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This excerpt from Battlefield Australia, is set in mid 21st century, Major Jake Bridges is the Officer Commanding, Bravo Company, 3rd Commando Regiment and is a veteran of the Afghanistan campaigns. Backed by the might of China, the Northern Alliance forces launch simultaneous assaults on Cape York and Darwin. Establishing beach heads is hampered by the sabotage of key infrastructure by Jake Bridges and his Commandos. The invaders begin their inexorable march across the country. Australia’s diplomatic efforts to have sanctions imposed, and military intervention is vetoed by China. Australia is virtually defenceless as the USA is unwilling to withdraw assets from other theatres to assist and the Left-Wing UK Government prevaricates on their decision to send military aid. Bridges loses many of his men during a failed attempt to destroy the main road and rail links south from Darwin. Jake must push aside his own emotional distress and bring together the disenfranchised, mentally scarred and forgotten people of Northern Australia to form a highly mobile, flexible, and effective militia force to halt the advance south. Jake’s band of Indigenous communities, battle-scarred and reclusive Army veterans and part time Norforce soldiers advance, inflicting serious damage to the enemy.

Action / Drama
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The World has changed!

The world geo-political landscape in the mid-21st century has changed. It no longer resembles that of 50 years earlier. New players have entered the world stage. Their economic and military power has changed the global political balance.

Several poor Asian nations have formed a powerful federation. It draws on China’s economic, and military might to increase its influence in Southeast Asia. Their burgeoning populations causes them to struggle to keep pace with wealthier neighbours. The Northern Alliance covets less populated, resource rich lands for their own use.

Australia is the Northern Alliance’s closest neighbour. The space, rich fishing grounds and vast natural resources tempt the Northern Alliance. Northern Alliance fishing fleets violate Australian territorial waters on a regular basis. The Northern Alliance fleets take large catches of fish, without thought for sustainability.

Royal Australian Navy patrol boats intercept illegal fishing boats on a daily basis. Regardless, the fleets keep coming. Most manage to evade the efforts of the overstretched Navy.

Military and economic aid pours into the Northern Alliance. The People’s Republic of China, in turn, gains access to rich oil fields under the South China and Timor Seas.

Australia has been powerless to bring any real diplomatic pressure to bear. Support and backing of the United Nations and its ANZUS allies, is key to reaching a resolution.

The Northern Alliance increases is military presence in West Timor and Irian Jaya. Both countries are Australia’s closest northern neighbours. Australia demands the military build-up stops, and recognition of Australian territorial waters. The Northern Alliance Central Government rejects Australia’s demands.

As a consequence, the Australian Government ejects the Northern Alliance Ambassador. A rapid deterioration of diplomatic goodwill results.

Coordinated attacks on the coastlines of North Queensland and the Northern Territory follow. Australian military and police forces mobilise to meet the threat. Their numbers, and weapons, are inadequate to halt the Northern Alliance advance.

Major Jake Bridges is a Commando, and veteran of Australia’s Afghanistan campaigns. He is also a survivor of the Northern Alliances’ initial push into Northern Australia. His task is to build a guerrilla force to the harass and attack enemy supply lines. Many former Australian servicemen choose to live in isolation in far north Queensland. Jake Bridges must recruit those men to form his guerrilla army.

The story follows the Northern Alliance’s seemingly inexorable march across the Australian landscape and the development of a highly mobile, flexible, and Bridge’s guerrillas who gradually begin to halt the advance, inflicting serious damage to personnel and materiel, buying valuable time for the Australian military forces to regroup and for Australia’s allies to provide desperately needed support.

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