The Ravaging Eagle

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Chapter 2

His street name was King.He was the perfect defination of an Adonis.For me it was love at first sight he was just flawless.As time went on we both discovered that we really had a thing for each other.At first we were strangers,then we turned into friends then it got serious when we became lovers.Three years down the line we got married.We were a happy couple.Everyone adored us it was a typical cheesy Cinderella story that had a good ending.We got blessed with 3 beautiful kids.We called them Brianna,Piper and Adrian.After having the kids l decided to leave my job and become a housewife.This was not hard since l adored my little family.

6 years later
My first born Brianna was now 12,Piper was now 8 and Adrianna 7.We had an ideal family.l thought l had my Cinderella perfect ending until one fateful day when trouble struck.
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