aries was quite tall, a head above the rest, with brown eyes and a very well-endowed bustline that was wider to some degree than she was. Unlike Lexi she wore the school uniform…which didn’t help to hide her chest size. Aries had long blonde hair albeit in a long thick ponytail with brown eyes. Unlike Lexi though, Aries was quite laidback.

All the students in the room were all murmuring at the two guests “That’s Lexi Stritos. She’s a world renowned fighter” “as is the second. Aries Stritos, is said to be the scariest girl you’ll ever fight” “but they are both gorgeous aren’t they?” a sharp glare from Ms Reapa silenced everyone

“Now then. These two are technically students but will also be instructors. Now I’m afraid this lesson is being cut short…due to the trip with Mia I have to help organize. So you are free to do as you wish” the look of relief came up on their faces “HOWEVER…” they all froze again “stay out of trouble” with that Ms Reapa left.

All the girls funnelled out of the room while all the boys gathered round the two girls “Oh my gosh…Lexi Stritos. She’s so gorgeous and beautiful” “That bust…and those curves”

“That’s right boys…eat your heart out” said Lexi as she posed with her hips to the side and hands above her head

“Oh, yessss” all the boys swooned which made Saku groan “So cute and curvy, she’s every guy’s dream” “Aries is just as good” “She has such a nice smile, and a very gifted body herself” “wow…I’ve never some that large. Their like the size water” suddenly a stern look from Aries silenced them.

“now boys…I won’t have any…dirty thoughts…understand?” although she was smiling her vibe had turned manacing “Now go…before I get angry” with that every single one, literally, bolted out of the room.

Sophie and Anastasia were petrified “Aries’ reputation is well founded” said Sophie daring not to move “It’s said she actually made a guy collapse….just by looking at him”

“If she’s like that normally” said Anastasia nervously “imagine what she’s like…fighting”

“That’s Aries” said Saku “ironically she despises dirty thoughts. Despite the fact she attracts a lot of attention”

“Aww” said Aries in a cute tone “I can’t help it if I’m well gifted”

“As for you” said Saku looking at Lexi “What’s the deal with your outfit? Do you want the boys staring at you?”

“Oh…what’s wrong? Are you jealous that I get all the attention” said Lexi in a sarcastic tone “there’s nothing wrong with…” she then pulled a pose showing her curves “showcasing what your given”

“There’s nothing with covering yourself up either” said Saku in a sarcastic tone which made Lexi annoyed as she leaned closer towards him

“Oh…just because I’ve got fans”

“I’d prefer the term followers or stalkers” the friction and sparks could be felt as they were an mere inch from each other.

Aries walked to the two “now, now you two” she pushed them away “I’ve told you before…” a sinister vibe filled the air “be nice or there’s consequences” they both looked at her and nodded with reluctant faces “there now that’s better” she turned to Saku with a sweet smile “Oh Saku” she walked to him “It’s so good to see you” she then pulled him into a hug…blinding him “I’ve missed you so much” Sophie had an odd look about her

“no wonder Saku has such a high tolerance” said Sophie “Being…hugged by her all the time”

“And Saku wasn’t kidding about her size either” remarked Anastasia.

Lexi noticed Saku’s arms going limp “Aries…Aries” she turned to Lexi innocently “At least let him breathe” Aries turned to Saku and let him go…to which he took a desperate inhale of air

“Oh…Saku I’m so sorry”

“Aries...could you warn me…when you do that?” Aries looked a bit sad “but…it is good to see you” Aries smiled and hugged him to the side, over his shoulder

“Oh I’ve missed you”

After a couple of moments Saku had a question “May I ask why you two are here? I mean of all places”

“Well…we were sort of…endorsed” said Lexi prompting Saku to smack his face “yeah…it wasn’t to do with you or anything”

“I feel so loved” said Saku sarcastically

“So how’s it been here at the Green B.U.S academy?” asked Aries

“It’s been going really well” said Saku happily “I made some friends here” this surprised them both

“You…made friends?” said Lexi “are they imaginary?” she received a sharp slap on the head from Aries “What?” she said frantically rubbing her head

“where are these friends of yours?” said Aries to which Saku gestured to Anastasia and Sophie came forward.

