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Follow max as him and his friends John and Michel fight a joint Russian and Chinese occupation army in their home of the USA

Action / Adventure
Wyatt trail
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Chapter 1

It was 2035 when the Russians invaded. In the first 3 days they had overwhelmed all of the military bases in the country by week two they had taken over the entire country and by week three they segregated the entire country into work camps. They had no sympathy for the people. It was around the third month when the first uprising started near DC it only lasted a week before it was over run and all who surrendered were shot on national TV. That is when me and my friends John and Michel found our weapons stash it had three ARs ,and 6 magazines as well as a few bolt action rifles of the caliber 308, 30-06 and 270. Then we took off into the woods. We had a plan to take the work camp we where put into it was small enough only 15 guards armed with a few PP-91s, a couple AK-47s and one RPD, on top of that there were 32 prisoners there we thought about it for a few days scouting it out, and the plane we came up with is John will watch the RPD and kill any who try to man it. Meanwhile Michel would draw their fire and I would come in from the rear and kill any left. I grabbed an AR and made my way to the rear of the camp and waited I was only there a few minutes when I heard Michel at the front of the camp he shouted,” hey you pig faced motherfuckers I’m over here!” I watched four men run to the front, I saw my chance I slipped through the fence I looked out at the front of the camp and saw Michel shooting I jumped out from behind a tent and started shooting men it didn’t take long before they saw me and started focusing on me, then I heard a shot and saw a man fall from the small catwalk then I heard boom, boom, boom. I looked up and saw a few more men dead I got up and shot the last three men we won. Everyone was hiding when they heard the gun shots I made my way to the catwalk and shouted,” everyone come out of hiding you are free!” Everyone started coming out of the bunks then I shouted,” you are free you do not own us anything but I ask you one thing would you help us fight the Russians get revenge for everything they did and above all take back our country!” Then one after another people raised their hands out of the 32 10 of them volunteered six men and four women. I told them to take anything they could food water blankets and tarps and especially the guns. It took only 15 minutes to do so after that we fled into the woods.
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