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John's revenge

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John is a victim of a terrible name called The Flare. He lives in Paleopolis. The Flare corrupts the city. John must end The Flare if he wants to save the city. Join John, Tom, and Lee as they kick The Flare's but!

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John's Revenge

John is a victim of a terrible gang called The Flare. The Flare killed John’s brother, and countless other innocent people, and he wants to end the gang. John lives in a city named Paleopolis. Paleopolis is corrupted by The Flare. John wants to put this gang to an end. But first, he must collect information about the gang, and where their hideouts and HQ is at. John used to be a police officer, so he already knows combat skills and how to be stealthy, now he will put his skills to use yet again.

John’s alarm clock went off, piercing his ears. John slowly opened his eyes, and slammed the off button. John did not have to go to work for the next few weeks because he was off. John got up from bed and got ready for the day. Before he left the house, John grabbed his pistol that had a silencer, then put it in his holster. John lived in an apartment with other people, including a few friends he met when he was a police officer. John went into the elevator and rode down to the garage to get into the car. Once he got into his car, he looked at a card his brother had given him for his 12th birthday, which was only a few days before he was killed by The Flare. It was a sunny day when he was killed. John and his brother, Jim, were playing outside in their yard, when a black car with a flare insignia pulled up to the house, they did not know anybody that had the car. They went back into the house and told their mom and dad. When their dad checked, he quickly closed the door and locked it, because 3 different people in black suits got out, holding guns. He told them to go into the basement and hide, and they listened. “What is happening?” Jim asked, frightened “I don’t know. But I hope everything will be fine” John said, hoping it was all a nightmare. Then all of a sudden, John could hear the entrance door burst open and 3 gunshots. Tears were running down John’s face. Then the window in the basement shattered, and one of the gangsters hopped into the basement, and John and Jim screamed. The gangster stabbed Jim, and John shrieked as the gangster started running towards him. Right as the gangster raised his knife, he got shot by John’s dad. It was that day, when John’s brother got killed by The Flare. John silently drove down to the gunshop to get more ammo for his gun, as well as more clips. He already had gear for combat, he just needed more ammo and first aid kits. Once John got what he needed, he went back home and visited his friend, Tom. John met Tom when he was a police officer. “What’s up?” Tom asked. “Today is the day,” John said. “For what?” Tom was confused. “We are going to put an end to The Flare” John said. “Get ready, then meet me in my apartment” “Let’s do this!” Tom said. “I’m going to let our other friend, Lee, know about this,” John said. Most of John’s friends are from when he was a police officer, including Lee. John put on his combat gloves, loaded his pistol, put on his combat vest and stored bullets and clips in it, put on a combat belt to hold his explosives and taser, and put first aid kits and extra supplies in a bag to take with him. John knew where one of the hideouts were, he just had to hope that it was not a brand new one, because if it was, there most likely won’t be any information about other hideout locations.

John waited for about a few minutes before Tom and Lee arrived. “Time to end this,” John said. The group went into John’s car and started driving to the hideout.

John and the others arrived at a run down warehouse and parked in an alleyway right next to the building and got out. “Be quiet, if The Flare spots us, we are dead meat” John whispered “You all have silencers on your guns, right?” Lee and Tom nodded. The Flare killed Tom’s father, and killed Lee’s mother. John saw a gangster guarding the entrance door. John aimed down the sights on his pistol, aiming for the right spot. He fired his pistol and took the gangster out, then the group quietly ran towards the door. Lee quietly opened the door to the building “All clear” he whispered, then John and Tom went in then silently shut the door. John led the group down a hallway where he raised his hand to stop, he could hear 2 gangsters up ahead talking. “So there I was and I was like, you know w-” John shot the gangster down, the other gangster grabbed their rifle and got up. Lee quickly shot him down. Tom heard a gangster walk down towards the group. “Come on I hear another gangster,” Tom said, pulling John and Lee into the room where the two gangsters were. “Guys I’m back” the gangster said. Once he entered the room, John shot his chest twice, but it was no use. The gangster had a bulletproof vest. John shot him 2 more times in the chest, then the gangster shot Tom and injured him. “NO TOM!” John was infuriated and shot the gangster twice in the head and took him out. John quickly took out a first aid kit to heal Tom. He was bleeding a lot in his chest. John quickly got a rag to cover the wound. “Lee, make sure no gangsters reach us,” John said. John put pressure on the wound. “Will I make it?” Tom asked. “Don’t be dramatic, of course you will.” John said. Once the bleeding slowed down, John bandaged the wound, then reloaded his pistol. Then he looked on the table for information about other hideouts, but there wasn’t any, because the hideout was brand new, all of what they did for nothing. “NO WHY” John shouted, slamming his fist down on the table. “Ssshhhh your going to get us caught” Lee whispered “Let’s just get out of here, you carry Tom, I will defend the group” John said “Once we get out of here, we are taking Tom to the hospital” The group silently ran out to the car and drove to the hospital

