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Ocean Lukewater lived in a small town in the countryside of Canada with her father Brian Lukewater who taught her everything she knew about mechanics. Ocean spent her days fixing broken cars and on call to the highway to fix what she could. Ocean's life may have seemed ordinary for her but not in the least. She experienced daily the homophobic attitudes of the community she lived in and as much as they expected her to hate it she had her reasons. Misty Scarton, also known as Misty Rosales of the Cartel, paid a visit to the countryside and turned everything upside down for the townspeople who harmed HER OCEAN. Cover art by: Pen Guevarra

Action / Romance
Vanessa Nicole
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Misty Ocean C1

For background’s sake: Misty is part of the ‘Cartel’ I introduced in an upcoming book that is also spoken about in ‘That Girl Lexi’, ‘Breathtaking’ and the main story that will be released at a later stage. Misty’s position is the drug specialist hence her street name Misty Rosales.

Ocean pulled herself out from under the truck and wiped down her oily arms and hands. She looked at the owner of the truck and nodded, “Everything is all fixed, you are set to go.”

The man sighed happily, he climbed into his truck, reached into the glove department and pulled out fifty dollars, he leaned out of the window with the money and handed it to Ocean who forced a smile and nodded her head.

“I’ll be calling again if I am in the area, thank you, Ocean,” the driver said and drove off.

Ocean watched as the truck drove off then packed all her tools into the toolbox and walked back to her car. She climbed into it and drove off to the nearest diner and went in.

“Oh Ocean, how are you doing doll?” Mrs Sanders asked as she reached the counter and sat down on the barstool.

“I am fine, thank you aunty Mildra and you?” Ocean answered.

Mrs Sanders smiled brightly, “I am well, my daughter phoned me last night and she is on her way home. I’ve been cleaning out her room the entire night and as tired as I am, I am excited.”

Ocean raised a brow as she heard this, “I’d like an English breakfast please with waffles and chicken on the side.”

“You always eat too much,” Mrs Sanders said with a chuckle and left to hand in her order.

‘And you talk too much,’ Ocean thought as her mind trailed back to this daughter she was talking about. It had not crossed her mind that she would see her again after so many years.

Willow moved away with her father to the city when her parents got divorced. Ocean was heartbroken but she had no say especially after what happened and she was left to deal with looks of disgust, scorned and isolated.

Ocean’s ears were yapped at by Mrs Sanders but she ignored her. Mrs Sanders was one of those that looked at her as though she was a cockroach but now, she pretended like nothing happened after her grandmother on her mother’s side died.

Ocean finished up and paid the bill. She made her way home and saw her father in the garage fixing up an engine. She parked her car in its spot and jogged up to him, “Yo old man, I’m back.”

Her father turned to look at her and asked, “What was wrong with the truck?”

Ocean walked over to the other end of the car as she answered, “The radiator is finished, I fixed it up to run a few more miles but told him to get it replaced.”

“Those fucking truck drivers don’t know about using those beauties,” her father commented.

Ocean chuckled with a shake of her head as she asked, “Did you eat?”

Her father nodded his head, “Yeah, your grandmother made lunch, yours is in the microwave.”

“I’ll have it later, I had lunch at aunty Sandra’s diner. Do you need help here?” Ocean asked him.

Her father paused his movements. He looked over at his daughter who had a lazy gaze in her eyes and asked, “Is the food there still good?”

Ocean shrugged, “You know I only go there for the coffee.”

Her father chuckled, he continued turning the bolts and said, “When your grandmother came over she told me that Willow was coming back to town for the holidays. Did Mildra say anything to you?”

Ocean shrugged, “She pretended as usual, you know every time I see her, she goes on and on about Willow as if she is the queen? She was talking about how she couldn’t wait to see her and I blanked out somewhere and stopped listening.”

Her father nodded his head, “So will you be okay if you bump into Willow again?”

Ocean pursed her lips as she shrugged, “Don’t know, I’ll see. You still haven’t answered about if you need my help.”

Her father tapped the wrench against the engine and nodded, “Yes, get your ass this side and take over so I can eat your food, lunch was over two hours ago and I’m hungry.”

Ocean rolled her eyes and took his place. True to his words, her father went in and ate her lunch.

Ocean packed the dishes away in the evening then went upstairs to the bathroom and took a shower. She went to bed and the next morning or well afternoon, the bell went off multiple times.

Ocean groaned as she got up and yelled, “FUCK I’M COMING!”

She got up and tied her hair in a messy bun and made her way downstairs. She walked over to the door rubbing her eyes and asked, “Who the fuck is there so early in the morning?”

“Ocean, it’s already late into the afternoon,” Willow’s voice came from the other end of the door surprising Ocean.

Ocean momentarily paused when she heard the voice and rubbed her hand over her mouth. She slowly proceeded towards the door and turned the doorknob. She stared at Willow who smiled brightly with her beautiful face and sexy body.

Ocean smirked as she folded her arms and leaned against the gate, “Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.”

Willow’s smile slowly dropped and said, “I know you don’t mean that.”

Ocean shrugged, “I do, what’s up?”

“Can I come in? I brought cake,” Willow said and showed Ocean the cake pan in her hands that had a few slices of cake missing from it.

Ocean raised an eyebrow as she asked, “So you brought a half-eaten cake to my house?”

Willow chuckled and shook her head, “No silly, my mom and I baked a cake last night for me to give when I greet everyone.” She explained.

Ocean stared into Willow’s brown eyes as she pondered over being with the girl under the same roof and thought there was nothing wrong with it.

She opened the gate to let her in and Willow bent down and picked up a bag and went in following Ocean, “You know where the kitchen is, Ima go put on some pants.”

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