Eternal Courage

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Chapter 7: Beneath the Surface

In the dark meeting room Kieran was talking to his vice leader who wasn’t happy “How could you do that you stupid boy?” the vice-leader walked into the light. He was wearing a dark suit, with a red tie over black neat pants with short dark hair “Why did you do that?”

“I’ve told you before Izanagi-” Kieran tried to reply

“That’s Vice leader Izanagi to you my boy!” corrected Izanagi

“Fine…mister Izanagi” this made Izanagi cross “I’ve told you before, if I didn’t do that the damage could’ve been beyond repair”

Chloe, who was listening in the background, looked annoyed and moaned “Since you don’t get it” said Chloe filing her nails “I’ll put it in simple terms. The three were on the verge of discovering you know what. If they did…it would have very damaging to the point of no repair. Kieran just picked the lesser of the two evils”

“What stopped us from just knocking out the kids and taking the experiment back by force!?” demanded Izanagi

“Because…that would’ve done more damage” this voice came from the back of the room sending a chill “especially since one of those individuals was Saku Stritos”

It took a couple of moments for Izanagi to get it “Stritos?” said Izanagi “the rankless child my liege has an eyes?”

“correct dummy” said Chloe as her hair changed to pale white “Can you imagine the search party?”

“And the Stritos family is not to be trifled with” added Kieran “I know letting the experiment go is rather painful but they went with no suspicions or need to come back. And by assisting them, it implants trust which can easily be abused”

“What the two speak of is correct” said the supreme leader “We are delayed but we can…manage without her. However if it bothers you so…go out and capture her yourself”

“Why yes my lord. It would be an honour”

“Oh wait…before you go” Izanagi saw a red canister thrown to him which he caught “You might as well test our…catalyst” Izanagi snickered and left the room “Chloe…go and observe” Chloe nodded and left the area “Kieran…continue your good work” Kieran nodded and left the room leaving the leader by himself “Not long now”

Back at the academy Saku was training under Ivy to try and control his aura burst, the white milky aura, “That’s it Saku” said Ivy encouragingly “just keep trying to bring it out” the sweat formed on his face as his aura would momentarily appear “go on…you’re getting really close” Sophie and Anastasia were watching him

“he’s really determined” said Sophie “but he’s really close. You can see glimpses of his aura come out”

“I know” said Anastasia “if he can control it. He’ll finally be able to utilize his aura power. Still he’s been doing this for a while now…I wonder how much longer he’ll take before he gets it”

Sophie and Anastasia then saw Mia walk alongside them with a towel and drink’s bottle in hand “he’s almost there now” said Mia

“Oh…you’re Mia right?” said Sophie “What are those for?”

“Why they are for him” Mia then walked to Saku “Saku…over here” Saku stopped and turned towards her “I got this for you”

Ivy saw Mia coming “Here she comes…with a rather good smile. Oh hey Mia. Saku take a short break, you don’t want to push yourself” Saku nodded and walked towards

“hey Mia” said Saku to which Mia offered him a towel “Thanks for this” Saku began to rub his face with it “This is quite soft really”

“And here you go” said Mia offering Saku the drink “to help cool you down a bit”

“Thank you again” Saku took a gulp out of it “flavoured water, sweet” Saku took big gulps out of it

“really…I thought it would work better” she said a little shyly as Saku drunk the bottle “so how close do you think you are?”

As Saku talked to her Ivy snickered “when did she become such a friendly girl, It looks like Saku left a good impression. Still…I think there are two people who don’t like this too much” she looked over towards Anastasia and Sophie who had a look of annoyance

“This Mia girl” said Anastasia “has become rather friendly with Saku”

“I know they are only talking” said Sophie a tad irritated “but…I feel…annoyed for some reason. Like…the feeling you get when someone gets one-up on you”

“Yes I know what you mean” said Anastasia “This girl has definitely got confidence about her that’s for sure” Ivy couldn’t help but giggle

“I suppose it helps that Saku is a decent guy…compared to the drooling morons on this campusAlright Saku come on let’s get back to it”

“alright” he gave the bottle back to Mia with the towel “thanks again Mia” Mia gave a nod as Saku walked back to Ivy “alright thanks for that”

As Saku was about to restart “Big Brother, Big Brother” his attention turned to Mochi who ran towards him

“hey Mochi” said Saku “What have you got on there?” Mochi was wearing the girls academy uniform, although it was a little baggy on her

“Big sis Aries gave me this”

“She did huh?” Saku then rubbed her pink head “It looks good on you” she laughed innocently “So does this mean you’re a student here now?”

