Trap Life: Carlito's Way

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Check out my new book Trap Life: Carlito's Way, an action pack real-life drama based in the urban city of Chicago. Filled with intense dramatic scenes, love, twist, and a lot of real life situations!

Action / Drama
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Chapter 13

Time of Change

After the battle with R.O. That Carlito had fought like a switch hitter with two ironfist. He learned that life needed a change for the better outcome. He stopped drug dealing and turned his life into a more serious matter, by creating movie scripts and writing poetry for hip hop music culture. He later learned that life can always turn for the better if you believe it can. Now he provides for his family with his new talents and earns money while doing he's New found love. He sticks to a new Moto to "protect your name, never show loss in your heart when you strive for something greater than a dead path. Just live right". I'm sure you could imagine a change man living a lavish life with a big house with a Jacuzzi and a black panther. This wasn't the case, he changes entirely by opening a medical cannabis dispensary in Chicago that give a quarter quarter of their earning to charity organizations. Missi helps decorate and build the functions. Carlito and Missi had a daughter shortly after that, and now live a great life.

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