The demon soilder.

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A man loses everything, his family, his country..., His humanity to the horrors of war, and his conquest to revenge, revenge against the whole world, will he win?, Or lose?, And either way, is he a hero?, Or is he just like those who striped away his family?.

Action / Scifi
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Chapter 1


Hello, my name's ayman, I am currently 16,I live in algeria, and I am what you call a shut in, I don't go out much, I watch anime and play video games a lot, I have 7 brother and 1 sister, and two loving parents,anyway what's important is i have to go to school today which I don't really like, everyone there is so boring, and fake do I really have to go?
"Young man if you don't get your ass down here in this instance!" Shouted my mother from downstairs, I just kept quiet and ignored her, that worked well until.
"Youcif, go get your brother." She said to my older brother, oh dang it, I am screwed, I tried to close the door but wouldn't you know it, he's tricking stronger than me, and forces the door open
"Come, this is pretty pointless so why resist?" He asked with his usual mocking smirk, I growled as he picked me up and took me down.
"Okay put me down, I can walk just fine" I muttered,and he laughs.
"Oh hell no, I am taking you to school like this."he said as he Snickered, oh god no that would be soical suicide…., I don't even have that much of a god damn social life!.
"No!!" And he ignores me,the asshole did it he actually took me to school on his shoulder, school wasn't that far away from home, it was just a few buildings over, yea our schools aren't like that in the us, here people build Houses in random places, like too close to a school, and like I expected, everyone was laughing at me the moment they spotted me on my brothers shoulder.
"Well we're here, here's your backpack, and don't you dare try to skip school again or dads gonna be pissed." He said as he handed it to me, yea last time dad discovered I was skipping school it wasn't pretty, his chill most of the time but when it comes to studies he turns into a goddamn belt expert.
"Yea yea" I waved him off, as I went in and hid my face down, man this is embarrassing, everyone was looking at me and snickring school was like usual, I didn't pay it any fuckin attention, I was staring at my crush, Aya, she's the hottest girl in our school, and the smartest,yea typical poupler girl I know, but she's different, I don't know how but she is, and oh god she's coming my way!.
"Uhh, your ayman right?" She asked, uncertain, that's to be expected, I don't talk much in school.
"...yea." I say, dammit your crush is talking to you and all you say is , ye.
"Cool, here" she said as she gave me a test paper.
"You skipped school last day, so the teacher gave me your test paper to give it to you" I looked at the score, and damn I did great!, ...for me, I got a 3/20, that's better than last time
"Oh thank you." I said, and she just smiled and left, dang it, I wanted to talk to her more.
The rest of the day was boring, but something I didn't expect happened at the end of the day.
"IMPORTANT NEWS COMING!The USA and china declared war on each other!, As well as Russian and north Korea!, The declaration of the third world war is happening!!!" And my life from there went downhill.
Half a year later.
Algeria was the center of the war, as expected, using a small Nation for a war amongst the big ones, and when the allies of algeria started losing, they did something I would never forgave them for, they gave us up, and the enemies were brutal, to enforce there will starts burning down big cities and killing people left and right, that's exactly what was happening here.
Me and my younger brothers were hiding in the house as well as my parents,my older brothers were out trying to distract them, which I said was a bad idea, then.
Bang!, Bang!, Bang!
Someone was banging on the door then it broke down, shit, no, no ,no!.
"Surrender!" A man in a military clothing with an assault rifle shouted, and that we did, even when we were obviously raising our hands in the air, the man came in as well as many others and beat my dad with his gun, then he said move and they all rounded us up, as well as my other brothers, and some people from my neighborhood, they handcuffed us, like everyone else.
"Sir, these are civilians, what do we do?" Asked one of the soldiers.
"The orders were clear, execute everyone In this town." He said without a hint of remorse.
I froze, no, we're gonna die!Tears were rolling in my eyes.
"But sir, there are children here!" He protested, the man, who I presume is their commander, looked him dead in the eyes and said.
"Are you questioning orders now, Sargent?" He asked as he raised a pistol towards the man, the man looked terrified then backed off.
"No sir!-"bang!The man didn't care about what the Sargent had to say as he blasted a hole inside his head , his brain and was sent everywhere. Some of it landed on my face, I almost pukedThen the man looked at the other soldier and asked in a cold stern voice.
"Anyone else wants to question our orders?" He asked , and everyone shouted.
"NO SIR!" Then he turned to us.
"We don't have a lot of ammo, so use the knives." He said simply as he turned to leave, and, those monsters, they started cutting everyone's throat, no matter old, or young, then they reached my family, oh god no.
"DAD!, MOM!" I shouted shouted as the savages cut there's throats
"Youcif!Khaled!" And each time a brother died, and died until I was the last one there, I just stood there, why?, Why is this happening to us?,one of the soldiers put the knife to my throat, why?,....they should pay, everyone who had a hand in this should pay!!!, I will make them pay!And he slit my throat...?, Looked at my neck, then at the knife, I wasn't bleeding,he made a hush sign and pushed me down, and i understood, he just pretend to slit it, and passed the dull side if the knife on my neck, I didn't move, even as I heard peoples screams I didn't move, even when bodies of people I knew were dropped on me, I didn't move,I didn't move for a long time, it was night time now, and I heard footsteps, the bodies on top of me being moved.
"Are you still alive?" A voice asked, when I looked at his face I recognized him, it's the man who spared me.
I nodded and he sighed.
"Good, follow me kid." He said,I did that, the other soldiers seemed to be asleep, and they led me to a clearing, and gave me a backpack, it had essential stuff, food, water, and some other stuff.
"Run, kid, and don't look back." He said, as he turned around to leave
"Why?" I asked him
"Why?" He questioned
"Why did you help me?" I asked
"Because, why not?" He said with a simple dry smile that seemed forced, he left afterward, and I turned around and ran, I never looked back like he asked, and In my heart, I made a vow.
Every single person who ever had a hand in what happened today, the invaders, the allies who left us to die, the nations who acted like it's not their problem, they will all pay.
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