“Not quite”

This came from Aries as she walked towards them “Mochi you’re not interrupting anything are you?”

“Of course she isn’t” said Ivy happily “I wanted to meet her anyway” Ivy bent downwards towards her “so you’re the new addition that I’ve heard about”

“Ueah, we decided to make her part of the Stritos family” said Aries “What are you upto anyway?”

“she’s trying to help me control my aura burst” said Saku to which Aries tilted her head “That white aura that keeps coming on. I’m almost there too. Anyway what did you mean by not quite a student?”

“Well…Mochi is just a little too young you see” said Aries “and since she doesn’t want to leave” Mochi shook her head “she’s staying with me…I mean they did give me a big room. And I thought since she’s staying here she could wear the uniform” Mochi smiled “alright come on you. Let’s go to his friends.” Aries took her hand and guided her away.

Saku resumed trying to summon his aura while Sophie was looking at Mochi “so you’re the cute girl that Saku found yesterday” Mochi gave an innocent nod

“I like your pink hair” said Anastasia “it looks really good on you. So you’re Mochi, do you know our names?”

“Hmm yes. Let’s see…” Mochi looked at Sophie “nice girl with dark hair and ribbons. You’re Sophie right?”

“yes that’s right well done” Mochi them looked at Anastasia

“a polite girl, with brown curly hair and a nice way of speaking. Your Anat…Anas…”

Anastasia giggled “It is a little difficult to say. Just call me Ana but yes you got it right” Mochi smiled “who told you about us?”

“Big brother did” both Sophie and Anastasia both looked embarrassed

“he…thinks I’m kind” said Sophie holding her cheeks

“And…he said I was polite” said Anastasia as her hair turned blonde which made Mochi a bit bewildered

“is something wrong?” they quickly shook their heads while Aries looked excited

“Look you two” she directed their attention to Saku as his white milky was starting to emerge “he’s nearly got it”

Saku milky aura kept emerging and disappearing with Ivy just as excited “come on Saku…come on…you’re almost there” all the girls had got closer, all waiting as Saku continued trying

“he’s really going for it” said Aries “Anastasia can you go get him a drink for when he finishes” with a nod Anastasia ran down one of the hallways while from the third floor, Izanagi was watching

“There she is” he said looking at Mochi “well…this is going to be a tad difficult. I wasn’t expecting this many” he then held the red canister in his hand “but…now is as good as time as any” he unscrewed the lid and was preparing to throw it. Anastasia with a drink in hand was running back but felt a breeze

“his power is almost out. Come on…” then just as she went into the hall she heard the clink of metal hit the ground belonging to a canister “What the?” within a moment the canister, almost as if exploding, covered the whole area in thick red smoke.

Saku covered himself from the smoke but to his surprise he found himself unaffected by the smoke “What…what is this stuff? You cough in ordinary smoke don’t you? And…I don’t think it’s poison. I don’t hurt anywhere” he then heard the sounds of grunts and groans “Sophie, Aries, Mia…what’s going on?”

“Big Brother…Big brother” called Mochi desperately

“Mochi…Mochi what’s wrong?”

“I…I don’t know. Everyone’s acting strange…”

“Maybe If I create an explosion it’ll clear the smoke” Saku held out his arm “Alright Mochi I’m going to clear the room” he shot a beam into the ground creating an explosion to which the resulting shockwave blew away all the smoke from the centre

As Saku blew the smoke away from the centre he saw his friends in a state. Mia and Aries, on the ground, appeared to be in pain as they squirmed in place. Ivy was on the ground too but was unconscious. Anastasia was on her hands and knees while Sophie was stood on her tip-toes surrounded by a fierce and narrow cyclone of wind which was making tears in her clothes and scratching the floor. The one thing they all had in common was there aura’s all surging upwards all around them. Mia’s a light blue, Aries was red, Ivy green and silver while Sophie’s was brown. Anastasia had a blue aura around her but not quite as strong with vines that were slightly growing around her.

