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You raise your hand a make a thumbs up while smiling and nodding. Uncle Mike smiles as well. he shakes your hand and says

“Splendid! Now, these are the keys to your new apartment, and yeah, have a nice stay.” You take the keys and look at them. “Come on, go now!” Uncle Mike says while almost pushing you out. You close your palm and enter the known elevator again. The trip to the main lobby now feels better. You exit the building and this time you point at another big building to the taxi driver.

You happily watch the many restaurant signs outside, some in English and others in Japanese. The taxi driver stops suddenly. “We made it, my friend.” You smile at him and pay him. After you enter the building you see that it isn’t a block of flats. The whole place is yours. A maid comes and offers you a cocktail. You take it and explore the place.

The first floor has a giant living room and a big kitchen, where three chefs make you special dishes. The second floor, has a sauna, a spa, and a bowling pit. You are amazed. You quickly climb the stairs to the third floor, where your massive bed is, with all the fancy clothes inside your closet.

A servant just finished making your bed. He takes your now empty glass and takes it downstairs. You go to the final floor, the roof. You see a mini-bar and a gigantic pool. You will live like royalty!

And so you do. You make parties all the time, eat the most gourmet dishes and swim in your pool in the mornings. You don’t move your little finger, except at the end of the week when your paycheck arrives and also some mails.

A mission you chose to ignore, another mission you chose to ignore, and a mail which is written in some old, dirty paper. You chose to ignore it as well. How could someone do something such disrespectful to you? But your curiosity defeats you.

You open the mail. It’s from the terrorist group. ”Come with us, or tomorrow you will sleep with the fishes." You are socked. What do you do?

To decline their offer, go to page 16.

To accept it, go to page 17.
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