John and Lee were sitting outside Tom’s hospital room, patiently waiting for an employee to come out and tell them the news. After 10 more minutes of waiting, an employee came out. “How is he?” John asked. “He is fine, the wound should heal in about a week.” the employee said “Is it okay if I asked what happened?” “The Flare is what happened,” John said. “The Flare are terrible people,” the employee said. John and Lee then left the hospital and started searching for possible Flare hideouts. John found a brick alleyway with bullet holes then pulled into a parking spot, then ran down the alleyway. At the end of the alleyway was a metal door. John and Lee walked down to the door, with their pistols ready. “Welcome to a Flare hideout, what is the password?” A gangster said after opening a slot in the door. John pointed his pistol into the slot “Say hello to my little friend” John pulled the trigger then took out the soldier, He then got out a flat, bendable stick then unlocked the door. John and Lee then went into the building. There was a Flare banner in the entrance room, as well as 2 doors. John slowly opened the door on the left. The room had 2 gangsters in it. The gangsters quickly got up and grabbed their guns. “Lee I need some help” John whispered, Lee then came and shot down one of the gangsters, John shot the other. John and Lee searched the room for information about the HQ location, but they couldn’t find any. The group then went back to the entrance room then went through the that was in the front. As soon as John opened the door, he heard 3 gangsters in the hallway. John then threw a smoke grenade into the hallway. “Move out” John pointed his finger down the hall, then charged in. John shot down 2 gangsters, but on his third shot, he heard the bullet hit a metal object. A gangster with a shield charged out from the cloud of smoke, getting ready to blast John with it. John quickly evaded the attack “Lee! Watch out!” John said it too late, by the time Lee spotted the gangster, he was right in front of him, then he bashed Lee and nearly broke his leg. John shot the gangster from behind 4 times. “Lee you ok?” John was worried “Yes I will wait outside. I can’t go on. I’m sorry” Lee said “I will help you out” John led Lee out, then went down the hallway. The next room had no gangsters but a table with money and lockpicks. There was also a TV and a Flare banner. There was a door on the left and one on the right. John went through the left. John slowly opened the door to a room full of sleeping gangsters, then quietly left the room. Then John went through the right side door. The room had a table with papers and a map. John looked at the papers, on the papers were messages about what was happening with the gang. One of them read: There was recently an attack at the new Flare warehouse hideout. Multiple gangsters were killed, we need more men. Another one read: More men are being sent to the attacked fort. Thanks for the information. Another one read: We are preparing for a robbery at the Paleo Bank on Thursday. I want at least 15 gangsters for the attack. John then looked at the map for the HQ location. “There it is” John found the HQ location. It was at the shady side of Paleopolis, on Flame Drive. John then went back to the other room and saw a gangster in there. “Oh Jay there you a-” John quickly shot the gangster then ran out into the alleyway. After he took Lee to the hospital, John went back home to sleep, it was late.

