The Way The Wind Blows

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17 year old Skyler Marie Cloister takes her 8 year old sister, Clover Slashed Cloister, out to hunt, but something goes seriously wrong... Soon Skyler realizes that they're lost and don't have a way back home, and it's all Brownies fault, a big brown hairy bear of a beast. Clover has a roundness for Brownie though, and soon, so does Skyler. Brownie will accompany them in their journey home, but can they even find they're way back to that little, old, scraggly, house that stands in that sticky, stink-filled, broken-down neighborhood, or will they be lost in these deep, dark, old, woods forever?...

Action / Fantasy
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The Hunt

“Wow, just wow!” I say in frustration as I throw my bow on the ground. I pick up my water and take a drink from it. Then, I go and retrieve all twenty-four of my arrows. I put them in the black and silver saeth of arrows on my back. I shoot all twenty-four of them... but only five hit the target, which is just a hand full of berries, mushed to make a circle, the size of my hand, on a tree.

Soon, I get too frustrated to shoot anymore arrows. So I pack-up my stuff and head on home.

As I pass a clump of bushes, I get the nauseous feeling that I’m being watched. But I just shake that feeling off. I continue on the dirt trail leading me to my apartment.

When I enter the neighborhood a few people look in my direction, so I give them the do-you-have-an-eye-problem look to let them know that I know that they’re gawking me.

When I enter the tiny one bedroom apartment, and I holler for my little sister, Clover. “Clover!” I holler, and she comes running. “Hey, guess what!” I say excitedly. “What?” she asks.

“You’re coming hunting with me!”

My little sister’s face lights up with excitement, “Oh, yeah!” she says.

“I’m not Shure that’s a good idea...” says our mother warningly. She, like Clover, has bright blonde hair, but slightly darker blue eyes. As for me, I barely have any resemblance to them, I have dark brown hair, that’s always braided behind my back, and light grey eyes, just like my father... he’s dead now, but I still miss him everyday... we even have the same smile...

My mother gets up from sitting on her bed and reading her book, walks over to clover, cups her face in her hands and says, “You’d better do whatever your sister says because she knows the woods better than you...” And that is true, because Clover has only been in there once, with me and Gabe. Clover nods and says, “Yes ma’am.”

And then I take Clovers hand in mine and we walk towards the door.

When I step outside the slightly cool air of the afternoon engulfs me. Clover is silent as I retrieve my old miniature bow and saeth of arrows, for her to use. She takes them in her tiny hands and looks them up and down, then, just nods.

She is a very quick learner, so I’m very confident that she’ll learn fast.

Once we enter the woods, Clovers hand still locked tight in my grasp, I lead her to my so called, “Shooting Range”. First, I let go of her hand, then I walk over to the berry bush grab a ten blueberries and smash them onto the tree. I’m only using ten because the target needs to be bigger so that it can be bigger, because she’s just a beginner.

Once we start, I realize she’s pretty good for a beginner. She almost hits the middle of the berry mush target on the tree, just missing it by about an inch.

After about an hour she finally skewers the target perfectly, right down the center of the target. I cheer for her, “Whoop, Woo!“, and she smiles. She says that she wants to try something harder, so I tell her that we are going to hunt.

Really I’d like to stay in the part of the woods that is familiar to me, but I haven’t seen very many signs of game around here, anymore. I just strip a bush of it’s ripe, blue juicy blueberries. I plan to make a trail from this part of the woods to the unfamiliar parts, so that I can find my way back home.

I pack up my stuff and take Clovers hand in my own, hers are sticky with sweaty, but so are mine, so I just ignore it.

When we reach the new part of the woods I check my berry trial, and it looks easy enough to follow, so me and Clover scale a tree a wait hopefully for game to wander by...

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