Saku saw Mochi, with a terrified look, as she put her hands on Aries “Mochi…Mochi” Saku ran over to her “are you okay?” Mochi nodded

“but…Big sister…and everyone else” Saku knelt down to Aries

“Aries…Aries what’s wrong?” Aries looked to be in too much pain

“we…have been…poisoned” said Mia forcing herself at least to her arms “our B.U.S…is…too strong” Mia cringed “for our…bodies to handle”

Saku turned to Sophie to see her clothes tearing and cuts covering her body by the swirling wind aro “You’ve got…to stop her” said Mia weakly

“Ideally before she either shredded to pieces or reveals too much” said Saku as skin began getting exposed. Mochi watched Saku reached for her but instantly recoiled his hand as it hit the wind

“What’s wrong?” Saku had a wide cut on his wrist

“That wind is too sharp”

“You’ve…got to…knock her out” said Mia

“but how? I mean…I don’t want to hurt her”

“Saku…” called Anastasia weakly “over here” Saku ran towards to see her on her hands and knees “I’ve…got something…to help” she very shakily put her arm up and made a small tree grow with diamond-like trees “take a leaf…” Saku plucked a leaf

“What’s this?”

“put it…over her mouth…and…she’ll fall…asleep” and with that Anastasia collapsed.

The tree simply disappeared with Saku holding the fragile looking leaf “it looks like it’ll fall apart from one use” he walked back to Aries and Mia “You two…I’m sorry but”

“Use it…on…Sophie” said Aries managing to speak “she…needs it…most” Mia gave a weak nod before she too collapsed with her aura still raging. Saku looked at Sophie. Her uniform was pretty much wrecked with skin being exposed all over

“This is going to hurt…” Saku closed his hand over the leaf and after taking a deep breath plunged his hand in the wind. He could feel the wind cutting into his flesh of his arm and hand “Sophie” he opened his hand and put the leaf over Sophie’s mouth “breathe in…” Saku wasn’t sure if she heard him but the wind quickly died down and Sophie fell in place.

Saku quickly reacted and caught her and rested her on the floor. Mochi ran over “Sophie…Sophie”

“Don’t worry” said Saku with gritted teeth “she’s sleeping” Mochi looked at Saku’s left hand and arm to see it covered with many cuts

“Big brother…your hand”

“don’t worry I’m fine” he said “I’m just glad I got to her quickly” he said as he sort a bit of her bra near the shoulders “in more ways than one. Well for now, we should get these girls to the first-aid room” as Mochi nodded the thud of a person alerted them

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that” they turned to see a figure, Izanagi, looking at them.

Izanagi was wearing black skinny jeans, a bikers jacket and a pilots hat. Saku looked at the man to see he had two red eyes, one half blue “who is this guy? Who are you?” asked Saku as Izanagi was thinking

“That’s odd. Why isn’t he affected? This must be the rankless brat, yeah that explains it”

I see no reason to tell you…but if you must. Call me…Magatsu”

“What do you want?”

“the girl. Pure and simple”

“Mochi do you know this guy?” Mochi shook her head “well…she doesn’t know you. So you can’t have her”

“well…I tried the easy way” Izanagi ran forward “I’m not asking for permission mate” he punched at Saku who dodged his attack

“Oh no you don’t” the two began exchanging blows “now…take the kick, deflect the punch…and” as Izanagi went to kick him Saku caught his leg, swung him round and threw him through the air “now” Saku thrust out his hand “for the blast” Izanagi had recovered to shield himself

“here it comes” as Saku shot his beam but to his surprise a more powerful beam of white with blue flecks shot out at Izanagi “What the?” the beam to his surprise pierced his defence and sent him into the wall.