The alarm clock went off, piercing John’s ears. John slowly opened his eyes, then slammed the off button, then got out of bed and got ready for the day. After getting ready, and gearing up, John went onto his laptop and posted online: I collected information on where The Flare HQ is at, meet me at my apartment, and I will lead you to the place. John had made a group of people who were willing to help him fight The Flare. John waited at his apartment for hours, but nobody came, stupid online trollers, ever singly one of the members were trollers. John had to do this alone. John drove to the HQ, he had learned the passcode to The Flare at the alleyway hideout : I will make the flame go on. John parked on the road, then went down to the building. John walked up to the metal door and the slot opened. “What is the password?” The gangster said. “I will make the flame go on” John said, then the gangster opened the door and let him in. John pulled out his pistol, shot the camera, then stabbed the gangster. John opened the door then looked for the security room. He looked at a sign that showed directions, it was next to a staircase. The place looked like it used to be a school, but changed and added on to a lot. The sign read:







“There it is: the security office” John needed to disable the cameras and possibly make a distraction or fake special announcement. John wanted to kill the leader or blow up the building. John ran up the steps, then read the directions sign all the way to the security office, he then pulled out his pistol and opened the door, nobody was in the office. John went into the office and locked the door, then went to the camera view. “What could I use for a distraction that will help me?” John looked at all of the different cameras, trying to find a possible bomb first. John found a bomb room that had a self destruction button that could blow the whole place to pieces! “Alright. Let me see if I can do an emergency announcement here” John chose the leader’s room. The speaker came on. “WARNING ALL MEN HEAD TO THE LEADER’S ROOM” “Yes! Time to blow this place to bits!” John ran to the basement, then typed the passcode for self destruct. “WARNING: SELF DESTRUCT IN 60 SECONDS” John ran up the basement, there were 8 gangsters pointing their guns at him. John quickly detonated a smoke grenade, then shot them all and reloaded his gun. He then threw a grenade at another group of gangsters getting ready to attack him. John got out of the HQ before it exploded and got a distance from the place. John saw a car moving towards him as he got in his car: It was the leader’s car. John stepped on the gas and drove away, but the leader was not far behind. John made a sharp turn, but the leader did too. John slowed down when he turned, making the leader on his tail. The leader bashed into John’s car, so John started going 60 miles per hour. John heard gunshots going into his car, other gangsters were shooting him. John rolled down his window, then slammed a smoke grenade onto the road so it would detonate instantly. John heard swerving: the leader was still keeping up. John could hear more bullet hits. If this kept up, John’s car won’t work! John had to do a very risky move, start a grenade detonate and wait for the right time to throw it so it would explode on impact. John started the grenade detonate, waited 2 seconds, then threw it. As soon as it hit the leader’s car, it blew the car up, killing The Flare’s leader, ending The Flare once and for all. The Flare’s leader had a bounty of $1,000,000. John went to the hospital to tell Tom and Lee the news. John first visited Tom. “I did it Tom. I killed the leader of The Flare, I have his ID and the entire scene was caught on camera” John pulled out the ID. “I can’t believe it. You did it yourself?” Tom’s jaw dropped. “Yes. I’m collecting my reward after this” John said. “How much is it?” Tom asked. “Last I checked, the bounty for The Flare’s leader was $1,000,000” John said “Good for you” Tom said. “Are you doing well from the gunshot wound?” John asked “Yep, after I get out of the hospital, do you wanna go to the shooting range?” Tom said “Sure” John said. John and Lee had a similar conversation. After visiting Lee, John went to the police station for his reward. “Officer, I killed The Flare’s leader” John showed the officer the ID. “Come with me for your reward” The police officer said. “The Flare has corrupted this city for decades, and you put a stop to it, you will now be given $1,000,000 for your hard work” The police officer gave John a $1,000,000 check. “I also did this because when I was 12, they killed my brother and nearly killed me” John said “I’m very sorry to hear that John” the officer said. “It’s not your fault” John said “I also blew up the HQ. It was that building on Flame Drive” ``″How did you do that John?” the officer said “I snuck into the HQ, I learned the passcode to get in by attacking one of the hideouts, I then snuck into the security office, used an emergency alarm at the leader’s room, snuck down to the bomb room then activated the self destruct button” John said “Good for you, now you can spend this money on whatever you like” the officer said “Thank you officer” John said, then he left the police station and went home. John was finally free from the curse of The Flare, he finally got revenge on them for killing his brother, he lifted the curse of Paleopolis, he finally stopped the corruption, he is finally fully happy again.

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