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Chapter 15

There I was, with Splice at my left and Joan at my right. It was funny how I wanted so badly to become a superhero, but it only took three days to put myself in a position to work with criminals. It had to have been past midnight. The fence, the primary defense, the barrier of death, was around a corner from where we hid. There were at least 3 Hightower guards carrying sniper rifles guarding the fence. It was my job to run in and attach the generator. I knew I’d be alright, but if the generator was hit by anything, the entire plane would have fallen apart.

We hoped that the current would stop long enough for Spot to eat a hole through the fence. From there, Spot and I would have shielded Joan and Splice long enough to get them to the other side. Either way, the hard part was on me.

After everything I did, I didn’t need to have someone else fight my battles anymore. I learned to do more than heal. I grew. That being said, all of my better judgment told me to leave Splice and Joan behind. Unfortunately, there was Spot to think about. It was a man-eating monster that could have been from my home planet. I couldn’t leave it. Despite Spot being friendly to me, its master was Splice. One way or another, I had to leave Section 2, so I decided to make the most out of the trip and do whatever I had to in order to take Spot with me.

There was one issue.

Simply put, I was the good guy, and they were the bad guys. I was prepared to compromise my morals and get everyone out, but no one trusted me enough to get that far. I ran to connect the generator to the fence. Bullets flew to no end, but I connected the machine.

That’s when it happened. The electrical current never stopped, but the generator was not a generator. What I connected was a dirty bomb, and it blew up after the fence gave it enough power to explode. I was blown sky high, so high I witnessed my partners make a run for the gaping hole of an exit I made. I lost all four of my limbs, and there was a factory’s worth of shrapnel lodged in multiple parts of my head and torso. When I hit the ground, the impact hammered everything deeper.

I sacrificed my body, and they left me.

If nothing else, I made it out of Section 2, but that hole in the fence was too big. I had no doubt more people were going to run free. In fact, despite the guards continuing to shoot, numerous bad guys started running through. Thieves, murderers, and psychopaths trampled me.

King had his distraction. There was no way The Trio would miss the biggest jailbreak in history.

It was going to take a while to heal enough to run away, so I didn’t push for the extra muscles I had before the explosion. I was back to my usual stick self.

I was also naked.

There are only so many stab wounds, explosions, and gunshots a uniform can take before it’s reduced to scrap. When I could move, I made my way home to building 7.

At 6 in the morning, the city was on fire. In the distance, explosions rang out, and smoke rose to block the sun’s morning light. I felt the ground quake as I entered my apartment. My front door was still nonexistent after King obliterated it.

I looked for something to wear, and the first thing I found was my superhero outfit. Shoes, shorts, gloves, and headband. I slipped everything on before I noticed something in my pocket. My scarf, my impromptu cape, I couldn’t bring myself to wear it after all my misdeeds. I left it in my pocket. Still, I looked good. I looked almost heroic. At least my clothes did anyway. I was tired.

My bed was right there. I could have used a few hours of sleep, but I was on a mission. I had to report back to King. I doubt he or anyone else needed someone to tell them how chaotic things were, but relaying the information directly was my safest bet.

I could only hope that Cloud was still alive.

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