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You shoot them both. You smile, and then take Uncle Mike’s wig and top hat and wear them. You take his make-up tools and make your whole face white, just like him. You stand in front of the screen and start talking:

“The terrorists attacked us and that means we are giving too much space. For now, whoever joins the upper ring without permission, will get executed. Whoever has a gun without permission, will be executed. Whoever stays with other people for a long time, will be executed. Uncle Mike here, so listen!”

60 years later...

The whole city is in ruins. No one is alive except you. The only building left is your little room. You keep talking.

“Whoever drinks water without permission, will be executed. Whoever breathes without permission will be executed. Whoever lives will be executed. Uncle Mike here... So you better listen!
Ending 8: The dictator
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