Twin Lords Of The Mafia

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My name is Anna Fields. I am a 25 year old that works two part time jobs. One is in the morning at a café, the other is at night as a bartender. I make a lot of tips as a bartender and just took up the café job to help a friend out. The twins run the place and have never found anyone they wanted to settle down with. One night, I come across them and that is when my entire life was flipped upside down. They set their sights on me but the only problem is that they share everything, including the woman that they intend to marry. What happens as I slowly fall for these two gorgeous men who turn out to be one of the biggest Mafia Lords in the country? Trevor and Tanner Callaway seem to be your usual bachelors who are just trying to make money by owning their own club. There are only a few that know their true background.

Action / Romance
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Meeting The Twins


Tonya walks into the club with a smile “Hey girl, how was your afternoon off?”

Tonya is one of my best friends at The Midnight Star. We both have worked here since we turned twenty-one. I learned most of my skills from another friend who was a bartender for twenty years. He lives in our apartment complex, showing me how to mix different drinks.

Throwing my arms up while spinning around, “I loved it. For the first time in weeks, I went to the beach, laid out in the sun, and swam a little. It was nice to have half a day off for the first time in months.”

She smiles, pointing at me. “It’s about time. You work way too much.”

I stop looking at her with a look. “I have bills to pay. I’m also saving up so I can buy a car. You know that I’m tired of walking or riding that stinky bus. I want my car,” pointing to the picture of the Lexus on the wall.

She smiles, laughing, “Yeah, yeah. We know. You work yourself into the ground,” making a face at me.

Crossing my arms at her, “I want to buy things that I’ve never had. I want a decent life,” tapping my foot now that I am aggravated.

“I know. Well, the doors are about to open. Let’s make some money.”

She leaves to get where she needs to be for the night while I roll my eyes at her bubbly attitude. We are super busy for hours on end to where I’m keeping up with orders but just barely.

Trevor and Tanner Callaway, who are twenty-six twin brothers, own the club we are at. I have heard rumors that they are Lords of the Mafia but never have confirmed it, plus I have also never laid eyes on them before. People tell me that they both are identical while being drop-dead handsome. As I’m on the last leg of my shift, I hear a deep, sexy voice talk to me.

Trevor props up on the bar smiling at me. “Hey, beautiful, can we get two vodkas on the rocks?”

Looking at him, going back to the bar grabbing two glasses, “Yes, of course. Wait, you said we? Who’s the other for?”

Tanner walks up as soon as that leaves my mouth. “That would be for me.”

Another fantastic hunk of a looking man walks up with a smile. Oh shit! They are identical twins. I don’t know exactly who these men are, but I figure they are here to unwind like the rest of the people in the club. I fix their drinks quickly, setting them down where each of them is standing. One of them brushes my hand lightly, making me feel a tingle shoot up my arm, so my hand pulls back quickly to tuck my hair behind my ear.

Trying not to look them in the eyes, “Here you go, gentleman. Enjoy.” I turn to take care of more customers. As I walk by, they tap their glasses for more “Yes, sir, give me one second, please; I will be more than happy to get that for you.” I grab the bottle filling them up again. I work my way down the bar, but their eyes never leave watching me. I’m five foot seven inches, with long jet-black hair while trying to work out quite a bit. I am as fit as I can now since I just run around the park or do pushups and crunches in the apartment. According to the doctor, I probably weigh about one hundred thirty-five pounds, but most are muscles. When I work here, we wear a black dress with high-top black boots required for behind the bar. They finish their second round of drinks laying down a one hundred dollar bill for me. I go to cash it out, but when I come back, they have disappeared. When we are finally closed, where all of the glasses are washed dried before we put them back up, I finally gather my things to go home.

Trevor smiles as we walk out the front door leaning against a black Range Rover. “There you are. We were wondering how long it took you to finish up.”

Thinking they came back for their change, “Oh, here’s your change. You left before I could give it to you,” holding out the money.

Tanner smiles at me and closes his hand around mine, holding the money out towards them. “That was our tip to you. We didn’t need change.”

My jaw drops. “That was a seventy-dollar tip. Your bill was only thirty.”

Trevor shrugs at me. “That’s fine; it’s no big deal. We have plenty of money, so that money is yours.”

Tanner walks around behind me, laying his hand on my shoulder. “We want to offer you a ride home.”

I am getting a creepy feeling about this. “Thanks, but no thanks. We take the train together,” pointing at Tonya and myself.

Trevor looks shocked as his eyes flick back and forth between us. “At two-thirty in the morning? That’s dangerous. You don’t know who’s on those trains.”

Giving him a hard stare, “Usually no one. We do it every night.”

Tanner steps back, pointing at him and his brother. “Well, consider yourself lucky tonight. We’re here to take you home.”

Tonya pulls on my arm lightly. “Come on, girl. I don’t think they’ll hurt us.”

The guys chuckle while shaking their heads. “No, we won’t hurt you. If anything, you will be very safe with us,” Trevor says while showing off his perfect white teeth.

“Yeah, come on. We have to be somewhere shortly anyway. We can run you home before going to what we need to” Tanner puts his arm around his brother.

Shaking my head slowly, “Thank you, but I think we will just take the train.”

Trevor’s face drops from his smile to a light scowl. “Look, we’re asking nicely, don’t make us get ugly.”

Turning to look at Tonya crossing my arms, “See, I told you they couldn’t be trusted.”

Tanner points at me with his huge finger. “We can be trusted. We are just used to getting our way. Now come on, get in the car to let us take you home. Don’t make us force you in; we’re not taking no for an answer.”

Tonya pleads with me as I look her in the eyes. “Come on. Let’s get in; I don’t think they are giving us a choice.”

Tanner snaps a little at me. “We’re not.”

Letting out a huge breath, I throw my hands up. “Fine, we’re in the back, you two up front,” waving my hand to the doors on the car sitting behind them.

“I can handle those terms. Come on; we can’t be late for our meeting,” Trevor says as he holds open my door for us to get in.

Tanner grunts rolling his eyes. “Ugh! I’m not too fond of those. Why can’t people behave; we wouldn’t have to have these stupid meetings having to make these decisions.”

Trevor glares at his brother “Tanner, enough. We have guests.”

Looking at them in shock now that they have finally said a name, “So, can I ask exactly what kind of business you boys do? Also, are you Tanner and Trevor? The twins that own this club?”

Trevor growls, “For one, we are not boys, or the last time I checked, I’m not. Second, yes, we are. Sorry, we thought you knew who we were.”

Tanner grabs his crotch for a second. “Neither am I; we are grown-ass men and would love to show you that we are not boys.”

“Sorry, I have never seen you before but have heard about who you were and what you looked like,” fiddling with my finger.

Tonya’s eyes sparkle as she chimes in, “Is that a promise?”

Trevor and Tanner look at each other with huge smirks on their faces.

Slapping her arm hard, “Tonya, enough with your horny ass. Jeez!”

They all laugh while she gives them our address.

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