The Ravaging Eagle

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Chapter 3

It was a Friday afternoon when hell broke loose.It was around 1 in the afternoon when the kids came back home from school except Brianna.l waited impatiently for her since she was late for lunch.It got worse when 2 struck but there was still no sign of my Brianna anywhere.This was beyond weird since Brianna liked being home early on Fridays in order to catch up with her favourite shows.l asked other kids in the neighborhood about her whereabouts but noone had a clue.When King got back home he was acting a bit weird but l brushed it off since l was more worried about Brianna.When l asked him if he had heard anything he snapped"Why ask me?You are the one who took them to school and you should be the one taking care of them".
I was beyond surprised at how mad he looked so l just excused myself and kept my worries to myself.Days turned into weeks and Brianna had not come home.l told King l was now going to involve the police but he said l couldn't since it would endanger the whole empire he told me not to worry too much since hisen were working on it.l blindly trusted him and in turn started praying for her wellbeing.
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