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You stand back, frightened. The officer starts getting mad. He tries to make you take them by force. You punch him in the face. You broke his nose!“Traitor!” everyone screams. You start running for your life. Guards are trying to catch you. You go left, then right. “Don’t lose them!” you hear voices behind you. You peek through a window, guards are outside. You are surrounded by the anti-terrorist dorm!

You remember... you start running from a completely different direction. While you start hearing again “Where are they?” “Where are they?“. Tears start falling from your eyes. You know officially a threat. You enter a room. That room has an emergency exit, so you enter it and run.

You keep running and look behind multiple times. You finally make it outside. You are in the lower ring. Without a mask. In the sewers. Those sewers were more like trashcans. You look around, and the bodies of the dead people scare the hell out of you.

You can see acid spilled in the ground, and the smell is unbelievably painful. You start running, you need to get out of there soon. You look at the walls. More things are written. “Death to the dictator” was written with giant letters on a wall of a building. And next to it, the signatures of dozens of people.

You stare at it while walking, which causes you to bump on a wall. You feel dizzy. You see two signs in front of you. And two hallways which lead to different places. The resistance, and the terrorist squad.

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