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The gods:threatening strength vol 1

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The gods, threatening strength is a Chinese fictional fantasy, drama, love, adventure, and martial art. It is a story about gods and leadership. A Direct angel with six pairs of wings betrayed the nine heavenly realms and took off with many divine weapons that the supreme monarch-Sen Ateski, confiscated from the demon realm to create his army of immortals to fight his fate. The supreme monarch sent his elemental gods to the lower domain to break the control of the direct angel and to punish him for his betrayal. This story narrated an adventure of five gods growing in human vessels. They took their time in destroying the secretes created by the rebel god and crossing six universes with different characteristics and systems to get to him who had betrayed heaven.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1


A big dazzling throne room with a silver stone was a person sitting on a dazzling golden throne. Above and the left of the throne was a white cloud, but the cloud above was mixed with light. The right side of the throne was a golden wall with seven doors in succession from the north to the south with their unique sets of figures for identification, and behind the enormous golden throne was a white cloud scintillating with intense light. Few centimeters close to the gigantic golden throne were five smaller golden thrones. Before the white cloud by the left of the throne room were five smaller golden thrones as well; the first throne moving from the north downward had a golden staff.

The golden staff was two meters long, with a cone on the shaft forming the head. The head of the cone was about the size of a chicken egg.

On the circumference of the base of the cone was a golden ring, and on the four cardinal points of the perimeter of the golden circle were six pairs of golden curls. The six pairs of golden rings were on each of the four cardinal points, and they were perpendicular to the circumference of the golden circle on the cone head. From the starting point of the cone head of the golden staff to the end of the cone head were three rhombic shape gemstones of red, gold, and black arranged in vertical succession, also, from the extreme of the cone head to the end of the shaft were twenty-four gemstones with an octagonal shape. The twenty-four gems were two pairs of twelve silver, blue, purple, brown, red, white, black, violet, pink, orange, green, and gold.

The golden staff was floating gracefully, a short distance above the first smaller throne. The throne room had a titanic golden gate, and the complete area of the golden gate was ineffable; the throne room was in the eighth realm of heaven.

Sitting on the giant dazzling golden throne was a being and a few centimeters above his head was an overwhelming dazzling white sun. The being on the throne with a clearer view was tall with his facial features like someone in his thirties, having a bright, smooth, and slim face. He had a fuller and more symmetrical lip; his white hair was as white as wool and soft as silk. It was long as it fell to his bottom. He was wearing a long golden linen garment that stopped at his feet, and on his waist was a golden waist metal strap. The golden waist metal strap was broad with a golden hexagonal head in the middle of his midriff, all completely glistening. Around both legs on the ankle and wrists were single glittering golden bracelets and his feet golden shoes. His black pupils were filled with gold dust but not distinct from a distance- Sen Ateski, the god of all. He sat gracefully on his throne with his right hand on his chin with a single thought on his mind, punishment.

Floating playfully around him were five small clouds. A small purple shadow above was flickering and sparking with purple lightning, a small blue wind cloud, a small red flame cloud, a small blue cloud of water, and a small brown sand cloud.

The red flame cloud and the brown sand cloud picked up a ridiculous fight as they bathe Sen Ateski with their various elements, but an absolute invisible barrier protected him instead. However, the purple lightning cloud glistened and began to scintillate as a form of anger toward the two ignorant clouds, immediately they restrained themselves.

Suddenly, Sen Ateski laughed, his voice deep and hoarse but graceful, my elemental gods, he shouted in his mind. He stood up dazzling brightly like the sun, even brighter than the sun. His light was overwhelming. “It is time for your mission. He has begun the destruction of the beautiful things that I have made,” Sen Ateski hummed as he moved with grace towards the golden wall to the right of the throne, all the clouds following him.

In a few steps, he was at the sixth door of the golden wall, and only with his mind intent the door slid open, then he walked in with all the small clouds following behind. The room they entered was called the transposition room, and it was dark, although the left side was darker than the right side.

Sen Ateski walked towards the left side of the darkroom with all the clouds beside him, and just as they moved forward, they heard all kinds of eerie disturbing sounds, but they kept going. Sen Ateski allowed the room to influence him as he did not push the darkness away with his overwhelming light, but instead, he switched it off, allowing the darkness to swallow them all.

After seven meters walk into the darkroom, there were three beings wholly blended with the darkness. The first person among the beings had long red hair that stopped at his back, twelve pairs of golden wings, a long white linen garment, and white shoes. On his white pupils were twenty small golden rings connected around a superior golden ring’s perimeter. The small golden rings joined themselves. The name of the being was Disaster. Next to him was another being with long green hair that stopped at his back. He was tall, young with a smooth and bright face without any bears, and with his twelve pairs of golden wings. He was wearing a fern green long linen garment with the same color as his shoes and apparel. On his white pupil were twenty golden rings around the circumference of another superior golden circle—the name of this being was Slayer. The last being was tall also, with a young and bright appearance and long red hair that stopped at his back. He had twelve pairs of golden wings with long brick red linen garments and brick-red shoes. He was called Death.

No one had seen the exact form of these beings except Sen Ateski, and this was because their manifestation was darkness. Even if they were to appear, what the other beings in heaven would see was thick darkness like the void. However, specific beings in the sixth room of the throne room with equal standing could still unveil this mystery.

In front of Sen Ateski in that thick darkness, the fundamental nature of all these beings unveiled. “Sen Ateski, The monarch,” they chorused as they knelt and bowed; Sen Ateski, um-hummed! with a nod of affirmation as he gazed at them gracefully. “Disaster, Slayer, and Death,” Sen Ateski thundered with his cold, calm black eyes that were filled with gold dust as it glistened slightly, then he nodded to them with grace as his whole appearance reflected the white light of power. He moved past them while they were still on their knees. But just as he got past them, they blended back with the darkness again like they never existed.