Saku gestured to them both “Aries…and Lexi. These are my friends here at the academy” Sophie spoke first

“I’m Sophie, it’s nice to meet Saku’s sisters in person”

“And I’m Anastasia” said Anastasia with a bow “It’s such an honour to meet talented fighters such as yourselves”

“Oh such kind girls” said Aries shaking their hands “I’m so relieved Saku has finally made some nice friends” she then gave Lexi a sort of glare

“well…at least their human. And not bad looking either” this made him both awkward “so…what do you two see in this” Lexi gestured to Saku mockingly “This…we’ll go with person” Saku looked annoyed

“Well…he saved me from this brute on my first day” said Sophie

“He’s been a rather kind individual” said Anastasia “and very supportive”

Aries looked overjoyed “Oh at last Saku has made some nice friends”

“They are also my mentors” said Saku surprising her “they’ve been teaching me how to fight”

“But I thought you couldn’t control your power” said Lexi suspiciously

“Well…I can’t but Sophie’s been teaching me physical fighting and Anastasia in reflexes” His sisters tilted their heads as Saku explained briefly “she attacks me and I dodge”

Aries looked satisfied “so…have you learnt anything?” asked Aries to which Saku spoke with confidence

“well…I’ve learnt a few things” said Saku embarrassingly as Sophie than spoke

“He’s still a beginner but he’s been advancing very quickly. You should see him now”

“It’s pointless if you ask me” said Lexi drawing their gazes “Saku has always been talentless, no good kid. The only thing he’s good for is warming the bench”

“now you take that back” said Anastasia annoyed “Saku has been trying his hardest to learn the best he could. Many a man would’ve given up”

“yes that’s right” said Sophie angrily but Saku gestured them down

“It’s alright. Lexi always like this, just because she’s a fighter…she thinks she owns the place. The way I see it, the only thing bigger than Aries’ chest is Lexi’s ego” this made the girls giggle

“just because I have talent” said Lexi coldly making Saku angry “It’s not as if you have anything to going for you? I mean…the girls, your mentors, will as about as useful as a jumper in the desert” she said in a mocking tone. Saku was holding his anger back “Oh…have you got something to say to me?”

“yeah I do” Saku took a deep breath “I challenge you to a bio-duel”

It took a few moments for it to sink in to which Lexi broke into a laugh “You’ve…got to be kidding me?” Lexi said trying to calm down “You can’t be serious. You are aware who you’re talking too?”

“I wouldn’t care if you’re queen of the world!” Aries noted Saku’s strong tone “I won’t tolerate you speaking of my friends like that” Sophie and Anastasia felt a sense of pride from his words “You think you’re all powerful. Why not prove it?”

“You are serious about this…aren’t you?” said Lexi looking at Saku’s determined face “well…if you’re really determined…then I don’t see a problem with having a warm-up”

“erm wait you two” said Aries abruptly “it will be a friendly bio-duel. Once you reach over seventy-five you lose…whether you like it or not. I will be personally watching you two to make sure it’s nice and pleasant” Lexi prodded Saku

“I’ll see you in the training hall in ten minutes” Saku swiped away her arm

“don’t worry, I’ll be there” with that the two walked out the room.

Aries sighed “I wish those two would get along”

“Excuse me Aries” asked Sophie “have those two always been like this?”

“yeah. Lexi thrives in all the attention she gets and she always rubs it in Saku’s face. Although Saku normally doesn’t get that agitated about it”

“wait what do you mean?” asked Anastasia but Aries simply smiled

“You’ll just have to see. Come on let’s go” with that the three of them ran after the two of them.

News of the challenge had spread as a crowd gathered in the training hall. Lexi Stritos was an icon in the bio-duelling world and had many fans…some of whom who were in the audience. However what they were intrigued with was Saku who had challenged her. Aries stood between Saku and Lexi as they put on their gloves “now this will be a friendly bio-duel. The fighters limit is 75% of their pain threshold, now fight fair and get ready” Aries walked over to Sophie and Anastasia who watched from a hallway. Marina watched from the 3rd floor, Mia and Ivy from the 2nd and Aureline from around a hallway corner.

Lexi looked at Saku as he prepared himself “well at least you’re not chicken but…you are aware that this is going to end badly”

“Well, you never know...I could surprise you” said Saku

“if you do. I’ll be impressed”

“enough talk”

“It’s time to Duel!” they said in unison.

