Free to Run- The Chaos Hunters Reborn, Book 1

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Welcome to the Docks

I lean back in my chair, yawning wide. “So you woke me up at 4am for what again?”
“Charlie found something,” Duke repeats for the seventeenth time.
“What did Charlie find?”
“Someone,” Dominic pipes in, looking up from his laptop briefly.
“Okay, so he got laid, whatever.” I wave my hand.
“Not like that,” Dom stands up and swivels his laptop around for me to see a picture. A picture of a redheaded person in sunglasses and a hoodie leaving the dock.
“So?” I ask again.
Dom whacks me over the head. “Get your head out of your ass for once, Tyrian. First off, they came out of the dock but didn’t enter it. I scoured the security footage. Second, don’t you recognize them?”
I take a second look. “Well, not really, Dom,” I say sarcastically. “They’re wearing a hoodie and fucking sunglasses.”
“It’s Jet Cooper,” Charlie announces as he walks in the room.
My stomach drops. “Jet Cooper, like Montreal mega-assassin Jet Cooper?”
Duke chortles. “Oh, boy.”
“Oh boy, indeed.” Dom sits back down. “Now do you see why we called you here, dumbass?”
“What the fuck is Jet doing here?” I look at Charlie. “Everything you’ve got, I want it now.”
“Slow your roll,” Charlie says softly. “I don’t know yet. Jet Cooper isn’t exactly someone I can approach casually. I found him at a gas station and just told him he’s welcome here.”
“That’s one way to put it,” Duke chuckles, eyeing me cautiously.
I take a step away from the war table. “This is a problem.”
“And one that’s bigger than you realize,” Dom adds. “The Montreal chapter has been looking for Jet for almost two weeks.”
“James has called me at least twenty times,” Duke rolls his eyes. “I told him, if I know where he is I’d let him know.”
“Speaking of which, how’s your niece?”
We all look up as Jamie walks in, holding a tray of coffees.
“Jamie, you’re a fucking lifesaver.” Duke nabs his coffee and ruffles her hair.
“Anytime,” Jamie offers, chuckling. “I’ve got something for all of you.”
She hands each of us our respective coffees and we all take one hearty swing before sitting down.
“Now the issue at hand,” Jamie leans on the table. “Cooper.”
“Let’s do this the old fashioned way,” I announce, cracking my knuckles. “Dom, security cameras, all of town.”
“Already ahead of you.”
“Charlie, I want the Montreal chapter’s files.”
“All of them, or just the Jet ones?” Charlie whips open his laptop as well.
“Jet ones for now. Any crumb trail, follow it.” I turn to Duke and sigh. “You know what to do.”
Duke flashes me two thumbs up and leans back in his chair, drinking his coffee.
“Jamie, I want answers from the source. Call the chapter and talk to them. Fill them in.”
“On it!” Jamie pulls out her phone and starts dialing.
“Dom,” I turn back to my eyes in the sky. “Where is he now?”
“He went behind this building. Smart move, there’s no camera there. I’ll send the location to Duke right now.” Dom points to the location and clicks a few times. Once Duke’s phone chirped, Duke jumped up and left, following the location to find our fugitive.
I sit back down and listen to Jamie chatter away on the phone methodically, asking all the right questions. Dom and Charlie sat quietly, watching or reading as ordered. I drop my head to the table and cross my arms on the table, grumbling softly.
“Not to be a bitch, Tyrian, but c’mon. You can’t let what happened get in the way of this.” I can feel Dom’s harsh glare through my cover. “This is inter-chapter shit. You gotta be on your best behaviour.”
“Yeah, yeah.” I mumble, sitting back up.
“I see Duke pulling up to the building.” He leans back, rubbing his hands. “This is gonna be good shit.”
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