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You throw your weapon. “What the fuck are you doing???” the leader screams. Uncle Mike pressed a button and calls anti-terrorists who shoot the leader. but the explosion. The terrorists managed to destroy the upper ring.

They imprison you and torture you, while they are constantly fighting and killing one another. Who, you ask? Everyone. Everyone kills everyone. A never-ending war...

60 years later...

You wake up, where are you? You see ruins everyone. Everyone has died. You are the last human on the earth, an earth polluted and ruined. You see a quick flash, and then some beings who look around. They are slowly walking towards you.

“Radiation: High, Life form: None, Estimated work until this becomes a livable planet: high.”

The being rises its gun and points it at you. “Planet status: Useless”

You die. But I mean, you literally did nothing. What did you expect?

Ending 7: The idiot

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