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You think. What were you doing? Only thinking about yourself and how you will make yourself happy. But what about the lower ring? What about all those people that leave in the dirtiness? Don’t you care about them? Yes! You do!

You make a signal to your maid to bring you your jacket. You wear it and get in your sports car. You start driving. You have to end Uncle Mike’s tyranny. You drive to the lower ring and go to the place where you had seen those terrorists, looking at you, while you went and ended the resistance.

You didn’t even know that the terrorists and the resistance were different groups. You luckily find your now new allies. They search you for guns and when they find you clear, they ask you to follow them. You find yourself in a place like the resistance’s base although, everyone there had a weapon and there was more food. Food that they mostly stole.

The leader comes and shakes your hand.

“Thank you for coming. You...Uncle Mike likes you. You have to stab him behind his back. Go to his office and shoot him. You might die, but you will die a hero.”

You feel uncomfortable. You don’t want to sacrifice yourself. But who knows what would happen if you rejected them in front of their face? They would definitely kill you. You nod to what he says and he smiles. Everyone starts cheering. You exit their base as a hero and proudly join your sports car. You drive back to the upper ring and now you look at the signs with disgust instead of joy.

You enter the main building and go to the usual elevator. With a gun in hand, the door opens. Uncle Mike sees you and sadly says

“That’s a shame. You were able of much. But you are too stupid to come at me. I. See. Everything. You fall down, you have been paralyzed. He was prepared. Your eyelids start becoming heavy. You pass out.

You wake up at a jail. Where are you? Upper ring? Lower ring? Who knows? A guard is there, looking at you with disgust. You wait. Three days pass and nothing happened. They don’t give you any water or food. You are almost dead. But you hear noises. The terrorists. They came to save you!

They are the last thing you see before you wake up at their base. You cry from joy, they didn’t forget you. “You are still a hero to us,” they say while patting you in the back and giving you some food to eat.

But you can’t escape Uncle Mike. The anti-terrorists found you. Another missile. You ran with the others. But they weren’t fast enough. You are the only survivor. What do you do now? You go around, pointlessly, while breathing the polluted air.

“Hey, you! What are you doing there, alone?”

You go close to him.

“You don’t have a job, huh? Come with me”

You follow him. He gets you a job at a coal mine. And he lets you live with his family. Inside the filthiness and the illnesses. Ironic. You tried to change the world by giving up your fancy life, now you are just a low-ring citizen.

Happy with yourself?
Ending 4: The citizen
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