Lexi prepared herself as did Saku “Ahh…you think a little pose is going to save you?” Saku just looked serious “alright…ladies first” Lexi began attacking Saku with punches and kicks but to her surprise he blocked and evaded her.

“alright my turn” he began attacking with precision and accuracy forcing Lexi to block his attacks “Lexi…mind your legs” he tripped up Lexi with a low sweep. Lexi landed with a mild thud and looked up at Saku

“You have actually being learning” said Lexi wiping herself down “well…I guess this means…” her body then seemed to generate green sparks “I don’t have to hold back too much” Lexi went on full offensive attacking Saku with finesse and power. Saku had difficulty evading her but eventually she landed a few clear blows and sent him flying through the air.

Saku landed with a heavy thud groaning mildly from her assault. The crowd cheered while Lexi had a smug grin “ready to give up yet?” Saku rubbed his chin as he stood up “You’d be better off staying down”

“No way. I started this…and I’ll stick with it” he rushed at her trying to strike but she merely dodged and swayed his attacks.

“Nope too slow” she then countered Saku with a series of attacks. Saku tried to defend but she would easily breakthrough and hit him, striking his gut and face

“Dam…she’s too thorough” said Saku in an agitated tone

“All those skills you spoke highly of…are really a joke aren’t they?” said Lexi coldly

“Saku” said Sophie calling to him “remember what I taught you about defending” Lexi looked at Sophie and then back to Saku

“well…your lady friend certainly has a lot of faith in you” Lexi clenched her sparking fist “well…it’s faith misguided”

Lexi’s words had angered Saku as she thrust her arm and to her shock, Saku blocked her blow…at the wrist. Lexi looked surprised but tried again but once more Saku blocked her, at the wrist. Saku was now blocking her attacks a lot better but was still receiving the odd hit. Anastasia looked happy “Saku is holding his own against Lexi Stritos” Aries looked very surprised

“Whatever you two have been teaching him is really working. He’s calmed down now and is concentrating on her strikes themselves. By striking at her wrists and ankles it gives him more time to defend the next shot but…he hasn’t struck back yet” she then turned to Sophie as she crossed her arms “is there…anything else you could help him with?”

Sophie smiled and called out “Saku, remember to look at how she strikes. If she strikes upwards” as Saku blocked Lexi’s punch he struck her in the gut making her stagger backwards. Lexi then went for a low kick which Saku jumped over “and if she’s putting emphasis on low attacks” Saku then, still in the air, kicked Lexi backwards sending her to the ground. Saku landed, panting slightly while Aries smiled

“He has himself a good teacher” Said Aries but then Lexi’s body became covered with sparks “uh oh. This isn’t good” Saku knew what was happening as Lexi became covered in green electric sparks

“You’ve definitely improved enough to get me to do this” Lexi then crossed her arms to which two green gauntlets covered the tops of her hands and wrists.

The green gauntlets seemed to just radiate electricity as it illuminated the area around her. Lexi uncrossed her arms “well…shall we proceed?” Lexi rushed in swinging her arms. Saku dodged too but as he blocked the third Lexi had a smug grin “how quickly you forget” Saku began to be electrocuted by the green lightning flowing through her body. Saku staggered backwards as his 50% warning flashed up. “That didn’t take long. Now to keep going” Lexi began punching and kicking Saku relentlessly.

Aries looked on with a worried face “That ego of hers, is a bit too much to handle. She isn’t exactly holding back now”

“What’s happening Aries?” asked Sophie as Lexi simultaneously hit Saku and electrocuted him with every blow

“Lexi…has a…unique style of fighting. She has the power of lightning but has found a way to combine it with aura fighting. So not only is she hitting Saku but she’s shocking him at the same time” Lexi eventually stopped as Saku staggered and jerked

“all that talk…and this is it?” Saku, breathing heavily, thrust his arm out supported by the other “Your opting for the puny energy beam are you? Go ahead” Saku focused and fired a beam larger than she expected.

