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You look at the door. You don’t want to get in trouble, so you ignore it and go to your dorm. There is a big day tomorrow. You have a party to attend...

You enter your room and put on your pajamas. You are so tired that you don’t even bother to do anything else, and you fall asleep the exact moment your head touches the pillow.

You wake up, get off your bed and stretch your hands and legs. You go to the bathroom to wash your face while you hear the everyday bell that signals that the work has to start. You quickly get ready and exit your room, go down the cafeteria and sit at a table, alone.

You quickly eat breakfast and then go to your work. Killing terrorists, catching people of the resistance, and so on. At night you go to a party in a big building in the upper ring. You enter the building and you can see many old men and women, in big long dresses and classy tuxedos, taking appetizers and glasses of champagne from servants.

You look around, while someone offers you a cocktail. You can hear the dialogues of the rich

“I don’t know why those terrorists are so mad. Isn’t the lower ring the same as the upper ring?”

“Some people just aren’t satisfied with anything...”

The same? Are they really such delusional? There is nice music as well but it suddenly stops. Then, you see him coming down the stairs. Uncle Mike... You can see him going around and greeting people, who thank him for his amazing ruling and how well he handles both the upper ring and the lower ring. You get mad. You start going to the exit, you don’t want to be there anymore.

You go back to the dorms, and no one really is there. They are all at the party. Why does no one really care about the lower ring? What is wrong with people?

The next day, you are called into the officer’s room. You go in, a little anxious about what’s going to happen. The officer offers you a sit and when you get comfortable, he starts talking.

“You are a great anti-terrorist. And thus, we have a special mission for you. TO go, and defeat the resistance. We know it sounds crazy but, the resistance is not like the terrorist squad. They don’t have weapons, they are hopeless. You will start in half an hour”

You can’t disagree. You don’t have the right to. And that is why, in one hour from then, you arrived at the resistance’s base. Their leader begs you not to kill them, she asks you to have mercy.

You look around at all the frowny, skinny, ill faces of the people there. Your orders say you should kill them. Your heart says you shouldn’t. What do you do?

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