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This story deals with otherworldly beings, soul and connection, alternate worlds, and the risk of space and time as we know it. Gale is trapped, alongside with an otherworldly being sharing his soul. He was held hostage, and was planned to be used for something terrible. He teams up with friends, others, and the being inside of him to stop the upcoming catastrophe that will be the end of the world.

Action / Scifi
Aidan Peterson
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Chapter 1



The first thing I remember that morning of July 14th, 2051 was feeling my body, constricted in restraints meant to hold down the weight of any being. When I opened my eyes, I looked around, and found myself in white stained clothes, trapped inside a capsule which was thought as impossible for even a superhuman to break through. I tried pulling myself out, though it didn’t work, so I lay there, confused, my head hurting, and me trying to remember what had happened.

Things were as if my memory just could not reach me, as if I never had a life before this one. The only things I knew were my name, Gale, meaning Stranger. Being in this state was quite painful, and not just physically, but mentally as well. My body felt throbbing from the neck down, my head with a continued headache.

As I looked to the side to see what was holding me back, I saw powerful, unheard of straps around my wrists. I looked up, and saw a bright LED light shining down on my capsule. I looked down, and noticed my bare feet, sticking out under the steel leggings holding my lower body to the seat.

No one was there, it was dark, and only the light above me provided things to see. I noticed that I was in a lab, and as I looked around with the minimum ability that I had, I saw machines, a peculiar fluid flowing through tubes on the right of my eye. I figured I was in a circular shaped room, and that I was supposed to be unconscious.

No matter how many times that I tried, and no matter how much it hurt, I kept trying to think back, and find anything in my hollow head of mine, but all I could feel and think were numbers, letters, and constant combinations swirling and running through my mind. I finally decided to stop, knowing that it would only make the pain worse.

In all this time I haven’t spoken once, as there was even a constraint around my mouth. Even I was able to, I was afraid this might alert something, causing myself to be swarmed as if I was to be arrested or constrained even tighter if I did. I didn’t want anyone to know of my consciousness, and if I was trying to escape, but then I heard it. A voice, that was inside my head, and a faint blurry figure outside my capsule. I tried to squint to see what it was, though the more I tried the more it would fade away.

Was this a hallucination? Was I drugged, and these effects were expected by the ones who put me in this state? Or was something not as it seemed. I decided to find out. I wasn’t able to speak, though in a way, I felt something in my head, I tried something I suspected.

“Hello, is anyone there?” I thought. Silence, no figure, no noise, just silence. It was just what I thought it would be. As I relaxed a little further, then that, was when I heard the voice. I jumped in shock as a voice swirled in my head. The combinations that filled things up were now unthinkable, and only something else was there.

“Yes, I am here, and I am well.” The thing said. I saw the person once more outside my capsule, except this time it was very clear. It was something that I had not seen before.

The creature looked like some sort of cyborg or robot, it

was built like a human, accept not very polished. The parts

seemed very scrappy and unfinished, and it’s small, bright blue eyes, gleamed at the sight of them.

I tried so hard to think, but numbers kept dancing in my head, on and on. Reciting through the colors, red, blue, orange, purple, yellow, pink, green, and back to red again.

It was something that I had never seen before. Something unhuman, something that did not belong in this world. I spoke again, wanting to know more about what was happening, what was going on.

“What are you?” I thought, still struggling to escape from my restraints.

“I am a being above all others, I do not come from this world, yet I am trapped inside you, your mind. Numbers dance through my head constantly, and I can’t stop thinking that it might be occurring to you as well.” The creature said, slowly walking toward my capsule.

“Inside my mind?” I thought. “How could that be possible?”

“It is possible because we are connected, body and soul.” The creature spoke again.

He was able to know what I was thinking, it all made sense. We were connected, so we were able to see through each other’s minds. Though how could I see him, and how was he there?

“How are you outside of my body if we are connected, and why am I here.”

The creature stopped. He took a while to answer, and then replied. “These questions I cannot answer, if I had known, we wouldn’t be here. I too was captured, put in restraints, and that is when I merged with you.”

"What is your name?"


"NO, I kind of like that."


Still confused, I tried looking around to see if there was anything of use in the room. I tried to figure out what to do and how to escape. And then I saw it, a symbol, in bold orange strokes creating an X, with a square surrounding it. That's when I remembered. The one thing that came to mind besides those numbers that I could remember was, PIXI.

"PIXI..." I thought. trying to remember, though once again, all I could see were those damn numbers and colors.

The creature turned his head. "PIXI, hmm? He looked around as well, trying to find answers. And so did I. Everywhere in my sight all I could see was the circular room, control panels, and a monitor. Wait, that was it, the monitor!

"NO, do you see that monitor over on your right?" I thought.

He turned to look and saw it. It was a white monitor that seemed to have been turned off for the night, he tapped the screen, and a bright white light came on, shortly blinding the both of them. As soon as NO's eyes adjusted, he tapped on the screen again, and was brought to a program. He managed to find himself to the control panel for the two of them, and worked his way around folders. As he was typing, learning, and figuring out controls just like a human. I had to ask.

"No, how are you doing that?"

He quickly turned back to me looking away from the screen, I am a part of you remember? I have gained your abilities, as you have mine. I paused, and from the silence, he turned back to the screen. He was in fact, working efficiently, with both of his eyes pointing and looking in different directions, his long metal fingers tapping on the screen, he made things look too simple.

After a long time of adventuring through the program, he managed to find himself to the command "RESTORE MEMORY?" He looked back at me, I nodded, and then turned to the screen once more to press ENTER.

"AAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH." Is all I heard. Screaming blasting through my head. We both experienced sharp pains in our skulls, it hurt like nothing ever before, as if our brain was exploding, with memories, and knowledge being restored into our heads, it felt like I was going to die. A bright blue telepathic wave was shooting through my capsule connecting our heads, as we experienced the pain together, as we were one. When suddenly, it stopped.

NO was lying on the floor recovering, and I was shook. I couldn't move, even if I wanted to. My head still hurt from the experience, I wouldn't blink, I wouldn't speak, I was completely lost.

"Gale!" No exhaled as he recovered. He quickly crawled over to check on me and see if I was okay. "What happened?" He asked.

Still, I couldn't speak. A small tear came out of my eye, it was tragic. Some part of me wished that I still couldn't remember anything. The truth was, I had remembered what this world was like, what it had to hold, who stood on top.


(quick author's note)

Hi everyone :D

I just want to say that this is a mere rough draft of a story idea that I had. I had recently gotten in to sharing my ideas on the web, and I wanted to ask if the story is good! I also wanted to say that I am not the most efficient writer, so if it takes me a few weeks or even a month to present another chapter, that is just what it is.

For those of you wondering, the story is mainly about a man merged with the soul of an otherworldly being, he had forgotten who he was, and now that he remembered, he seeks to finish what he started.

New characters will be added, I have it already planned out, but I wanted to get you guys' opinion on what I should do or how the book is because I want to improve as a writer and be able to get feedback from you all. This is my first public writing and I am so glad to share it.

If this is what you guys wanted, be sure to comment, and I will see you all in Chapter 2!

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