Sweet Revenge Of A Nerd

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A suspense story about hope, friendship and betrayed ************* What happens when you're bullied at school, abused and humiliated by your crush, betrayed by your child-hood friend Will she get a fun experience during her life like true love and best friends, curious, read this.

Action / Romance
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Blurb: A suspense story about hope, friendship and betrayed
What happens when your bullied at school, abused and humiliated by your crush, betrayed by your child-hood friend
Will she get a fun experience during her



I screamed when someone suddenly pulled me from behind in the hallway, a hand covering my mouth.

When I turned around, I saw kahr pulling me inside an empty abandon class

He pulled the door shut and lock it

"What the fuck kahr, what's wrong?" I asked him

"I missed you a lot, baby"

I gasped when he clasped my waist, gasped again when he lifted me up on the high, abandoned self

"Kahr, what the hell are ....you are doing, we are in school"

He lifted his head, Moon..." I'm horny"

"OMG.....too shocked...he kissed me, no one will hear us he whispered I will be fast and quick, and it was an abandon class, no one comes here.

He kissed me again, this time I kissed him back, hungrily but yet passionately, my arms wrapped around his neck as he pulled his head down, so he could deepen the kiss

He sucked my lower lips.

His hands start to move to my boobs covered my breasts, he groaned against my lips saying "moon, your boobs is so damn big, I like it"......

I bit my lips hard trying my best not to make any noise, he lifted my cloth up, pushing my bra to a side

He cupped my boobs again, sucking my nipples hungrily. I moan softly, I was already wet down there.

He was gripping my legs, he easily kept them wide apart, he thrust his tongue in and out of me relentlessly moving up, he took my straining bud of pleasure into his mouth and sucked hard tight to the point that pains and pleasure mingled and exploded quivering before releasing my creamy liquid into his mouth, I was feeling breathless before he rubbed his cock against my moisture, the head of his member was soon soaked with my wetness, he slowly pushed the tip inside, I moaned out loudly

"Fuck fuck ...OMG, I breathed out heavily

"Fuck me", I screamed out with the pleasure with every thrust he gave me

"You like it baby, you like my cock, do you want more, do you feel good, I want to fuck you hard" he says as he thrust again but more deeper

"Yes....yes.....it was ultimate pleasure that no one could deny

"Oh my God.......daddy fuck me hard......fuck my pussy..... Ha....more.

His thrust become faster than before, my body was shaking with the ultimate pleasure

"Oh my God, I am going to cum kahr".... I am cumming daddy, I scream

Before, I knew a wide orgasms hit me with full force leaving me exhausted on the classroom table

He pulled out as he felt closer of spilling his seed he rubbed his cock with his hands and I pulled it inside my mouth, gladly sucking on it, my head move back and forth and in a seconds his hot seed spurred out of his cock and shoved down my throat

We were both exhausted

"Baby, how was it, do you like it?" He asks waiting for my answer

" Yes sweetie, I love it, and it was a mind-blowing amazing hot sex, it's feel so good, and I also feel good...
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