The Summer Before Senior Year

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Alex and Sam are two people from different worlds until they are forced together.

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Sam and I have been going to school together since Kindergarten but we haven’t been friends since Elementary school. We work together every summer and still aren’t friends. Sam does lifeguarding and I work the concession stand, so I see her a lot. I wish we could be friends again but she doesn’t want to. I know this because I always try to talk to her; I get there early or wait for her after my shift but she always acts like I’m not there. I want to know why she won’t be friends with me anymore but I think I know why. I just hope that isn’t the reason.


Alex and I have always had a class together since Kindergarten and we were friends but we just drifted apart. I would love to be friends with her again but we are just too different now. When I see her at work I purposely pretend I don’t because of the rumor going around. I don’t want people thinking that kind of stuff about me. I would love to tell you but that is not my secret to tell. Normally I don’t pay attention to that stuff but it could make or break my reputation. It’s the summer before my senior year so I just want to enjoy my time and have fun.


I’m sure you’re wondering what rumor about me is going around and I would love to tell you, but I’m not going to. It’s already a rumor so I don’t want it to spread to more people.

Today is the start of summer so the pool opens today. I woke up at 9 and changed into my amazing uniform for work. When I walk to my car I realize how hot it is and know it’s going to be a busy day. When I get to the pool the lifeguards are already there and I see Sam. I just keep walking and pretend I don’t see her. I walk into the stand and turn on all the lights and machines, write the specials for the day, and flip over the chairs. By 9:30 the rest of the workers start showing up and we talk about the day ahead and assign positions. Tammy the supervisor comes and tells me we are opening the doors earlier today because we already have a line. We finish getting the food prepared and see people start walking in.

I love the first day we open, it’s usually busy which means I don’t have time to talk because I can just throw myself into my work.


I wake up at 8 and get ready for opening day. Since I’m a lifeguard I have to get there early so we can make sure we know our positions and run through some drills. It is already hot so I know we are going to be busy. It’s about 9 when we have our team huddle and breakfast; by that time I see the concession stand lights are on. I thought about going to talk to Alex since I know she opened today, but I got called by the coach. By the time the coach and I get done, it’s time to go to our stand since we are opening earlier today. I yell across to my friend Brett that I hope that no kids drown and/or no parent cusses us out.


“We ran out of snicker bars” Our newbie Molly yells at me.

I just point at our sign that says ‘If we run out in front go check in the back.’ I think she got the memo because she started walking back. Sometimes I just wonder if they listen to me when I tell them these things. The next thing I see is Molly walking back in with a big box of Snicker bars and kids cheering. I tell them all I’m going on my break, so text me if they need me or walk next door to where I will be.

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