The Ravaging Eagle

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Chapter 4

Two years later l had now finally came to terms with the disappearence of my baby.All l prayed and hoped for was that she was alive.It was now Piper's birthday.My child was turning 10.As l woke up to surprise my little angel in bed.The thing l first noticed was her bed was empty.There was absolutely no trace of her on it.The only evidence that l had pJo Jout her to bed were the crumpled sheets.By now anxiety was washing over me in waves.The fear of losing her as l had just lost Brianna was enough to give me a good panic attack.l tried my best to calm myself down.As soon as l was calm enough to talk l called King and asked him if he knew where my baby was.As usual he absent mindedly told he knew nothing about it.Instead he said it was time for me to see a shrink because l was getting paranoid.About 4 hours later he told me to get Adrian ready for school since he was getting late.What bewilded me the most was the fact that he was acting like Piper was not freaking missing.He was making me feel like l was the one acting weird.So without further do l got him ready for school.As they left l sat in Piper's room grief stricken and bawling my eyes out for my daughter.l lost track of time wallowing in my distresses.I was pulled out of my trance by my phone which was ringing.
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