After a long walk in the darkness, precisely two hours after he met the honored guidance of night, in one part of the sixth room, he stopped together with the clouds as his whole body flared with white light, then the room, in which he stood with the five clouds also blazed up with white light. Ten centimeters in front of him and the five clouds was a dais, and just as they moved closer to the platform, it had a one-foot-deep hole in the center. There were ancient inscriptions written all over the surface of the foot hole, and the entire notes were scintillating with white and golden light. Sen Ateski gestured for the five elemental gods, who were in the form of clouds, to move in, and with an inward sigh of sadness, he said to them: “you will start all over again and will grow strong on your own. You will face tribulation on your own without divine help, at least not now because it will take long before they manifest” “But also know that my divine sense is in you all, and it will be your innate potential and abilities. It will distinguish you from others.” Sen Ateski spoke in series, and immediately the entire inscription began to scintillate with bright light.

Just after the speech of Sen Ateski, white and golden lights concentrated on the five small clouds, and they began to glitter, then suddenly, scattered like gold and white dust and vanished. Sen Ateski disappeared as well. The eight realms of heaven shook violently, beginning from the throne room of Sen Ateski, which was in the eighth realm, to the first realm, also known as the platim realm.

It was a temple that sat on top of white water in the seventh realm with the white cloud as the roof. Hedged around the water were different colors of mountains of silver, gold, blue, purple, white, green, brown, red, black, and pink, and they all flared brightly with their different colors beautifully. Inside the temple by the left, there was a symbol of a white angel with six pairs of golden wings, and around the inscription were seven colors of gemstones of green, blue, purple, white, red, black, and gold. There were two golden pillows opposite each other on a white-plain ground by the right side was also a symbol of a white angel with six pairs of golden wings. Few centimeters above the head of the sign of the white angel were seven colors of gemstone of blue, green, purple, white, red, black, and gold, all arranged in a ring formation and Prostrated in front of the golden pillow. Facing the angelic symbol by the right was the silhouette of a being with six pairs of folded golden wings.

In the sixth realm of heaven was a single building that was simple and small, built with light like silvery particles. A yellow and white river flowed on different halves of this building above it like a roof. The rivers were flowing parallel to each other and with their edges meeting at the middle above the building. The rivers served as the roof of the glittering building. The interior of the building was simple. There were silver boxes at the rear of the room, reflecting ample light. In front of those silver boxes on the white-plain ground were ten golden pillows, one in the forefront while the other nine behind. In front of these golden pillows were silhouettes of beings that prostrated.

In the fifth realm of heaven was a titanic temple that sat in a white plain surrounded by black mountains. The temple was built with silver rocks, and inside the temple was plain-white, filled only with silver jars, silver linen materials, silver drums, floating horizontal silver pillars, and floating vertical silver cylinders. All these were in the innermost part of the temple. In the outermost part of the temple in the left rear and the right rear end were much different silver-colored closed pots exuding death aura. Few centimeters in front of these pots were a single golden pillow, and prostrated in front of these two pillows opposite each other, left and right were two silhouettes of beings.

In the fourth realm of heaven, behind a particular white plain was a vast temple built with silvery stone, and it was designed like a sleeping lion with an eagle on its forehead. Inside this temple were scrolls and books of different types and kinds racked up in a circular pattern with library frame-like structures. The open middle inside the temple was a completely plain-white floor with a golden pillow, and there was a prostrated silhouette of a being.

In the third realm of heaven, in a particular plain-white space, was a shadow of a temple. The temple was not an actual physical matter, only a complete shadow without the factual representation. In the floating shadow-temple was one diameter white light on its body. The temple had light, shadow, and darkness layers, the three of them in a parallel line. Inside the floating shadow, the temple was plain with few unique vessels and a tongue of white light, yellow light, dark gray shadow, and thick black darkness, all floating beautifully in the white area. In a single place where white light, yellow light, dark gray shadow, and thick black darkness exited simultaneously, in the extreme back of the temple, secluded from the original structure of the temple, was a golden pillow on the floor and the silhouette of a being who prostrated in front of the golden pillow.

In the second realm of heaven, the Major Platim was a gathering ground known as the Fullen Astro Major and in front of it was a gigantic building. Inside of this massive building were three golden chairs in the forefront, and one meter behind these three golden chairs were ten golden chairs. In front of the thirteen golden chairs were silhouettes of beings with two pairs of golden folded wings prostrating. In front of the building was a courtyard, and standing there were many silhouettes of beings with two folded golden pairs of wings.

In the first realm of heaven, also known as the Platim realm, many silhouettes of beings prostrated with one pair of golden folded wings in a courtyard. In front of these silhouettes was a building, and in the plaza of this building were golden chairs. There were three golden chairs at the forefront of the plaza and ten golden chairs behind. In front of each golden chair were many silhouettes with one pair of folded golden wings. The building and the open square were known as Fullen Astro.

All these higher beings prostrated for the rebirth of their supreme lords, which were the five elemental gods in the form of clouds. The sun had hidden in the sky, and the throne room was shut down in sorrow as the elemental gods descended to Jankao, the first universe.

In their basic form, the elemental gods descended to the first universe to terminate the control of Daimu Zoyld and purify the rest of the cosmos from the nightmares which they had suffered from his hand. “I must punish Daimu Zoyld for his betrayal,” Sen Ateski’s voice echoed in the once dazzling throneroom, now gloomy and dark. From the first realm to the seventh realm, all the beings in the heavenly sphere appeared once more as they all bowed in worry for their descending lords. Knowing how undignified the mission of the elemental gods was, they were descending without their powers after all. However, the heavenly beings still decided in their hearts to assisting them when they called out to them.

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