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minutes of meeting


24 FEBRUARY 2015


Weena, Rotterdam, 3012 NJ

Agent 6220, Agent 722, Apollo Winchester


The meeting has taken place in a covert governmental facility in Rotterdam in The Netherlands to ensure there is a full level of deniability. The chances of compromise are significantly lower than if the meeting had taken place in the United Kingdom in one of the agency’s offices.

Technical services have provided a full sweep of the building prior to this meeting. They have confirmed that the only covert listening devices within the building are those sanctioned by Agent 6220 and are able to provide a transcript, where required, of the conversations in each of the phases of the meeting.


The meeting consisted of three separate elements.

1.1000hrs Psyche evaluation performed by Dr. Colvin.

2.1100hrs Physical examination performed by Dr. Slingsworth.

3.1200hrs Formal briefing with Agent 6220 and 722.

4.1400hrs Conclusion


The meetings took place as planned and timings were adhered to. Winchester accepted the operation, see notes, and he was informed he should be in theatre as soon as possible at the latest by 27th February 2015.


Dr. Colvin

Name of Individual








Objective of this mental health evaluation form


Is this the first mental health evaluation of this individual?


Is this individual suffering from any mental disorder?


Any kind of brain injury survived by the individual?


Is the candidate ingesting any psychological drugs?


Has this individual ever been referred to a psychiatrist?


Does the candidate undergo frequent mood swings?


Rate the social behaviour of the individual


Is the previous history of the candidate enclosed?


Signature of concerned authority






Winchester presented to myself clean shaven and smartly turned out in a shirt and slacks. He did not appear any more anxious than would normally be expected in such circumstances. He was very alert and aware of his surroundings, again for a person with his antecedents it is not to be unexpected.

His social skills seemed to be strong and he spoke and mixed with ease. His non-verbal-communications were relaxed and open. However, I suspect that that is how he wished me to perceive him. He has a smooth efficiency with his movements that suggest a very high level of self-awareness, both psychological and physical. He speaks in a slow and quiet way and makes strong eye contact throughout conversation. I suspect, again that he is constantly assessing and evaluating any responses that he sees.

When discussing his past he speaks of his time in Northern Ireland in the early 1990s as being the most formative of his life. He rates the stress and pressure of that conflict as having more of an impact on his life than subsequent deployments to Kuwait and then to the Central American jungles. It appears that there has been an amount of difficulty in making an adjustment back to the pace of civilian life, despite the tour being 25 years ago. Pol claims to feel a level of guilt in relation to the tour. He claims never to ‘have felt more alive’ when under the pressure of imminent attack.

He minimises his time serving in the Humberside police and only reluctantly discusses events during that period of his life. He did not disclose the incident in Sheffield. I did not let him know that I knew about it. This was to identify his level of openness and


gauge whether the psyche evaluation was a true estimation of his current mental state. His level of concealment was remarkable. He did not demonstrate any kind of ‘telltale’ that might signify he was concealing his involvement with this hugely brutal event.

As to his suitability to perform this role this is a point of some concern for me. He clearly has the resilience to perform almost any task but he is so guarded and resistant to questioning that it would be difficult to trust the integrity of his reports. His ability to manipulate his NVCs and to control his emotional seepage is exceptional. This could prevent a thorough debriefing after operations cease.

His reluctance to let go of Belfast raises a further concern about his own welfare. Whilst I understand he is simply to be an asset in an operation it is difficult to imagine he will be able to return to society afterwards. If he does return he has the solid anchor of his wife, Fleur, to help him keep his perspective. However, I understand the expendable nature of some assets and suggest that at the culmination of the operation he is not allowed to return and is neutralised in theatre.

On balance, subject to neutralisation in theatre, I believe Winchester to be a suitable asset to use in this theatre.

H. Colvin



Report prepared for:

Agent 722



Report subject:

Apollo Winchester


18th October 1971

GP Details

Dr Wickes


01745 562785

Reason for assessment:

Operational suitability arduous jungle ops

Current medication:

Co-Codamol 30-500, as required.

Family medical history:


Past medical history:

Significant problems with ankle following injury x5 op

Spondylitis of lower two vertebrae

Left shoulder rotator cuff damaged and unrepaired

Recent broken sternum

Recent internal damage (appears resolved)

Examination :

Pulse 67 BP: 120/80 102 kg (overweight)

Generally health condition

Hearing good

Vision good

Examined by:

Dr. Judas Slingswortt


24th February 2015



The patient presented in relatively good health. However, he is at least 10kg overweight. He has suffered with extensive problems with his ankle following a debilitating injury. In the same injury some 25 years ago he also ruptured his rotator cuff in his left shoulder. This has never been treated and prevents load carrying overhead. He suffers with a spondylitis of his lower two vertebrae which impedes his mobility and load carrying ability at times. Following an undisclosed incident he suffered a broken sternum and internal injuries in 2014. He states that he has now made a full recovery. However, it is unlikely that his ribs and sternum have recovered as it would normally be expected to take up to 18 months for the cartilage to properly knot together.

