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TO: Officer 6220

FROM: Agent 722

SUBJECT: Re: Operational difficulties.

Officer 6220,

Thank you for your email yesterday.

I would like to assure you that I am affording this situation the highest possible gravity. I fully appreciate the serious nature of the case and I will work ceaselessly to resolve this.

In relation to the specific points that you have raised:

  1. The question of Authority

The situation that had developed in central America had become increasingly sensitive and concerning. The cocaine trade headed by the Beltrans cartel had become very much more powerful and influential. At this time there was a significant risk that the cartel had infiltrated the CIA’s Central American Cell. As we have the information sharing protocols any information that was gathered was subject to CIA scrutiny. Therefore, the risk of compromise was exponentially increased by every person who had access to the information.
Under direction, I made the operation a Limited Circulation Protocol model. I fully understand the political risk that I took when calling the LCP on this operation. I understand the issues in Central America but I felt, and was directed, that whilst the CIA was not secure the best way to deal with the issues in Guatemala was with direct action.

The CIA Counter Infiltration team were working hard and I had been assured that the operatives were close to identifying the leak in their cell and neutralising the threat that it posed to the integrity of operations in the field.

  1. The selection of Hicks
    Hicks was selected on a number of criteria. The most important being his undoubted military skills and prowess; there are very few operatives that we have access to that have his level of professionalism and proficiency. Hicks is also old enough and mature enough to work with the very minimum of supervision. It was thought that he was mentally robust enough to be able to cope with the rigours of this operation without the risk of compromising the government.
    Hicks has personal knowledge of the area and he has operated there before when he was a serving soldier, although this is some time ago. He is a skilled jungle warfare operative with a very hardy streak and is very self-reliant. There would be minimal opportunity to extract the operative from the field and his single minded determination was deemed to make him an ideal candidate for this selection.
    The other agency spoke very highly of him when I spoke with their operative, Green, about him. It appears that he had done a job for them that had the potential to be very damaging. They needed an operative with complete deniability and they chose Hicks to be that man.
    Green commented that Hicks is the most reliable, but dangerous, asset they have at their disposal. He is capable of resolving issues with extreme prejudice and leaving no evidence trail in his wake. He is capable of extracting information and intelligence from human sources with almost no compunction. There has never been any indication of any abnormality in any psyche evaluation that he has sat.
    However, on reflection he appeared too ideal. For him to not exhibit any kind of ongoing problem following the extremely arduous tasking that he has undertaken might have been considered indicative of psychopathic tendencies. This was not detected in the assessment carried out by Dr Mendez at RAF Wroughton Military Hospital in 2014.
    This also seemed to be the sort of mission that would provide a financial incentive and security for Hicks. It was thought that after this mission he might retire, quite comfortably, on the gratitude of Her Majesties Government.
    It seems we got this wrong.

  2. Leverage
    It is clear from the communications between Hicks and his handlers that he no longer feels an attachment to his wife, Dianna Hicks, of over twenty years. I don’t think that we can rely on that relationship to provide any kind of leverage on him. Hicks is very strong as an individual, this is one of the reasons we selected him for the job.

however, he served with a Pol Winchester in the army and intelligence suggests that Winchester may have been involved in the internal operations that Hicks took part in. This is a closely guarded secret that the Agency are not keen to reveal. Winchester served with Hicks in the jungles of Central America in the late 1990s. They performed operations in the area that Hicks now operates in. The final operation was not a success. There was, unfortunately, some collateral damage and civilian casualties were sustained. One of these casualties was a child.

Winchester became a police officer and served with distinction in the Humberside force until 2009. It was whilst serving in Scunthorpe he re-established links with Hicks. This is in the same time frame that Hicks was carrying out domestic assignments. Intel suggests that they worked closely together during this period. Further information about the nature of these operations is available in a separate publication.
Whilst there is operational merit in using Hicks’s wife as leverage against him there is a realistic proposition that Winchester might be able to exert some influence over him. Winchester is no longer a serving police officer. He is now a moderately successful author. As such the problems of Home Office interference have now been lifted.

I am aware of the difficult position that the state could find itself. I am aware of the difficulties that this whole operation has now created. It must be remembered that the Beltrans cartel is a substantial risk to the security and economic wellbeing of the southern states of America. Beltrans has destabilised Belize, Guatemala and Colombia. The Beltrans had become an insidious risk to the stability of the area. The department felt that a deniable operation to impede their operations and prevent expansion whilst the Americans dealt with their internal security issues would be the only real option open to us.

Agent 722

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