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You get frightened. You don’t want to die. You are so comfortable with your laid-back life that you can’t even think of it. But going with the terrorists? You don’t want that either. So, you prepare your stuff in a suitcase. But one of your workers sees you. You explain the situation to them and they tell you to follow them.

You take their car and they start driving. They leave the upper ring, and you get scared. Do they want to kill you? But after 2 hours, they leave the lower ring too! You are outside of the town, driving aimlessly. Or so you think.

After 5 hours of driving, you reach a beautiful meadow. You can’t believe your eyes. You have never seen real grass before. Let alone not 3D printed fruits. Neither have you ever seen animals. You think it is so beautiful, that you cry. Your worker stops in front of a little hut.

“This is where my mother lives. She has escaped from that hell, and look at this. Look what they were hiding from us. Here we can be careless. Safe. I...love you.”

You kiss. You go inside and meet his mum. And you live a happy life with them.
Ending 3: The careless
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