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16 FEBRUARY 2015


This telephone call took place at 0926hrs on Monday 16th February 2015. The call took place between two secure enable numbers in Whitehall. All calls between encrypted numbers are routinely recorded and as a recognition of the nature of the content’s potentially dangerous content. Transcript prepared Mr Green on 12th November 2016.

722: Good morning

6220: Good morning this is agent 6220, I think I have found a solution to our most pressing problem.

722: I hope so; I really hope so.

6220: Let’s be fair I have acted under direction of senior agents and I will not be scapegoated for what has happened subsequent to the asset being released from my control.

722: Right, that remains to be seen. Now tell me what you have found for me.

6220: Can we meet to discuss this face to face?

722: No, that might compromise my position. All communication must be done over the telephone or via email.

6220: I have identified a potential further asset that might be deployed to remove Hicks from his position as the leader of the self-styled leader of the Beltrans cartel.

722: Ok, I don’t need to know all of the details. Can it be made to be deniable?

6220: Yeah, the asset in question is a civilian, a retired police officer and a man with a couple of deaths on his tab that he has not paid the bill for.

722: Ok, how long to get him into the country?

6220: I haven’t approached him yet.

722: Right let’s get him in the country as soon as possible. This must be deniable and must not go pear shaped. You know the price for compromise.

6220: Yes.

722: I want to know when he is there. Keep me in the loop.

6220: Of course.

722: Money is no object. Make it happen. Make this problem go away.

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