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War Of Rebellion

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Eras have changed as time passes by. Places slip away. People disappear. Greatest memories begin to be replayed. New memories are born. New born children start to grow as if they were plants. Experiences seep into the minds of the young and old. These are facts that we see on a daily basis. What if...what we know begins to dissolve? Human life forms begin to panic. Minds race. Heels stick to the ground with glue. War. That's what this world has become. A world full of hatred and sorrow that fills the hearts of the innocent. People ranging from young to old disappear. Scarlet has painted the ground. Tears stain the cheeks of the witnesses. Screams scratches the fragile throat. Pain flood the minds of the panic. This new era...is a revolution against the beasts that feast on the despair of human kind. In this revolution, it's the humans turn. Note- *Updates every 12 *Temporary book cover *Constructive criticism from others would be awesome!

Action / Mystery
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Transparent droplets slip off the green leaves. The soft soil becomes dark as the droplets soak into it. From a small house, a young girl curiously watched the gray world from behind a transparent glass. Her small hand held her chin as her pale elbow rested on the windowsill that was beneath the window. Her brown eyes followed the falling droplets that had fallen on the outside of the window. Desperately, the droplets had clung to the window hoping to be shielded from the outside. The young girl’s eyes become glossy as she watched another small droplet slowly slump to the edge of the windowsill. She sniffled as she swallowed a small sob. Small strands of her dirty blonde hair had stuck to her wet cheeks. Peering outside,...all she could think about was her dearest wish. The wish that she had dreamt of coming true was something she dearly wanted…,but she sadly didn’t fully understand. The tips of her shoulder length hair brushes her forearm. The girl slightly flinched, glancing at her forearm for a brief moment. The girl’s eyes saddened even more feeling betrayed by her own mind. Small droplets slipped from her eyes down to her small chin. She could feel her small heart began to ache. With every silent sob she swallowed, small tears would fall from her tired eyes. The young girl missed the singing birds every morning. She missed how many birds would just...fly. Fly away with no sadness in their eyes. They would fly away...somewhere far away where she couldn’t go. From the corner of her eye, she saw the darkness that cloaked the inside of her home. The creaky chair had left her sore as she sat on it. These walls that we’re all too familiar to her...kept her safe from the outside world. Tears flooded her eyes. Terror had seeped into her mind as a memory had reminded her why she should stay inside these walls. It reminded her that she needs to remain a hopeless droplet.

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