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In the alternative world of the Year 2078, the Government has released the documents of a new whole separate civilisation. These documents explained that these humans processed no emotions until they switch them on themselves. They were treated as evolved humanoids and were treated like slaves that roamed the world with their humanity turned off. But one stood out from the rest, he was an 18-year-old boy and his code was #213. He was so evolved that he manipulated his way out of being a slave and escaped a building that he nicknamed "The Prison of Torturing Hell". #213 just started settling into the public world when he was faced with the troubles of the Government. He was a wanted man and when once caught, he will be imprisoned for the accusations of being a murderer. #213 took this as a challenge and began messing with the authorities before he meets a passionate group of friends. These friends were the freedom he wanted.

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

"Please never leave me!" A desperate, sad male screamed into the middle of the day wrapped around by the glimmering towers that jetted off the ground, mirroring the hellish sun boiling the skins of buildings.

The unhappy male had a slender body that didn't match his 5'8 feet height at all. He displayed a broken expression on his face that was covered by the pours of tears that dripped from out of his green crystal eyes. His dark brown hair highlighted by blonde dyed lines flickered past the opposite person he was crying towards.

"Why are you so overdramatic, Reece?" The angered female, in a black blazer protecting the white buttoned shirt, tucked into a black puffed skirt spat while folding her arms to show her full exquisite appearance complimenting her black long wavy hair.

"Because I love you!" Reece replied in a quivering tone, his depressing moment, seen by the public eye, only worsened when Reece was returned a nasty glare from the frowning female that had unpleasant hazel eyes.

"Reece, I told you I couldn't care less about your presence! Stop acting like a massive creep and piss off!" The girl screamed, raising her hand to slap a red beaming mark across Reece's cheek before chasing off.

In front of the public eye, Reece was slapped by a female that was now accusing him of being a stalker—something that gave a negative vibe to the curious watchers cackling to themselves from how embarrassing Reece was in society. Taking this all in, Reece took a massive inhale and repositioned his black tie that had a symbol of two red dragons facing each other on a white background with the words "City of London School" printed on it.

Reece, already flustered, headed onto a nearby bus with a forced smile, trying to derive the attention of a scarred hand spread across his chin. Once Reece reached his destination of the school he studied in, he took a glance at his transcendent, thin phone and saw the time "12:06 AM, Tuesday 2078".

After seeing the time, Reece directed himself down a narrow path that leads to a building on the east side, it was a recent building that became a thing after parents agreed to allow their children to sleep in dorms that matched their gender.

Reece went up onto the second floor, walked down a hallway patterned by red wool and red carpet, took a turn on the door nearest to the end of the hallway on the left and twisted the handle gradually until a click was heard.

There, a messy, uncleaned room with a single wooden bed with white sheets rested past the wooden wardrobe; was Reece's room. The only light illuminating the void room was the small flat television floating over the black painted desk playing the news.

"The investigation on #213 has stretched into a whole year after he escaped the Governmental Humanoid Ltd Headquarters. He is considered a dangerous individual and has no remorse if he approaches his revenge." A female reported onto the television, revealing a sketch on-screen that exactly looked like Reece.

"Dangerous?" Reece splurted out with a cold, bitter voice that had no emotions behind it. He brushed his bony hands through his thick hair so he could see more clearer, his eyes, which were full of emotions a few minutes ago were now dead and empty.

"I'm not that evil."

Welcome to the Story of #213, a story where an independent boy escapes his captures and plays a game with the devil.

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