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Life isn't easy as a secret agent and Rose knows that. All her life she's been on the run from the Peacekeepers who hunted down every single agent. Alone and wanted, Rose must save Kineer from a controlling government who wants nothing more than to see her gone. But doing it alone will force her to take risks that put her in harms way. Finding a group of outcasts also being hunted down she joins them, banding together to fight the government and free the other agents. But their actions lead them into peril, and Rose is forced to choose between saving her the other agents, or her new friends.

Action / Scifi
Ciara Louie
Age Rating:


My eyes snapped open, only to find that I wasn’t in my room. I sat up, my vision blurry as I tried to make out my surroundings only to feel a sharp pain in my head.

Where am I? Wha-whats going on? My heart started to beat faster as I blinked, my vision slowly starting to clear, only to see white all around me.

Am I dead? No...I-I can't be! I tried to think back, but even that seemed faded. Oh, God, why can't I remember anything?

I quickly stood, only to fall back down as pains shot through my legs. I winced, grabbing onto the steel bed frame as I slowly pulled myself up, gasping.

What's wrong with me? My arms shook, but I tried to ignore it as I slowly took a step, then another wincing.

"Hello? I rasped, letting out a cough as pain shot through my throat. I rubbed it gingerly, freezing as my fingers traced over a small needle hole.

Did they drug me? I felt my body, shivers running through me as my finger traced over what seemed to be barely healed cuts.

Did I get into a fight? Did whoever bring me here do this? My breath became short

What’s going on? Why is no one answering me? Are there even any people here? I banged on the door.

“Please! Te-tell me where I am!” My legs shook and I stepped away back towards the bed shivering.

Think, try to remember something.

Lights flashed in my eyes

The protest…

Shouts echoed through the courtyard as people ran screaming.

The agents...we all were there...

Gunshots echoed as guards shot their guns, their bullets hitting their targets. Bodies fell to the ground, their eyes lifeless.

No, don’t focus on the bad ones, figure out how you got here. I tried to think back, but all I could see was a dark figure, leaning over me with a grin as she plunged something into my gums.

I couldn’t piece it together. The flashes seemed to be all scrambled, each of them leading me away deeper into the twisted roots of my tired mind.

Am I going to die? I wondered.

I heard a loud bang and whirled around, only to see a pair of guards, wearing white suits and carrying prongs standing in the doorway.

“Who are you, what’s going on?” They didn’t answer and fear flashed through my as one of them moved forward grabbing me roughly and dragging me outside into the hallway

“Where are you taking me?” I asked, struggling, but they didn’t budge as they dragged me into a room at the end of the hall.

The hall itself was so dark, with the only light being neon blue veins, embedded into the wall.

What is this place? But I never got a chance to ponder my own question as they dragged me into a room, with multiple machines and containers, glowing and illuminating what looked like human figures inside. They were hooked to computers, each of them with a heart monitor. There was lab equipment including vials filled with a strange pink substance on the tables that were stationed around the room. But I didn’t get to marvel at the room as my eyes went straight to the metal table in the center of it all.

“Wait-” I said, trying desperately to pull away, but they only tightened their grip as they forced me over to it, my back letting out a scream of protest as they slammed me down on the cold metal causing my breath to rush out of me.

“Let go of me! What do you want?” I cried.

I heard footsteps coming towards us and could just make out the pair of guards stepped to the side, revealing a dark figure hidden by the shadows. I couldn’t see his expression, only his eyes which seemed to shine with something sinister.

“Who are you?” I gritted my teeth. “What do you want!”

He chuckled, sending shivers down my spine.

“Shh, don’t panic. You’re going to be fine my dear,” he murmured.

I watched, my heart pounding as he reached over to the side of the table, grabbing a syringe filled with a clear liquid.

“Hold her still,” he ordered. I shook my head desperately as the guards grabbed my arms and legs, pinning me down. The man reached over, stabbing the needle into my arm.

My struggling grew weaker and weaker until my body went limp and I could only lay still as he reached over, putting something around my left eye, forcing it wide open. My heart beating faster and faster as tears fell down my cheeks.


He stared down at me, holding something that looked like a laser, the same sinister look in his eyes.

“No need to worry. This won’t hurt a bit…”

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