Lexi quickly reacted and shielded herself from the beam. The beam exploded and pushed her backwards, still stood up. Lexi uncovered herself as the 50% warning came up for her “You’ve…improved the power of that attack. But” Lexi clenched her hands and held them up “I dare you to try that again”

“if you insist” said Saku firing a second one but Lexi bashed her fists together as the beam made contact. As the smoke cleared a green spark, transparent, like wall had appeared in-front of Lexi. Lexi still had her hands tightly clenched in-front of her.

Saku looked nervous “there it is…the infamous plasma shield. You must be desperate if you’re using that”

“Consider it a privilege your even seeing this” Saku shot several beams but the plasma shield blocked all the shots “It’s useless” Lexi than began walking to him “This duel is mine” Marina knew about the shield

“a wall of solid electricity. It’s more static electricity but it fries and blocks all attacks. No-one has ever broken through. And even if they try they would have to endure all the voltage powering it” Sophie looked at Aries

“Aries…can Saku do anything?” Aries just simply answered

“We’ll just have to see”

Saku continued to fire energy beams at Lexi who walked casually through with her plasma shield. Lexi had a smug grin “haven’t you given up yet?” Saku was getting tired as she approached him “You should know it won’t work” Saku then out of frustration punched the shield, which he regretted as he became shocked “You don’t learn do you? Saku staggered backwards wincing “well…it’s being fun but” Aries saw Lexi’s grin

“I hope Saku is prepared” this made Sophie and Anastasia worry as Lexi thrust out her arms and called out

“I win” a fierce and vast array of lightning shot out from her hands, striking Saku clear of his feet sending him into the wall with a great smash.

Most of the audience had shielded themselves from the attack but all turned to where Saku was. As the smoke cleared, it showed an indent on the wall and a slump Saku on the floor, still sparking from the attack. Lexi than called out to the crowd “hey everyone did you see that?” they all cheered “thank you, thank you” she then turned to Saku “You really are useless Saku. You’re as stupid as the girls who are training you” Saku stirred “What they see in you is beyond me” Saku began getting up which began to strangely silence the crowd. “What the?” she looked at her audience

“erm Lexi” said Aries with a serious look “if you think it’s over…look again” she turned and saw Saku on his hands and knees who slightly glowed

“but…how are you…?”

“I don’t care…if you stronger than me…or if I’m useless” he said shakily on his feet “but…I told you before…I won’t tolerate anyone speaking bad…of my friends!!” his body than seemed to leak the white milky aura “here I come!”

With that Saku began running towards her. Lexi quickly looked smug again “so you’ve got a little damage left to take” Lexi held out her arm which sparked “no matter, only one shot left” Saku then turned to Anastasia

“Saku…” he looked at Anastasia with determined eyes “What is it?”

“I think” said Aries “he wants you to help him” Anastasia turned back to Saku who looked from her to Lexi

“Here you go” said Lexi ready “have this” Lexi shot a barrage of lightning. Anastasia then realised what to do

“Saku” called Anastasia “don’t be afraid of it. Just anticipate and move accordingly” Saku heard her as he simply side-stepped to the left.

Lexi looked annoyed “What the? Maybe another one” she shot a second barrage at him but Saku once more side-stepped it. “You’re getting on my nerves” she shot two waves of lightning with both hands

“Saku” called Anastasia “if you can’t dodge hit it head-on with your own” Saku pressed his hands together, formed the pulsing sphere of energy and thrust it forward to which a beam burst out hitting the lightning cancelling it out. Lexi looked at the smoke cloud and saw Saku still running towards her.

“What is up with him?” said Lexi annoyed as she saw Saku clench a fist “Oh no you don’t” she clenched her hands, bashed them together to produce the plasma shield “try getting through that” Saku stopped and then closed his eyes.

Lexi looked confused as Saku stood there. On the balconies, where Ivy and Mia were Ivy smiled “he’s going to try the aura coat. He knows physical attacks won’t work so he’s trying this instead”

“Will he be able to use it?” asked Mia to which Ivy shrugged her arms

“not a clue but…I am eager to see if he can” Lexi still looked perplexed

“What are you doing?” Lexi asked “are you taking a nap…huh?” she noticed a white flowing substance forming over his right hand “What the?” everyone was staring as a white, translucent, white finger-less glove formed over his right hand. The back of the glove pulsed and flickered like the licks on a flame.

