The Silent Blade

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The Silent Blade

Suddenly, the prince fell, pushed down by a cloaked boy with shoulder-length, blonde hair whipping around in the freezing wind. Aidan’s stormy grey eyes met mine, and he grinned, 5 more figures dropping behind him. I recognised Roxy, the tall woman with short, curly dark hair, and my old team members. Aidan handed me a flask, which I gratefully accepted, downing it in under a minute. Roxy’s piercing green eyes studied me, and I instantly knew there was something in the drink.

The silver blade of the dagger glinted in the moonlight as I gripped the hilt, poised to strike. Chemicals pumped through my head as Basil’s blue orbs stared into mine, shock written across his face. I knelt beside him, my lips crashing into his. I rose, a smirk creeping to my lips as I plunged the blade deep into his chest, watching the life drain from his eyes. Roxy smiled, her eyes glinting.

“Welcome back to The Silent Blade, Elena.”

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