Izanagi went to his hand and knees shrugging off the blow “I felt like I just got hit by a train” he looked at Saku “huh…no wonder” Izanagi picked himself off the floor “so much for being auraless” Mochi noticed this

“big brother, your body” Saku looked at himself to see to his surprise the white aura “What’s that?”

“It’s my aura burst. But…I didn’t even try. It’s like…it just came out” Izanagi then spoke

“very interesting indeed. It looks like…I may have to have get my hands dirty” Izanagi flexed his arms “That girl comes with me” Saku looked confident

“You’ll have to get through me first” Saku put his arms to his side, joined them together vertically and separated them to produce a ball of swirling white “now…have this” Saku thrust his arms forward firing a moderate beam of white.

Izanagi watched the beam come towards him. Then with a flick of his arm a spire of black sprouted up from the ground shielded him. Saku stared in disbelief as the dark wall waned down to show his sniggering face “What…is that?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out” Izanagi stamped his foot sending a sort of shadow towards Saku then as Izanagi performed an uppercut through the air, a black fist rose from the shadow copying Izanagi’s action sending Saku into the air. Then Izanagi reached up with his hand and grabbed the air, to which the dark hand did the same grabbing Saku’s foot, then he performed a throw action making the dark hand throw Saku threw the air making him land with a mild thump.

Mochi ran over to Saku “Big brother, Big Brother!” Saku groaned but was getting off the floor with ease

“I’m alright Mochi but…I’ve never seen anything like this” he got to his feet “It’s like, he can control darkness. And it seems to do whatever he does” Saku tensed his body and with ease again his white milky aura emerged “it came with such ease again. Alright…I’m coming Magatsu” Saku ran towards Izanagi

“I wouldn’t try it boy” Izanagi began raising his hands upwards trying to stop Saku with pillars of black. Saku managed to swerve between the pillars of black and approached Izanagi. Saku tried attacking him but he merely parried his attacks then as Saku tried to punch him, Izanagi clenched his hand making an arm of dark rise from the floor grabbing Saku’s arm.

Saku strained to free his arm from the cold grip of the dark hand but Izanagi then clenched his second hand making a second arm of black grab Saku’s other arm. Saku couldn’t free his arms from the grip of the black hands to which Izanagi sniggered “I see you are a bit of a resistant fool. Well…I can fix that” Izanagi then with his own feet kicked Saku many times. Mochi could only as Saku took one kick after another with the dark hands still gripping tightly. Then as Izanagi swung round with a roundhouse kick. He made the hands let go so he could kick Saku through the air.

Mochi saw Saku land with a heavier thump to which she felt a tinge of anger rise through her as Saku began to get up off the ground “is…my power not enough?” he got to his hands and knees “even with my aura burst…I’m not making a dent in this guy” Mochi then noticed something about Saku

“Big Brother above you!” Saku looked up to see a dark fist, from the air, descending on him. Saku managed to roll out of the way as it smashed into the ground

“Ah…jeez that was close” said Saku “phew” he then noticed another one coming down towards him “What the?” he jumped out of the way and then got to his feet. Saku was now running and evading all the attacks that Izanagi was throwing at him.

Saku’s fatigue however began to show as the odd attack would strike Saku slowly weakening him down. From the second floor Marina had been watching the whole fight. She was almost slumped on the balcony wall, completely soaked with a growing puddle of water behind her “dam…I…don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t control my water…otherwise I’d help him” at that point Saku was punched hard backwards “This guy is definitely strong. But…ahh…sorry Saku…you’re on your own” Mochi’s anger slowly started to grow while the worry grew on Marina and Aries as Saku began to slow down.

