Intergalactic Omega

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Ezra is an orphan from Aquamarina who always dreamed of being in the military…despite the fact that he was an omega. Despite having been abandoned Ezra grew up to be anything but an omega. He was strong, fast, tall and most importantly imdependent. One day, on his 18th birthday he was given a chance to enroll in the prestigious academy for army training: Golden Gate Academy. Soon enough, Ezra set out for the capital planet to start his intergalactic journey. Join him on his journey to greatness as he faces challenges, enemies and…romance?

Action / Scifi
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Chapter 1

“I am so sorry darling” I heard the sobs of a woman I didn’t recognize, all I know is that I was too young to remember those memories. I remember reaching out to this unknown woman hoping for her to pick me up and take me with her but she never did

" Ezra, Ezra” A familiar voice called out to me

I slowly began to open my eyes and realized it was my mom, well adopted mom, Miley. She took me in when I was just a baby left outside alone in the big dark world to fend for my self. Thank the stars she did, because lord knows what would have happened to an omega like me

“Oh, good morning Mom” I said drowsily

" Is everything alright, it looked like you were having a bad dream” Miley asked with a worried tone

" Don’t worry mom, it’s just a silly little nightmare, I’m not a kid anymore” I replied

" Get ready quickly, I have a surprise for you downstairs, so hurry up and get out of bed already” Miley exclaimed happily then gave me a peck on my forehead

I remembered my birthday was today, or rather the day Miley found me

I was turning 18 which was really big for me because it meant I was finally of legal age to join the army’s most prestigious school Golden Gate academy located on the solar system’s main planet/capital, Chyrsanefenia.

I had dreamt of enrolling since as long as I could remember counting the final days to my 18th birthday. I know it is pretty unusual to think I would have any chance to enroll due to the fact I wasn’t only just an omega but also came from a lower class society, where as all the students who enrolled in the school were from prestigious homes and were mostly Alphas and high ranked betas.

But I wasn’t any old omega by first glance you would probably mistake me for a high ranked beta or an alpha in the best of situations.

You see I’m far from your usual omega who is gentle, submissive and bow to any alpha’s will, I’m strong, prideful and independent and have no need to submit myself to anyone.

At a very young age I started training my self and my body to be become stronger and have a built composition for the day I would get to enroll in the army. I have dreamt of it ever since I was a young boy and worked hard to obtain my physique, I am leanly built with visible muscles on by abdomen, arms and legs, I have a bed of curly brown unruly hair that sits on top my head with a v shaped shaved undercut, big hazel eyes ( a mix of green and brown), freckles scattered all over my face, a nicely shaped jaw and other features that built my appearance. The only thing that would reveal my omega status would be my small waist and my face which despite have a nice sleek jawline still looked a bit feminine due to my big eyes, button nose and plump pink lips.

And of course my godforsaken heat but that wasn’t really a problem due to me always taking my pills and hardly having my heat anyways.

I finally decided to get out of bed have a shower and go downstairs, I wore a red sweatshirt with black sweatpants and slides leaving my hair untamed as per usual

By the time I got downstairs Miley had already made bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and my absolute favorite pancakes with chocolate syrup. She was there next to the huge feast with a cheerful smile on her face as she turned to look at me.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Ezra, happy birthday to you!!” Miley clapped and cheered while coming towards me as i sat down at the dining table allowing Miley to give me a kiss on the cheek

" Oh, mom. I’m not a kid anymore, I’m 18 for crying out loud, I don’t need kisses and a birthday song” I said while trying to get away from her and her monster grip as she hugged me.

After having breakfast together and washing up. Miley came around the table with something behind her back

“I have something for you, Happy birthday Ezra” She said while handing me the thing she was holding behind her back which turned out to be a brown envelope with a very fancy stamp on it

“What is this?” I asked curiously slightly raising one of my eyebrows

“Just open it and you’ll see” She said with a mischievous grin

I shrugged and started opening the package. Once I opened it there was a letter inside, I started reading it and couldn’t believe my eyes while reviewing the information that was written on the letter.

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