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Ready Or Not

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People started surrounding and aiming their guns at us. We were completely outnumbered. "This round of hide-and-seek is sadly over, but the next round is starting...right now!" We heard a fit of hysterical laughter before she announced. "Are you ready, Krystallia? Ready or not..." \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Krystallia Estrada, a gang leader with a mysterious target on her back. Zachary Kingston, a newly-introduced gang member with two exes after him. Throw in employees, crazy exes, disorders, Autumn, explosives, family histories, and what do you get? This sequel to the rollercoaster. Take a ride and see where it takes you. To the top with the beautiful sunset, or to the bottom where the dark secret of the Estrada will consume you.

Action / Romance
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Welcome back~

Make sure you have read Are You Ready before this book, as this is a direct sequel, continuing where we left off in the last book.
Once you've read the previous book, come back here and continue the story~
Hope you enjoy it!
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