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You choose to go right. You start running to a hallway and surprisingly enough, you make it outside! Then you sneak through the buildings and manage to find your other friends in the lower-ring. You jump in the van and drive away. The mission was succeded!

You return to the base victorious. And to be honest, it makes you really popular among the people there. Everyone puts on masks, and eats clean food, for the first time in their life. You make a big celebration and everything. And for the first time, you make a plan to defeat Uncle Mike once and for all.

The next day will be the day. So you get a good rest but wake up, not so nice. Those men of the resistance still don’t trust you and decided to wake you up in the worst way. Shouting and getting you off the bed.

They said they did that because you overslept but you didn’t start the mission three hours later. But you did start it. This time you went from inside the sewers and tried to make your way through the main building, where Uncle Mike was located.

At last, you find it. And after climbing to the top and entering Uncle Mike’s office, you see he was prepared. He pulls out a gun and shoots you, but the leader gets in the way and gets hit in the hand. Her gun falls on the ground and Uncle Mike tries to shoot you. You shot his hand and his gun falls to the ground as well.

" I raised all of you. I made you win the 4th world war. Without me, you would just be slaves now. You can’t kill me. Whatever I do I do it from the kindness of my heart. Shoot her!” Uncle Mike yells.

“Don’t trust him. He just wants to toy with you like with everyone else. He is a dictator. Shoot him!”

“If you shoot her, you will live in luxury like me. You will have everything you ever wanted. So, shoot her!”

“Don’t trust him, he will fool you! Shoot him!”

This is it, the moment of truth. What do you do?

To shoot the resistance leader, go to page 28

To shoot Uncle Mike, go to page 29
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