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"Who are you? What do you want? " The Mafia's soon to be leader asked her apprehension clear on his face. "Well hello to you too little brother! " Came her sarcastic reply as the men present in the room gasped aloud in shock. The old pudgy man at the front of the room Visibily paled. "I'm here to take what's rightfully mine. Isn't it father? "

Action / Thriller
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18 years ago.

The loud cracking of thunder broke the heavy silence engulfing the room. With the ending storms the moon fought with the clouds to shine again ,to relive the world of the horrors it just witnessed.

A silver of light entered the room, as it shined upon the man covered in blood as he stood clutching something to his chest for dear life.
What seemed to have been an eternity he looked down at the tiny bundle wrapped in layers of blanket sleeping peacefully in his arms. The bundle blissfully unaware of the multiple deaths that welcomed it to a world of blood and war.

"You are a epitome of death to this world my child, the final piece of my puzzle and the last step to my victory. "

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