Aries couldn’t take her eyes off “when did he learn to do this?” she asked Sophie

“erm…yesterday” Aries couldn’t believe Sophie’s answer

“He…learnt that yesterday!?” Aries turned back as Saku opened his eyes

“Prepare yourself Lexi!” shouted Saku as he ran forward once again while Lexi snapped out of her daze and looked smug

“There’s no way you’re getting through” Saku then thrust it hands forward hitting her shield head on. Lexi at first looked confident as Saku began to be shocked by her lightning “I’ve told it’s pointless” then to her shock his fist inched forwards “What?” she saw Saku slowly progressing towards her “no…it can’t be” she tried resisting as she pushed against the floor.

Lexi tried pushing back but Saku continued pushing and pushing until…his fist pierced the barrier. In a feat of slow motion, his arm went through smashing the barrier, striking Lexi, sending her tumbling along the floor. The feeling of shock echoed throughout the room as Lexi stopped, got up and looked at Saku, who breathed heavily still in pose.

Lexi’s face was frozen “That’s impossible” Lexi stammered “he broke through my…plasma shield” Saku then fell to his knees as she got up “How did…did you do that?” Saku didn’t reply “well…say something”

“You win…” she didn’t seem to hear him “I’ve reached my limit. Check for yourself” Lexi tapped on her glove and saw Saku’s number reading 76% “well done”

Aries then walked to the centre “well ladies and gentlemen. This fight is over. Let’s hear it for our winner Lexi” the sounds of cheer echoed through the crowd “however…let’s not forget the great fight from Saku either…let him hear it” the sounds of people clapping came from the crowd. Saku looked round the area in wonder. He couldn’t believe his eyes…or ears

“They’re…cheering for me?” said Saku a bit unused to the cheering

“Of course they are you doofus” said Lexi walking to him “You really showed me a thing or two” Lexi offered him a hand. Saku took her hand as she pulled him to his feet “I’ll remember next time not to tick you off”

“Alright everyone” said Aries “back to your classes please thank you” all the students funnelled out.

Ivy had a wide smile as he gave Saku a last look “That guy is going to make one awesome student. It seems you made a worthy pick right Mia?” Mia gave a small nod as they left. Marina was leaving and thinking

His energy is tied to him on an emotional level. But…he was tested and no power was present. So…where is the power coming from?” Aureline having seen it all seemed to have conflicted feelings

“Others…are irrelevant. They only slow you down and get in the way yet…it’s precisely these that let Saku come to great heights. Maybe…I’ll learn on the trip”

After all the students funnelled out, only Saku and the girls were left. Sophie and Anastasia watched from the hallway as Lexi spoke to Saku “well…I won, like I thought” Saku looked a little annoyed but ashamed “but…you definitely earned some respect” Saku looked surprised “You are the very first person to ever pierce my plasma shield…you of all people” Lexi placed a hand over Saku’s shoulder “Listen I’ve got to go but…don’t forget what’s important to you” Saku gave a nod as Lexi walked off.

Sophie with Anastasia ran over to Saku with a wide smile on her face “Saku…that was amazing” said Sophie “You really gave it your all”

“You surprised me with that power of yours” said Anastasia encouragingly but then she looked perplexed “Lexi’s behaviour during that moment there…was completely different to how it was before. She sounded, rather dignified”

“That’s Lexi for you” said Aries walking over to them “she may be a bit ego-driven but she’s gives respect where it’s due”

“It’s a shame Saku lost” said Anastasia “he tried so hard as well” Aries then closed her eyes and smiled

“Saku knew from the beginning he wasn’t going to win”

This comment surprised them both as Saku spoke “It’s true. I’m no idiot, I knew what I was up against” Aries opened her eyes

“Saku knows more than anyone how strong Lexi really is” she said calmly

“but you did so well” said Sophie confused “surely you could’ve…” Saku shook his head

“If Lexi had really tried” said Saku truthfully “She’d have beaten me much sooner”

“Then…why?” asked Sophie to which Aries answered

“Because of you two” said Aries as Saku looked embarrassed “Saku couldn’t stand it when Lexi bad-mouthed you two and stood up for you”

“Saku” asked Anastasia in a happy face “is that true?” Saku gave a small embarrassed nod filling the two with great respect for him.

