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16 FEBRUARY 2015


This telephone call took place at 0904hrs on Monday 16th February 2015. The call took place between two secure enable numbers in Whitehall. All calls between encrypted numbers are routinely recorded and as a recognition of the nature of the content’s potentially dangerous content. Transcript prepared Mr Green on 12th November 2016.

Green: Good morning

6220: Good morning this is agent 6220 from Department S. Who is this?

Green: This is Mr Green. How can I help?

6220: Is this an encrypted line?

Green: Yes, full level five encryption.

6220: I need to talk to you about Stuart Hicks and also Pol Winchester …

Green: mmm yes, how can I help you with this? I am aware of both of these men.
Hicks has been an asset for us for some time.

6220: Are you aware of where he is now?

Green: Yes, he is on an operation for your mob down in South America, that’s right isn’t it?

6220: Yeah, well there have been some problems down there and things are getting a little bit mmm, difficult. He has started to get a little bit… his methods have started to become unsound. It is difficult to see how they could stand up to any sort of scrutiny.

Green: Ok, I understand that.

6220: Well, there is a little more to it than that. It seems that he has recruited the local drugs cartel to form some kind of militia. It seems that he is looking to seize power from the cartel and also from the local governments.

Green: Oh, how embarrassing for your agency. However, it is difficult for me to see how this can be of any interest to us. Hicks has not been involved with us for some time now. After the domestic operation he was involved in he was handed to you guys to work on international matters.

6220: Quite.

Green: So what is it that you want from me?

6220: I would like to know about this police man, this Pol Winchester, tell me about him.

Green: What sort of information do you want from me when you have access to his files the same as I do?

6220: You know the man. What is he like?

Green: He is a good man who has found himself in a few dangerous situations. He was deeply involved in the domestic operation. It’s code name was Greater Good. It is highly sensitive and clearance is level red one. After this we had him leave the police and ensured his books were successful. He moved away to North Wales.

6220: To live a quiet life?

Green: Well that was his plan, but that’s not what happened to him. He became embroiled in a really nasty case where him and his wife killed their neighbours.

6220: Oh, not the quiet life he really fancied then?

Green: No, not quite. The people they killed were the most evil, depraved and cruel people ever to have walked this earth. But, because of systemic failures in those cases the truth can never be revealed. The Winchesters can never face trial. They can never receive a huge pay out. We just ensure that their business interests do very nicely.

I know where this is going, you are going to approach Winchester to go and get Hicks to leave his empire in the jungle, am I right?

6220: Broadly yes. Is he up to it? I know he has a bad ankle.

Green: I don’t know; he is not the fittest man on our payroll. But what he does have is a steel resolve and determination. He is bright and resourceful but he is highly principled and morally tough. The challenges he has faced with his family have been substantial and he has come through strongly. However, sending him to the jungle is a big step.

6220: He would not be engaged in any sort of combat, just to make his way into the jungle and talk to his old buddy.

Green: Well yeah, I guess so. I guess he might be the one to help you and your agency out of the little hole that you find yourself in.

6220: Ok, thanks. We have his details and will be in touch with him.

Green: Remember, he is a good guy, a family man. Not just an asset to leave in the corner of some foreign field.

6220: Yeah, right. Thank you for your help in this. I would like to remind you that this operation is deniable and also under classification red 1.

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