The Way The Wind Blows

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Action / Fantasy
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Hit or Miss

“Wow, just wow!” I say in frushtration as I throw my bow on the ground. I pick up my water and take a drink from it. Then, I go and retrive all twenty-four of my arrows. I put them in the seath on around my back. I shoot all twenty-four of them... but only five hit the target, wich is just a hand full of berrys, smushed to make a circle, the size of my hand, on a tree.

Soon, I get too frushtraited to shoot anymore arows. So i pack-up my stuff and head on home.

As I pass a clump of bushes, I get the nauseous feeling that i’m beig watched. But I just shake that feeling off. I continue on the dirt trail leading me to my apartment.

When I enter the neighborhood a few people look in my deirection, so i give them the do-you-have-an-eye-problem look to let them know that I know that they're gawking me.

When I open the door to the tiny one bedreoom apartment my little sister, Clover, jumps up and hugs me. But, when she sees' what's in my hands, her smile fades as if never there. She looks at me, disapointedly, and doubtfully with her bright blue eyes stairing into my light grey ones and her bright blonde hair trying to stay tucked behind her ears.

I try to think of something... anything, of an excuse... but nothing comes out of my thin dry, cracked lips. I stand there a moment, puzzeling. Then, it comes to me... "You're coming to get food with me! I know that you don't like to hunt, so you can gather while I do the hunting!" I say.

My little sister's face lights up with exitment, "Really?! Really Sky?!" She says practically screaming it. "Yes!" I giggle.

"I'm not shure that's a good idea..." says our mother warningly. She, llike Clover, has bright blonde hair, but slightly darker blue eyes. As for me, I bearely have any resembalence to them, I have dark brown hair, that's always braided behind my back, and light grey eyes, just like my father... he's dead now, but I still miss him everyday... we even have the same smile...

My mother gets up from sitting on her bed and reading her book, walks over to clover, cups her face in her hands and says, "You'd better do whatever your sister says because she knows the woods and the dangers of it way better than you..." And that is true, because Clover has only been in there once, with me and Gabe. Clover nods and says, "Yes ma'am."

And then me and Clover walk out of the door...

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