Saku then looked rather ashamed “I knew Lexi wouldn’t hold back that much so…I wanted to how I stacked against her” he then looked at his hand “I still have a long away to go” Saku then suddenly felt himself pulled into a hug, pressing against Aries’ face

“Oh my little warrior” said Aries happily “You became so strong and manly in a short time” she pushed him back and kissed him on the cheek “I’m so proud of you” Saku couldn’t help but smile

“It’s thanks to my new friends. And everyone who’s been helping me here at this academy” Saku then stretched before yawning “well…I’m beat”

“well it’s been a rough day” said Sophie smiling “so why don’t we chill out in the bath house?”

“Oh they have a bath-house here?” said Aries suddenly with hands together and dreamy eyes but then her expression turned dull “Oh wait…I’d rather pass. I’d rather not have the feeling of a hundred eyes trying to sneak a look at me through a wall”

“no it’s okay” said Anastasia “there’s a 3rd bath-house where you have to wear swim suit. You’ll be alright in there” Aries’ eyes lit back up

“That sounds wonderful” she then turned to Saku “That means I can make sure your back gets a good washing”

Saku then looked worried “Aries please tell me you are going to wear something sensible?”

“Aww…I was thinking of wearing something” she then crossed her arms lifting up her very large chest “rather revealing” Saku’s face turned red

“Look please” he said almost begging “Wear something sensible…and I promise I’ll give you a nice message”

“Okay that’s a deal” Saku let out a sigh of relief which meant Anastasia or Sophie could stop laughing.

It was a little later with Saku, Sophie and Anastasia in the bath-house. Saku was laid back while the girls enjoyed the water. Saku let out a loud breath “Ahhh….this is lovely” just then the sound of splashing alerted him to see Arise which made him a little red

“hello Saku” Arise was wearing a red two-piece swimsuit “is this okay?” the swim-suit covered her chest area and the top of her belly, and her waist with the tops of her thighs “I think it’s rather sensible”

“it suits you” said Sophie “it really complements your curves without being revealing at all”

“That’s what I thought” Aries said sitting down in the water near the group “now Saku, give me what you promised” Saku walked behind Aries and then began messaging her shoulders. Aries let off small moans of pleasure “yes, yes…oh that’s really great” her face looked to be of absolute bliss “Oh…how I’ve missed this” the sound of a second splash drew their attention

They turned to see Lexi stood there before them, wearing a white one-piece but it was fairly revealing on her chest area exposing the top area “is Saku giving you a massage again?” said Lexi as Saku rubbed his face looking “Oh what’s the matter? Doesn’t this rather suit me?”

“You could exposed a little less skin” remarked Saku “You’re literally asking men to stare at you in that”

“Oh don’t be like that”said Lexi ignoring him “What do you two think?” she said asking Anastasia and Sophie

“It really does look good on you” said Anastasia happily “it really goes well with your body build”

“it also rather matches your personality as well” said Sophie agreeing with her

“Oh thank you” said Lexi before turning to Saku with a smug look “now that’s a ladies opinion” she then felt a great splash of water soaking her. “Hey? Who did that?”

Saku had a confident look on him as he stood “You?” said Lexi angrily

“I thought your ego could do with a washing down” Saku then let out a loud laugh but his laugh was cut short as a surge of water splashed all over him “hey?” Lexi looked satisfied

“There you go, now we’re even” Saku then walked to her

“I did mine as joke” retorted Saku prompting Lexi to walk to him

“well so did I” Saku leaned towards her

“Well so did I!” they pressed against each other’s foreheads with angry eyes and gritted teeth. Aries sighed

“Seriously you two. Can you two just get along?”

“NO” they said in unison before going back to their battle. Sophie then joked

“This is one fight that isn’t going to be decided anytime soon” then Sophie, Anastasia and Aries began to laugh as Saku and Lexi continued their fight.

Elsewhere in a dark hallway, Kieran and man covered in black garbs were running through the dim hallway “where has she gone?” they failed to notice a small hole to which someone was hiding “she’s went through here. Look if we lose her the boss will have our heads. Now move” the two ran ahead. The person slowly looked out and saw the coast was clear. The person, who was rather small in appearance looked anxiously around

“I have to get out here” the voice was that of a scared sounding, young girl “where’s the exit?” the small girl ran down the hallway, her pink hair visible in the specks of light “please…someone help me”

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