His body is exhibiting the degree of wear and tear one might expect of a 45 year old veteran of military service and contact sports. His blood pressure is high and he is overweight.

I cannot sanction his deployment on arduous operations, he is not fit enough and his spinal and skeletal problems would make him a liability to his team and other assets deployed alongside him. However, I understand this operation is to be deniable and is of the highest importance. With this being the case normal military fitness guidelines do not apply and the deniability would tend to allow the deployment of this man outside of the rules. It is unlikely we will have to provide ongoing care for him when the operation is concluded.

J. Slingsworth.

Dr. J. Slingsworth


Formal briefing with Agent 6220 and 722

Transcript of recordings by Agent 722

Agent 722: Hello Mr Winchester.

Agent 6220: Please come in, can we get you a coffee?

Winchester: Yes please, can I have an Americano with cream?

Agent 722: Of course.

Sounds of coffee being poured and the metallic clank of the spoon on the cup.

Winchester: Thank you.

Agent 6220: Mr. Winchester, we are in a bit of a mess and we think that you might be able to help us out.

Winchester: So you haven’t just invited me round for a nice cup of coffee?

Agent 6220: No, I am afraid not. We would like to ask you to do an operation for the crown.

Winchester: Like what? I am pretty old and knackered.

Agent 6220: We have a problem with one of your old friends, Stuart Hicks.

Winchester: Oh… right Winchester’s voice becomes quiet and less confident

Agent 6220: We sent him into Central America to help our CIA friends with a cocaine problem. Things have not gone to plan. His methods have become… well they have become… unsound.

Winchester: Unsound? (slowly questioning)

Agent 6220: Yes, Agent 722, please could you play the skype call?

Agent 722: We intercepted this call to his home…

(some sounds of a laptop keyboard being struck before sounds come on)

A male’s voice is clearly heard, a woman responds.

Hicks: It’s me

Di: I haven’t heard from you for months, God I have been so worried about you!

Hicks: Don’t worry about me, I am ok. You need to worry about you, They will come for you in the night. I can see them from here as they walk along a razors edge but they don’t get hurt. They slide through the dark. I have seen them at night.

Di: What are you talking about?

Hicks: I am doing big things down here and the hollow men that sent me down here will come for you, they won’t like it. They won’t like that I have the power down here.

Di: What power?

Hicks: We will be rich, really really rich. I have taken control of the Beltrans cartel, They are mine now. I run the cocaine business down here and there is nothing that the hollow men can do about it. (Laughter).

Di: Why are you running drugs? That’s not you! All of the pain that you and Pol went through just a few years ago to fight drugs.

Hicks: This isn’t about the drugs this is about the power. I have the power now. My people are now getting trained, Willard, the harlequin, is helping me. They are like my own private militia, my army. I am the man now, they come to me and I send them into the jungle to find fields and take them. If they don’t take them they burn them and they burn their owners. They come out of the darkness. The darkness moves through the jungle. I am the darkness. I can see them coming for you and you need to escape. When they come for you they will rend your soul open.

Di: I don’t understand? Who is Willard? Who is the harlequin? Please come home…

Hicks: I want you to come here, to my jungle. I will pour the darkness into Colombia, into Belize, I will be king. I am the king, the king of the night, the night is mine and I will make my darkness spread. Willard was sent to me. Sent to me by the Americans, he was sent to kill me and to end my reign. He is clever and he saw the was that I was working. He has come with me and he has helped me train and mold the gangsters and criminals that abounded here and we have turned them into a fighting force.

Di: I don’t think that you are making any sort of sense. Please come home to me in England.

Hicks: I don’t have a home in Britain anymore, I want you to come here, to come to the jungle and be my queen. Between the emotion and the response Falls the Shadow. I dream about you and I dream about them. The foot slides along the blade. The blade is sharp as a razors edge but the foot does not cut. I await and wait to see the droplet of crimson blood glide down the edge of the blade rolling to infinity. It never comes, there is never any blood. Does the razor cut? I don’t know I can’t see. I know we must kill them, exterminate the brutes…

Agent 6220: That’s enough.

Winchester: Yes, quite enough of that.

Agent 6220: It seems that Mr. Hicks has lost his grip of reality and he is forming a private army out there in the jungles. We are concerned that he will try to wrest control from the lawful civil authorities and make up some kind of state.

Winchester: He was always tightly wrapped, yet this is really not right. What was it you said ‘unsound’? More like fucking insanity.

Agent 722: We have a map here. He was last known to be operating on the Hondo river between Belize and Mexico. Since then he has headed further inland, it’s not clear where as yet. We are worried about him. We are worried about the political state in the Central American basin and the Yucatan peninsula.

Agent 6220: All of the information that you need is in this package. If you choose to accept this mission, there will be no more afterwards. You will be in a position to retire.

Winchester: So what is it you want me to do? Persuade him to come home? He is barking.

Agent 6220: We want you to find him. Infiltrate his camp by whatever means available and terminate his command.

Winchester: Terminate his command?

Agent 6220: Yes, terminate his command, with extreme prejudice.

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