Saku was struggling to stay stood up, covered in bruises while Izanagi stood strong “You’re beginning to lose it boy” Saku was breathing heavily “None of this would’ve happened if you just give me the girl” Mochi looked at Saku “I guarantee this won’t go on any longer if you surrender the girl” Mochi looked on in worry

“if I go…big brother won’t be hurt” said Mochi a little desperately

“That’s right little girl” Izanagi made a hand gesture “come on…and this guy won’t be hurt” Mochi was about move towards him

“Mochi…do you really want to go?” said Saku to which Mochi shook her head in worry “then you’re staying with us”


“You’re my sister and I aren’t about to let you go” Mochi looked delighted “that…and I trust this guy as much as I can throw him. He’ll probably still come after us even if you did go to him” Izanagi smirked

“You’re smarter than you look…only in terms of deception. Although…you do realize this means more pain” Izanagi swung his arm downwards to which Saku rolled away from the dark hand smashing down on him.

Saku ran towards Izanagi avoiding the dark fists and pillars. As Saku approached Izanagi he thrust a punch forward but like before Izanagi raised a wall to restrain Saku’s arm. Izanagi rubbed his face “didn’t you learn last time?” Saku then opened his hand

“yes I did” he shot Izanagi with a moderate energy blast sending him backwards and releasing his arm “how about that?” as Izanagi stood up however

“You little brat” Saku felt a shiver run down his spine “how dare you!” as he looked at Saku his red eye glowed “You’ll pay for that” Aries looked at Izanagi


“Saku move!” called Marina but Izanagi swung a kick upwards, to which a leg of black rose up from the ground hitting Saku sending him upwards.

Mochi looked at Saku who appeared badly dazed by the kick as he flew through the air “Big brother!” Saku looked hit hard by the attack as he looked unable to recover in the air “No…”

“he’s done little girl. The fear runs strong, it’s almost…overwhelming.” Saku was falling through the air “but just to make sure” she saw Izanagi ready to move

“No…Stop it” called Mochi but Izanagi jumped in the air and smashed his fist in the ground. As he did a giant fist of black, formed in the air, smashed Saku towards the ground. Saku landed with a hard smash of such force he bounced off the ground “no stop it!” called Mochi in desperation and anger “enough!”

“It’s enough” Izanagi leaned to the side “when I say it is” then as Izanagi thrust a leg out, a large foot of black hit Saku hard sending him, like a meteor, into the wall.

Mochi looked in shocked at Saku as he remained stuck in the wall until he fall forwards. Aries, strained herself and looked at Saku “Saku…Saku can you hear me?” Mochi just looked at Saku and saw him cringing with a stream of blood was running down his head and mouth

“Big…Brother…” Mochi could feel a sort of hot feeling run all through her power “he’s…hurt”

“Oh…what a fool” said Izanagi mockingly “thinking that he could take me on” Mochi felt her a searing sense of anger fill through her body “’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed myself. I should…do this more often. Now…to guarantee the brat never walks again” Mochi’s anger reached its peak

“Stop it!” Izanagi felt the ground tremble which turned his attention to her

“uh oh. I’ve done it now”

Saku felt a gust of wind blowing “the ground…it’s shaking” he managed to look at Mochi “Mochi?” Mochi’s body was glowing pink with streaks of her aura spreading out almost like lightning “whoa” Mochi’s eyes were fixed on Izanagi with the look of fierce predator. Izanagi looked slightly nervous

“alright, alright calm down girl” Mochi then sprinted towards him “Oh no you don’t” Izanagi made spires of black rise from the ground but Mochi dodged them with such speed it looked like she was teleporting. Then with blinding speed she began hitting Izanagi senseless finishing with a kick.

Izanagi shrugged of Mochi’s, rather light hits, and struck back. Mochi, blocked his attacks and then struck his face. Izanagi pushed back and kneed Mochi in her stomach “You little pest” he then punched her backwards “learn your place” Mochi wasn’t done as she flipped, landed on the wall and used the momentum of her flight to run along the walls. Mochi then jumped off the wall towards Izanagi and began once more rapidly pounding him.

Izanagi could barely defend himself as Mochi’s attacks all laid into him. The attacks weren’t powerful so Izanagi did try to counter but Mochi was just too fast “dam this girl…I can’t hit her. Will you hold still!?” he guarded her attack and tried to smashed her downwards with his hands locked together but Mochi leap-frogged over him high in the air “What the?” Mochi then raised her hands in the air to which a pink spiky clump of energy formed, that fizzled like lightning

“You leave my Big Brother alone!” she then shot the surprised Izanagi with pink spiky beam, almost like lightning hitting Izanagi.

