Chase Tag

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"One chaser will start it all. Whoever he catches, chases with him. The last one standing will be the last one living" the alien said. Now the whole world is in a deadly game of survival.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1 "Project, Chase Tag"

John was walking down the street, whistling a beautiful tune. He was walking his dog until he felt something odd. He looked down and saw that his dog was gone! He couldn’t find it anywhere. The second thing he noticed was that his clothes had all became blue. He knew that he wore a grey pair of trousers and a green T-shirt. He also wore blue shoes although he was sure he didn’t have any blue shoes. What had happened? He looked around and saw that other people had the same problems as him.

Suddenly he was teleported into the town square. ”Is this a dream?" he thought. There were millions of other people around him. They all wore the same blue clothes as him and they all looked very confused. Then, a big hologram appeared in the sky. A big creature was there and it was talking to them.

"Hello, people of planet Earth. I am an alien, a Zorden from the planet Gorbod. I have a project from my school for using reality-changing tools. So I decided to make a game! I will totally get an A+ with this! So, without any further ado, I present to you the rules! You are going to play Chase Tag with all the humans in the world!!! the fastest human will start it. He wears red clothes and whoever he touches, his clothes will also become red. Until there is only one runner left! The runner will survive and get transferred to another planet while all the others will die. So, all the elderly, kids, and animals have disappeared! And lastly, you can’t use vehicles or die. If you fall from a high place or stay underwater for a long time you will just pass out, the time depends on the height of the building. That is all. You have 5 minutes to hide from the first chaser. Run"

People started running from every direction. In that kind of chaos, Nick stood out. He went into a building for starters and tried to think about his next move. But there he so his friend Spyros, lying on a couch. He waved him but Harry, his other friend, caught him off guard. Nick got a little scared when he appeared behind him but instead of shouting at him, he asked what could they do. Then a chaser broke through the window and made them go to the second floor. They locked the door and also found their other friend Mike. The chasers were going to come in and everyone was worried. But then, at the worst moment, John appeared through the window and told them ”There is no time to panic!“. They were happy that he was here, with them, but Nick asked ”What now?“. They thought about how could escape, and Harry pointed at a ladder leading to the roof.
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