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Revenge Of The Bad Man - Fight Against Love And Life Book 1 ------ Scott Thompson (Henry Connor) wanted revenge, a man named Edgar Cordon who has murdered Scott's family besides his little brother Jayden Thompson ( Ian Connor), he has three friends with him standing next to him Mark Lewis ( John Moore), Thomas Smith (Aaron Grey) and Caleb Collins. They made a plan to avenge but the three friends of his were against it, it is no use to avenge. A few years later Scott took revenge from his three friends he blew up his houses he let the three survive so they understand what Scott was suffering with his parents. Thomas and Mark did not survive his family but Caleb's daughter Grace Collins (Aisha Rose Walker) survived, Scott Thompson chased Caleb's daughter to die. Caleb and Grace flee to Istanbul and gave Caleb's acquaintance in Istanbul that Grace should have a new identity and how she should live that's why she was called Aisha Adem. Aisha has grown up she wanted revenge from Henry Connor she changes the name Rose Walker so she gets a chance to work with Henry. Everyone wants revenge against everyone who wants to win.

Action / Drama
Aysenur D
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Dream Cast + Character

My Big Dream

My biggest wish is that my Storie will come out as a Film or series

Big Dream i hope 🙏🏻😍🙏🏻😍🙏🏻
Revenge of the Bad man Character

David Conrad - John Moore (Mark Lewis)

Aysenur D - Aisha Russo ( Grace Collins)

David Fumero - Aaron Grey
(Benjamin Wilson) (Thomas Smith)

John Bernthal - Henry Connor (Scott Thompson)

Ben Barnes - James Quinn ( Lucas Drew)

Michele Morrone - Alexander Matthew (Louise Curtis)

Jamie Dornan - Ian Connor (Jayden Thompson)

Ignacio Serricchio - Joseph Adrian

Gabrielle Union - Zoe Ward

Jessica Alba - Naomi Addison ( Naomi Drew)

Matthew Pearson - Ryan Harris

Hero Fiennes Tiffin - Josh Harris

Eiza González - Sofia Hunter

Duane Martin - Jacob Watson

Deborah Ann Woll - Rita Connor

Toni Mahfud - Luca Connor

Jerome Mathew - Jason Carter

Ruben Visser’t Hooft - Jamie Scott

Christoffel Mesma - Levi Clark

Jacob Nawka - Chris Ward

Kris Goman - DJ Nora

Sofia Boutella - Scarlett Harper

Ernie Hudson - David Castle

John Salley - Adrian Flores

Sophia Reynolds - Karen White

Laz Alonso - Simon Hill

Dakota Johnson - Angelica Cole

Josephine Langford - Kylie Martinez

Jennifer Love Hewitt - Tessa Hudson

Brian Hallisay - William Hudson

Archie Renaux - Theo Nelson

Fabrice Mathew - Ethan Carter

William Moseley - Noah Adrian

Zack Gilford - Luke Adrian

Amber Rose Revah - Nancy Bailey

Sebastian Stan - Carter Nelson

Charlize Theron - Natalie Martinez

Jason R. Moore - Gabriel Brandon

Freddy Carter - Joshua Long (Tom Coleman)

Other Character

Xx - Mia Connor

Xx- Bruno Young

Anna Maria Sieklucka - Mila Nelson

Anthony Mackie - Owen Hill

Ben Affleck - Daniel Anderson

Ariana Hudson

Kat Jonas (Stella White)

Sebastian Evans

Damien Greene

Logan Hayes

Isabella Thompson

Edgar Gordon

Wyatt Cooper

Delia Harris

Robert Harris

Ezra Cole

Jayden Lee

Nolan Perry

Lea Long

Georgia Sanders

Asher Turner

Jack Edwards

Dylan Hayes

Tim Ross

Liam Taylor

Brian Morgan

Gabriel Cameron

DJ Leo



Jim Edwards
Joshua Scott
Landon Coleman
Anna Evans
Janet Rose
Krissi Anderson

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