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You take a deep breath and enter the hallway that leads to the resistance. You expect to see people armed with guns ready to shoot you if you don’t do what they want. But as you make it to the resistance, you see a camp full of weak, pathetic people. No food in their storage, no weapons to defend themselves.

Not even masks so that they don’t get affected by the air. The resistance was pathetic but now you can’t go back. A lady comes and talks to you.

“Hello, I am the leader of the resistance. Would you like to join us?”

You nod your head. But you can’t see them like this. You take your police badge and show it to them. The males of the resistance come and insult you, calling you a pig, and are ready to beat you up.

Then, you throw your badge into the fire, leaving everyone speechless. The lady smiles look at the others and say “Next time, wait before you judge.” You remember.

You take out a map of storage in the upper ring. There are guns and masks inside it. You point at it with your finger and the lady looks at you with a worried face. “We don’t have enough people to go there.” You point at the men that mocked you some minutes ago. She looks at them.

“We will do anything for the resistance, miss”

She looks at you again. She shakes your hand and agrees to your plan.

You start the next day. 8 people of you go to the upper-ring in a broken down, stolen van. One of those men starts driving until you make it to the wall that separates the lower ring and the upper ring. You squish through a vent and manage to get through and break into the storage. The lady comes as well and starts taking masks and guns and throwing them to the others who were packing them up. But suddenly, you hear an alarm.

They have spotted you! The vent suddenly closes and you can’t get through. There are only 2 exits. The left, and the right.

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