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Create different characters and learn tips in the sims

Action / Drama
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Sims Tips

Hello everyone my name is Layla and I am a character that my person made anyway the first tip is to design at first you don’t get a big choice of cloths so try to find the best one for you also you can choose a story behind your character but you don’t have too. You can get costume stuff for your sim at
For your sims and pets for there rooms and more. There is different packs and we will go over each of them but for now here are some tips starting with number 1 the roof in the sims is free number 2 if you want a porch you have to make a fence first then ad the porch also to get a porch you have to go to foundation number 3 there is Wallpaper you have to hit the square on the side of the wall number 5 the sims don’t always listen so you have to be patient number 6 they don’t always like each other so if you want them to have a boyfriend or girlfriend you need to be patient number 7 go into build mode if you don’t like your house there is a truck next to the sun or moon and then it’s going but don’t do it to much you will lose all of your money number 8 you can build anywhere not just in new greasy or willow creek one of them number 9 you can meet new people in the sims your charter can make friends number 10 new packs come out every once in a while.

Next Day Pt 2

Ok we left off at number 10 now we are going to do number 11 they don’t have card number 12 you can have a baby on the sims 4 ok well I am going to leave you there next we are going over different places in the sims 4
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