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You think “Oh fuck them!” No one cares about filthy peasants like them, right? That’s right! No one! You try to think something else and just in that time, the mailman comes and gives you a letter.

Dear officer,

We have assigned you a mission, to go and defeat the terrorist squad once and for all. The mission will start today, at 8 pm. You should be in the anti-terrorist dorms by 7:30 pm. You will be the leader of squad D. More details will be discussed when you come here.

It feels like ages since your last mission that now you are kinda bored of it. but it’s ok. Without terrorists, you won’t be needed again for a while. So, you get ready and at 7:40 you are at the dorms. The plan is discussed amongst the other officers and it is kinda simple. All you have to do is break through the base and destroy the terrorist’s supplies.

So when the time comes you think you are ready. You and your squad break into the base and start destroying supplies. You smile as your people continue shooting everything. But another officer tries to contact you. “It’s a trap!” you hear through the walkie-talkie as an explosion is heard and big rocks fall and slowly destroying the whole place. Your squadmates ask you for help but the exit door is behind you. What do you do?

To help your squadmates and escape together, go to page 25

To ignore them and save yourself, go to page 24
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