Saku looked on from his place “Mochi…” he saw the smoke clear to see Izanagi just stood there in place “I didn’t realise…she had this much power” Mochi landed on the ground

“I’ll make sure you don’t hurt anyone” said Mochi as she then sprinted towards him but once again Saku felt a shiver run through his body

“This feeling” said Saku feeling worried “…Mochi…no stop” but as Mochi jumped at him with a hand clenched but Izanagi moved forward and caught Mochi by the neck “no”

“You stupid child” Izanagi then punched her hard in the stomach making her cough and cry out in pain “You’re nothing but a” he punched her again “little…pink…pest” he put a lot of force in the third punch to which Mochi just hung limply in the air “there…that’s better” her aura began to dim “but…you’ve been a bad little girl”

“Izanagi” said Saku angrily trying to get up “That’s enough” he turned to Saku “she’s just a kid” Izanagi looked at him with a plain face

“You’re right. She is just a kid” he let go of her “but…she needs to be taught some manners” with a vicious kick he sent Mochi through the air, tumbling along the ground stopping near Saku.

Saku looked at Mochi and just stared in place. His eyes shook and remained on Mochi as she lay there. She was on her back, knocked out but Saku was transfixed on the tears running down her face “why?” was all he could say “Why?” Saku hung his head

“Well…she’s needed to be taught to behave. So…a little time-out will suit her” Aries could only as Izanagi walked towards Mochi “now that the distractions have been taken care off. Time to take the girl” Aries tried getting up which Izanagi noticed “I won’t bother. You won’t be able to move for a day”

“What…are you going to…do with her?” Asked Aries

“Oh…just a little experiment here and there, that’s all” Izanagi grinned an evil smile

“You…will stay awat…from her” said Saku in an angry tone which drew Izanagi’s attention

“Yeah…and who’s going to...ahhh?” as Izanagi stared at Saku he looked astonished “What’s…going on?” Aries looked as well and turned pale

“No…No. It’s happening.”

Saku was getting up off the floor, almost limply but his aura was different…completely different. Before it looked like the aura was leaking but now it looked as if his whole body was producing it and it was no longer white…but a blood stained red. His rising blood-red aura looked very uninviting with thick black flecks rising up in intervals and with the borders of them aura being spiky and almost razor sharp.

Izanagi just stared at him “What…is this? What’s is this power?” Saku was stood, but stood as if held by a single string to his neck “wha?”

“You…I won’t let you get near her” as Saku looked at him Izanagi actually recoiled from Saku’s almost bloodthirsty eyes “You won’t get away with THISS!!!” as Saku yelled a fierce shout, his aura just raged round him and a gust of wind blew all around them.

Izanagi stared almost in fear “What power! He’s…just consumed with anger and hatred! It’s…mind-boggling” Aries was completely petrified, with her face gone completely pale

“No…No. Saku” Izanagi turned to her “Saku…you’ve got to calm down!” Saku didn’t listen “Saku!” Izanagi looked at her

“The blonde demon herself…is petrified of her own brother! Just what has he done to earn this fear?” Marina saw what was happening

“Aries looks…frightened. Frightened to death. And Saku…doesn’t look…human any more. His eyes, are like that of predator eyeing its prey” then Saku disappeared and reappeared in-front of Izanagi

“What…?” before Izanagi could even react he felt incredibly sharp blow to his gut that numbed his own body.

Izanagi’s body went into shock, as he coughed up blood from the sheer impact of the blow. Saku then with a cry of anger smashed Izanagi with another punch smashing him into the wall. Izanagi came off the wall and managed to land on his hand and knees. His whole body felt heavy and numb from pain, to which he began coughing up blood again “What…power. I’ve never felt anything like it. But…where did it come…” he then saw a shadow on the floor. As he looked up Saku was coming towards him. Izanagi barely managed to dodge, as he dived roll, but still got knocked by the force of Saku’s blow as he made a small indent in the floor. Izanagi turned towards Saku who extracted his fist from the ground “he’s relentless. I’ve got to keep my distance”

Izanagi got up and swung a kick at Saku, making a leg of black appear but Saku to his shock simply caught it “he caught it…without trying…” Izanagi was starting to sweat “You won’t beat me” Izanagi clenched a hand and thrust a punch through the air “have this!” a fist of black struck at Saku but he responded by punching the dark fist as hard as could.

