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You think... What are you doing? You became the same thing you were mocking. You chose not to be like that anymore. You take your car and madly drive to the lower ring. Without a second thought, you walk into the terrorist’s base.

The people there aren’t that welcoming to an officer but when you pull out your badge and throw it in the fire then, their leader smiles. “You want to be one of us, don’t you?“. You nod.

All the others smile as well, and they treat you like you were friends for years. And they send you to constantly throw bombs at the upper ring. They keep saying that the rich deserve to die and you believe it.

From a puppet of Uncle Mike, you become a puppet of the terrorists. You understand it. You see all the damage you caused. They say it’s to give a message, but you do nothing more than just killing people.

You have to think. Will you continue to be with them, or not?

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