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No, you can’t. You look at the leader’s piercing blue eyes one last time and turn your back. While you are leaving, you hear a quiet “thank you...” in the back. You enter your car and leave.

You go back to the upper ring, and into the anti-terrorists building. The officer is there, looking at you. “Did you finish the job?” he asks. You nod your head and he smiles. “Good”

You go and lie on your bed. You try to sleep without thinking about a thousand things that are happening. You try to think straight but you can’t. Finally, you fall asleep.

You wake up to an alarm. You are being attacked!!! The terrorists are here. You go outside, but not before taking your weapon and armor. You get ready to go attack them, but you hear something in the back.


You turn around. it’s the resistance’s leader.

“Looks like the terrorists are attacking you... You can come with us... I know you think that the rich are unfair. And they are. Come with us, and we will make a better Distorp. Together!”

What do you do?

To go with the resistance, go to page 13

To go attack the terrorists, go to page 12
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