Izanagi for some reason began crying in pain holding the same hand to struck forth with “Ahhh…ahhhh” Marina was watching “dam…that guy” she noticed a deep black bruise appearing over his hand while Izanagi looked at Saku. Saku panted angrily with a piercing stare “I think I just let loose a monster. I think it’s best if I escape from here” Saku then held out his arm out “What’s he doing?” threads of his aura began swirling together where his hand was to produce a sphere of red and black “Oh no” Saku slightly retracted his arm and in a loud yell fired the sphere at Izanagi. Izanagi used his spare hand to create a wall of black “This should stop…” the sphere went straight through “it…ahhhhhhhhh” the ball exploded with great power and force.

Izanagi came tumbling out of the explosion badly injured by the explosion. Izanagi’s clothes were tattered and smoke ebbed from his body. Izanagi began straining to just get up as Saku walked towards him “Ahh…this guy is just overflowing to the point of exploding with rage and hatred. If only I was in perfect condition” Saku held out his arm again “Ahhh…ahhh” Izanagi felt fear slowly take over his body “no…stay back” Aries called out

“Saku…Saku that’s enough!” but Saku ignored her. As Saku was preparing to fire again a girl casually walked towards him. She wore the girls uniform, was of average height and had shoulder length blue hair

“Oh…Vice leader. I think it’s time we…vacated the premises” Saku was starting to draw in energy

“Chloe…I’d suggest you’d hurry up” Chloe took out a small metal ball

“so long everyone” she threw the metal ball to the ground creating a bright blinding flash

As Saku uncovered his eyes he saw that Izanagi had gone and with no trace of him left. Saku looked round the room until he saw Ms Reapa running into the hall “Ms…Reapa” Ms Reapa saw the red and black aura all around Saku but remained clam

“yes Saku it’s me. I’m sorry I couldn’t be here sooner…just…calm down. It’s all over”

“is…everyone okay?” asked Saku in a quiet voice to which Ms Reapa walked forward carefully

“yes…they’re all safe” she placed her hands on his shoulders “they’re all safe” Saku’s aura then simply faded as he fainted.

Back at the enemy lair Chloe, with her default dark hair, was telling her details to her supreme leader “and that’s…roughly what happened. Izanagi went completely sadistic due all that anger and fear running round and lost it. He ended up getting too drunk on his own feelings, pissed off Saku and got paid in spades”

"well" said Kieran "his powers do work similar to Akihiko. He, more or less, suffered an overdose and turned from a soppy leader to a sadist"

"And as a result he made the kid bonkers and he lost" said Chloe simply "I couldn’t be there for the whole thing obviously.”

“Still…that is…interesting. I guess our project had some effect on the boy after all” said the leader

“but” this came from Kieran “how did he withstand the influx of power?”

Kieran recalled back to the state of Izanagi “I wasn’t there to see the fight but I saw the state of Izanagi and jeez louise. I’ve seen carcasses in better condition. His hand is practically shattered and he’s covered in so many burns, he might as well have BBQ-ed . Izanagi won’t be moving a little while and with his hand, more or less mangled, he’ll be lucky to fight this year. For someone to do that…would take a great level of power” explained Kieran

“hmm…that would suggest his body can actually take the strain of power” said the supreme Leader “Similar to our experiments”

“That would explain why he wasn’t a mess like everyone else” said Chloe thinking “What should we do?”

“Well…for now…we should take into account that it could’ve been the project all along that produced this power. So we’ll keep an eye on him but I see no need to worry. Now go” the two nodded leaving the leader to himself “very interesting indeed. Sort of reminds…of that time from long ago.

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